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13-03-2007, 03:19
Hi all,

I was watching a friendly game and this came up.



Unit Y was charged in the front quarter by units X and Z and declared a flee reaction. Since unit X has the highest unit strengh, Y fled from it in the compulsory movement phase.

Now, what about unit Z? When the time comes to move the chargers and see if they can catch unit Y does unit Z moves in towards the original position of unit Y? Or does unit Z moves against unit Y's final position?

13-03-2007, 04:20
Both Units X and Z charge Unit Y where it actually is during the Move Charger's phase.

13-03-2007, 04:29
The message thread "How does this charge/flee/redirect work?" has a lot of good info on just this sort of thing. That'd be worth reading.

My understanding is that after unit Y flees (in the compulsory phase) if either unit X or Z can reach the fleeing unit (during the move chargers phase) it is wiped out. Both charging units move after the unit wherever the fleeing unit ended up at, not where it was at the charge declaration. So it's possible to outrun the larger charger but be wiped out by the smaller (and possibly faster) charger.

Check out that thread for more discussions on this and why I'm saying this.

-=- Greyfire

13-03-2007, 09:42
The correct sequence is
1) Determine the flee direction - line joining the centre of the flee unit to the centre of the unit with the biggest US Or if they are a unit of skirmishers the direction is determined by the line to the closest skirmisher model.

2) Pivot the fleers so that they face the flee direction

3) Move the fleers the distance rolled by the dice

4) Measure the charge distances of each charging unit in the normal way to the final position of the fleers. Diag 22.2

5) If the fleers are within the charge distance of one or more charging units, the fleers are Caught and removed.

6) The charging unit/s that have caught the fleers move their full charging distance while charging unit/s that have not caught the fleers, are moved to half their charged distance. [EITW or stopping 1" from another unit as appropriate]

So in this case unit Z moves to Y's final position and is more likely to catch them.

13-03-2007, 15:10
Thanks for your answers! I've used the search function but in every thread they asked what happened when multiple chargers attack a unit from more than one side of the unit or from opposite directions.

I'll search again for this charge/flee/redirect thread.