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Grand Warlord
14-03-2007, 04:30

General of the Empire: 192
-Sword Of Power, Enchanted Shield, Full Plate Armor, Holy Relic.

Captian of the Empire: 60
-Full Plate Armor, Shield, Hand Weapon.

Battle Wizard: 125
-Level 2, Dispel Scroll

Battle Wizard: 125
-Level 2, Dispel Scroll


x30 Swordsmen: 205
-Full Command.

x15 Halberdier Detachment 75

x15 Halberdier Detachment 75

x30 Swordsmen: 205
-Full Command.

x15 Halberdier Detachment 75

x15 Halberdier Detachment 75

x10 Handgunners 80

x10 Handgunners 80

x6 Knightly Order 178
-Full Command


Great Cannon 100

Great Cannon 100

Mortar 75

x6 Outriders: 147
-Outrider Champion w/ Hochland Long Rifle.



4 Lord/Hero
9 Core
4 Special
0 Rare


I am trying to break away from the all foot troop lists i ve used in the past. So what do you think? Haven't played in about 2 years so I have NO idea.

14-03-2007, 22:53
Just a few thoughts, nothing really drastically wrong with your list.

I'd also be inclined to dump the sword of power and enchanted shield for plain-jane great weapon but that's just me.

I'd convert captain-man into BSB. The reroll is invaluable

The wizards seem fine, what lores are you planning? Life and beasts could be good augmenting magic. Of course each college has its utility.

As for your core units:
I think they're verging on unwieldy in size. If you decreased them to 24 you'd free up quite a few points without really sacrificing their potential.

If you too this approach, I'd consider making your 60 halbards into a parent unit and smaller detachments for your swords and making the handgunners detachments as well.

The knights are fine although I find the musician a bit of a waste.

Your specials choices are fine. Personally I can't fathom the HLR on horseback, it just seems silly. That said it's highly effective and if the rediculous factor doesn't bother you it's a handy sniper weapon, particularly coupled with a 16" move the turn before.

If you're really trying to move to more fluid tactics, trimming your infantry further and taking 2 units of knights is certainly a viable option as well.

Commodus Leitdorf
15-03-2007, 16:55
Well if you are trying to stay clear of all foot troop list there are still a few changes you should make.

1. Make that captain a BSB, that re-roll is a real life saver

2. you usually dont need two combat detachments, especially two that are that big. I'd drop one detachment on each unit, and maybe drop the remaining ones down to 10 men. Then use the free points to take another unit of knights.


Grand Warlord
16-03-2007, 04:07
It's not that I want no foot troops .. my last list had 3 big blocks of infantry and detachments so I am trying to get away from that I think 2 big blocks are still ok, but I may reduce them to 24 ... but i like 30 for some reason.

16-03-2007, 16:23
Not too bad. Alot of shooting though and might hear cries of cheese. But, if that is your taste, then either drop the hochland on the outriders or put hochlands in your handgunners. One will not have an effect, 3 will have a significant effect.

I would not like to play against it. The shooting would really hurt.

Grand Warlord
18-03-2007, 03:17
This is pretty close to what i've always fielded and to be honest not much on the cheese cries, but i see your point, I may drop a mortar. Final List coming soon. (Army Lists Forums)