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12-03-2007, 23:39
I am going to be playing a 2250 point game against my friends Empire army this Friday & wondering if anybody can give me some good advice for taking them on. We are limiting magic to a maximum of 4 levels as we prefer to concentrate on troops in our games. I am not going to take a Slaan and am thinking of possibly not taking any wizards just plenty of the Spawning that gives +1 dispel dice for magic defence (possibly combined with several Scar-Veterans and not taking an Oldblood), is this a good idea or should I at least try & mount some magic offence?

I'm pretty sure that I'll take my Stegadon as I think they're brilliant & possibly have this backed up with some Cold One riders (possibly with a hero in it). Not sure what else to take as not entirely sure what I will be facing. I know my mate has designed an army with a War Altar in it but I don't think he will be taking that as he hasn't got a proper model for it yet (I was thinking I'd be able to destroy this quite easily by having lots of Kroxigors & maybe a hero with gw). It is likely that it will be a fairly standard Empire army though (fairly large units of infantry backed up by shooting, knights & war machines).

Also thinking I should probably take some terradons to do hunting warmachines (maybe with a skink character which i've never done before?). please advise me on what you think of my choices so far & what else would be good to take & in partiular any good tactics for taking on Empire with LM. Thanks very much everybody

PS please see my other thread about using skinks & kroxigor (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74105)

13-03-2007, 07:18
Ok this is what i think, and by the way i dont have the complete soultion but this might and hopefully will help. I personally think that saurus cavalry are a waste of points in general. I shall tell you why, most people that know warhmmer (assuming that the person you are going against knows his stuff fairly well) know the potentcy of saurus cavalry and know what they are cabable of there for will shot down at almost any chance they get, and another down side is that they only move 7 inches and most empire armies almost sit and wait for u to move while they blast at you with cannons and mortors. For 35 points each you can get terrodons that not only fly really far but have 2 wounds bonus, and what do you know they cost the same and they are almost always underestimated during battels. So i think u should have 2 medium size groups of terrodons with some scouts(chameleon or skink scouts or both) in the back harrassing them to slow things down. Just remember that this is JUST WHAT I THINK we all have out own tactics and styles of playing and what models we perfer over others. I use many sninks in front of my saurus warriors to take (hopefully) at least 1-2 turns of shooting. I hope some of my ranting information might help you a little bit and i ment the saurus cavelry is in my point of view useless against heavy shooty armies. (empire, dwarfs for the most part)

13-03-2007, 07:21
I sounds like you have it all under control really.

Terradons are always a good idea, there always work for flyer to do in WHFB.

Kroxigors and a stegadon might be over kill against a gunline armylist, but are brilliant against cavalry unit, If you love your Stegadon then use him, use all the units you really like loving with, although he might meet a few cannon balls he'll direct attention away for your other units.

A Scar is a good general, he'll give you an excellent platform for negate alot of panic tests with a high Ld and old blooded, which the empire magic and shoot phase are really good and making other arrmies take.

Meat shield your costly units with skinks and you should be able to soak up most of the incoming ranged damage.

13-03-2007, 10:25
Empire is very flexible, so he could come with anything. I would expect at least one canon though. I don't think you're so vulnerable against an empire army and would advice going with balance. Normal lizardmen can take down his infantry, your skinks are wonderful at shooting down light calvary, and getting in the way, Kroxigores are good knight killers, and Terradons are useful at protecting your flanks and harrassing small units and war machines. I would not load up your characters with too much magic, since his heroes are far weaker and being to outnumbered could be a bigger concern. If you arent taking a Slaan, then eliminate the temple guard. The swarm probably won't do you much good either. I might avoid taking calvary as well, since they are really vulnerable to missle fire and expensive. Im not a big fan of chameleon skinks either, but if you get luck and go first you might be able to shoot down a warmachine. I usually find the chance not worth the point cost.

14-03-2007, 09:22
Also consider a lvl 2 skink priest with the Diadem of power. He is very flexible since you can save 2 dice to give yourself either a dispel pool of 5 dice or a casting pool of 6.

Goq Gar
14-03-2007, 12:24
You cant go wrong with saurus cavalry, they're the hardest hitting fast unit you have. a 3+ save will protect them relatively well against those annoying rifles, and of course, since he will almost certainly have cavalry, you can smack them around silly, like they deserve.

14-03-2007, 13:10
I am against saurus cavalry. I rather spend the 3 speical slots on 2 x4 Kroxigores and 2x4 Terradons. Take the oldblood and scar vet and give one of them the nike boot and great weapon. He never knows which one will pop out.

15-03-2007, 18:48
Need to design my army list tonight so I can pack up the models I am going to take back home with me but I've been thinking that I may take quite a fast army with almost everything having at least movement 6 (ie Carnosaur, Krox, Cold One Riders, Stegadon etc.) with no Saurus units. Has anybody played with or against an army like this? Or what do people think about this? I think that terror will be a real bonus against an Empire army and being able to get into cc quickly & avoid shooting will also be good but I'm worried about not having units with a static combat res?