View Full Version : 2k Dwarfs - Oathstone Experiment

Voodoo Boyz
13-03-2007, 12:44
OK, I've been wanting to experiment with an Oathstone, mainly to make my Warriors a dead'ard flank guard in case the enemy gets bad ideas about trying to come around and nail me. I also wanted to experiment with this Thane Combo, not quite the nasty Lord I can make with this Rune Setup, but I so want to try it and see what it can do.

Thane - General - 162 Points
Shield, Master Rune of Steel, Rune of Resistance, Oathstone (Goes in Warriors)

Thane - BSB - 115
Master Rune of Gromril, BSB (Goes in Hammerers)

Runesmith - 127
Rune of Stone, 2x Rune of Spell Breaking, Shield (goes in Longbeards)

24 Warriors - 231
HW/Shield, Musician, Standard

19 Longbeards - 293
HW/Shield, Full Command

10 Quarrellers - 120

Bolt Thrower - 65
Rune of Fire

Bolt Thrower - 85
Rune of Penetrating

Cannon - 125
Rune of Forging

19 Hammerers - 307
Shields, Full Command

10 Miners - 110

Organ Gun - 120

Gyro Copter - 140

2000 on the dot, on my first try no less. I take it as a sign of good fortune for the list. :D

Comments would be appreciated.