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Dat Wildboy
13-03-2007, 21:18
this is my chaos dwarf list at 1000 points. my army is balanced between combat and firepower as chaos dwarves should. it contains no cavalry, and at 2000 points, my target by the summer, will be increased to have a unit of orcs, maneaters and a death rocket while upgrading my hero to a lord.

anyway, here is the list- a note to people, a 12 year old probably has better maths skills than me, and to make it worse i worked it out on my head. so please correct me where i go wrong.

Chaos dwarf hero 'Captain Stumpy'- 66 points
shield and heavy armour- general

Hobgoblin chieftain 'Mr. Sneaky'- 44 points
shield and light armour

Chaos dwarf sorceror 'as of yet not named'- 105 points
lvl 2 sorceror, talisman of protection. takes lore of fire.

Core Troops
15 Chaos dwarf warriors- 165 points
full command

10 Chaos dwarf warriors- 140 points
great weapons, full command

10 Chaos dwarf warriors- 150 points
blunderbusses, full command

20 Hobgoblins- 120 points
bows, full command

20 hobgoblins- 90 points
shields, light armour, full command

1 Earthshaker cannon- 110 points

which i think adds up to 990 points. i think it does. originally i thought it was exactly 1000, but i'd got it wrong.

so comments and criticisms? this is just a list for all comers basically, and i'll use it next time i plan on going to a GW, Norwich or Cambridge maybe. anyway, cheers!

my tactics are for the cannon, archers to hold back and shoot while the blunderers with the nearby sorceror to advance, firing of shots and fireballs. my dwarves with general and hobbos plough forward using my hobbos as a living shield, charging units and my great weapon warriors trying to get a flank charge.

by 2000 points my units will be beefed up and going for direct charges while small units of wolfboyz or maneaters will be trying to do the outmanouvering. and my hobbo hero's shield will be replaced with another weapon and he'll get thrown in with some WIP Gitz.

thats it i guess. do your worst.

edit- just a thought, for magical defense i will replace the talisman for a dispell scroll depending on opponent and what magic they take.

13-03-2007, 23:02
Ok, here's the advice I would give you: (its all about what you want to do, so take as much or as little as you want)

I would always take a BSB. Your regular heroes are LD 10, so it makes your weaker combat units like Hobgoblins rock hard.

I would not take an infantry unit less than 20 total models (with characters).

Here is a sample 1k list:


Chaos Dwarf Hero - Heavy Armor, Shield, Great Weapon
Chaos Dwarf Hero - Battle Standard, Heavy Armor
Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer - Dispel Scroll


Chaos Dwarf Warriors 18x - Standard, Musician
Chaos Dwarf Warriors 10x - Blunderbuss
Hobgoblins 20x - Light Armor, Shield, Musician


Orc Boyz 20x - Extra Choppa, Full Command
Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower 2x



Dat Wildboy
13-03-2007, 23:10
hmmm, i will add a BSB at 2000 points, its just i'm keeping my hobgoblin hero for fluff reasons. he is servant to my dwarf hero you see, so where one goes, the other follows.

i'll take your advice into account, but i like lots of smaller units as they are more mobile, and i need lots of mobility in an army without cavalry.

orcs will be added too, i have a full unit of 20 all painted with my army, but i don't feel like adding them in at the moment.

i'll take your advice into account, but i feel i need some more before i change anything.

14-03-2007, 08:28
If you are looking for mobility why not take one unit of light calvary?