View Full Version : Back to the Dwarfs: 2250 Pts Mobile

Bingo the Fun Monkey
14-03-2007, 06:33
I haven't played Dwarfs since the new book came out, but I felt like bringing them off the shelf and taking them for a spin. Local Tourneys are 2250 points so this is a list. You'll notice it's comprised almost entirely of the models that are near and dear to me. However, I think I have a general strategy, so tell me what you think.

Lord: shieldbearers, rune of alarik the mad, rune of fury, rune of spite and rune of stone
Thane: rune of brotherhood, gromril rune, 2 runes of iron, great weapon
Runesmith: rune of balance, rune of iron, great weapon

19 Clansmen: shields, full command
18 Longbeards: GW, Shd, Cmd, Rune of Battle, Rune of Determination
12 Quarrelers: rangers, great weapon, shield, champion
10 Thunderers

4x Bolt Throwers: all with engineer upgrade
18 Slayers: command, 2 Giant Slayers
19 Miners: command (the thane will join this unit)


Am i putting too many points into my characters? I really don't want 'em to die :D . I couldn't be bothered taking an army that just sits back, and felt that beefing up the miner's presence with a thane that won't die would be a characterful addition. This is clearly a force that would be assembled far from any hold. I don't know, tear this list apart! Or at least tell me how to tweek out what you think I'm aiming for (army with an involved movement phase, necessity to force the enemy to come my way, decent shooting and magic defense).

14-03-2007, 21:53
Just a thought about mobility. If you really want to get a move on, a BSB with Strollaz rune and a runelord with an anvil are where it's at. The extra move at the start of game followed by the ability of the anvil to get extra movement (especially handy to speed your miners along after they arrive) can make for a highly mobile force even on stubby legs.

As to over-runing your characters, I don't think you've gone over the top by any means, but you could likely trim some points for better use elsewhere without leaving the characters unprotected.