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13-03-2007, 15:52
this is an army list for a 2000pt Tournament coming up next month. ideas are appreciated. Thanks in advance

20 Night Goblins - spears, full command 100pts
20 Night Goblins - spears, full command 100pts
20 Night Goblins - bows, full command 80pts
10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders - full command 150pts
3 Fanatics 75pts

Orc Boar Chariot 80pts
6 squig hoppers 90pts

ORC Shaman - lvl 2, 2 dispell scrolls 150pts

Goblin Shaman - lvl 2, 5 magic mushrooms 135pts

Grimgor Ironhide 375pts
Da Immortalz (20 Black Orcs) full command 298pts

total 1633pts

any suggestions on what to add? i was thinking a giant, or maybe some wolf riders. i have some snotlings (6 bases) and 2 Snotling Pumpwagons (made as chariots pulled by squigs LOL)

16-03-2007, 14:18
Hi i like the list mine will look like it eventually just have to get alot more stuff.
But i think for you its better too add some numbers to the nightgoblin units. Maybe 30 each. Or join them as one unit of 40.
I also suggest taking netters with those fighting units. I think netters are always worth it.

Drop the champion and standard on the bow and spider rider unit but leave the musician.
Then you wont be giving up a 100 VP without a fight and a champion isnt worth taking.

These would be my tactics to win if I would be your opponent.
- I would avoid Grimgor and his Blackorcs
- Make sure i get in combat with your archers and spiderriders to get 200VP extra after overrun. With a small hard hitting unit.

Good luck


Parka boy
17-03-2007, 14:30
What Countblah said