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26-07-2005, 14:47
Alright, here's my first go at a 2,000 point WE army using the new rules.

Noble; light armor & great weapon, annoyance of netlings, hunters talon
Mage; level 2, 2x dispel scroll
Branchwraith; level 1, Pagent of Shrikes, Cluster of Radiants
472 points characters

10 glade guard
10 glade guard
5 glade riders; musician
8 dryads
463 points core

17 eternal guard; full command
9 wardancers; champion
3 warhawk riders
3 treekin
725 points special

Great Eagle
335 points rare

Total: 1995 points

Plan: warhawks hunt mages early, with help from the noble & branchwraith, while eagle and glade riders go for war machines and archers take on fast units and missile units. Use terrain to limit enemy charges to eternal guard and treekin, then counter with dryads, dancers, and treeman. If enemy shooting is a greater threat then enemy mages, use drads to screen the eternal guard for the first turn or two.

I'm not sure how well it will work, any suggestions would be welcome. I'd like to upgrade the noble to a highborn, to make the eternals count as core as much as anything else, but I'm not sure where I could trim the necessary 50 to 100 points to do it, as my units are already fairly bare-bones.

I'm open to any suggestions for change except the removal of the treeman, treekin, or great eagle, as I have already purchased the models I will use for them (treebeard, 5th ed treemen, and gwaihir respectively).

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

26-07-2005, 15:25
If you cannot remove the Treeman or Treekin then there is very little i can do to fix this army. The Eternal Guard are low in number, your dryads are going to be punished by magic in the first turn or two, you have nothing that can take a charge, other than the treeman and treekin, of which the treeman is unlikley to make it across the board alive and the treekin are unlikley to win combat if they are unsupported.

After playing Terradons in a lizard army you will find they will never get mages, they are always a clever enemys 1st target with shooting and magic and with a T of 3 and 2W they wont last long.

26-07-2005, 15:42
Is 17 eternals + noble really too few to take a charge? I figured they could lose a rank to shooting and still have enough to survive at least one charge from just about anything. I considered giving the noble oaken armor instead of his other items, but decided the annoyance would be better protection. As long as the noble doesn't die, that unit should be plenty able to take a charge, and as I consider the dryads to be semi-expendable I should be able to protect the eternals from at least one round of shooting anyway, should it prove necessary.

Speaking of, the dryads can't take a charge to begin with! Even at full strength, even with a champ, even with a more close combat oriented hero, even a unit twice as large won't be successfully taking charges from any shock units that pass their fear test. With no combat res they just can't handle being charged at all, or at least that's what all of my tests say. They're meant to be counter charge for eternals, treekin, and treeman. Are you sure you're familiar with the new wood elf book if you're thinking dryads should be taking a charge? They could kind of do that in the chronicles list, but without aspects I don't see them successfully stopping much.

As for the warhawks, you're probably right. If I drop them, what would you reccomend using the points on? I could increase the numbers in the other units, or use the points to upgrade the noble to a more effective & better protected highborn, or get some more magic defence in the form of an extra level 1 scroll caddy.

As I said, the treeman, treekin, and eagle are the only models I have for this army as of yet, anything else can be removed or changed.

[edit] That sounded a little more confrontational then I intended it to, I apologize. Is there something about dryads that I don't realize that would make them able to take charges? It seems to me that even if you get really lucky on ward saves you'd still have a pretty difficult time breaking even in combat results.

And, if I keep the eternal guard unit, how many is enough? I figured 3 ranks of 6 would do alright, though I considered had considered more. What's your take on them?

27-07-2005, 00:33
Alternate character selection:

Treeman Ancient; annoyance of netlings, beffudlement of mischiefs, cluster of radients
Noble; battle standard bearer; amaranthine brooch
mage; lv2, 2x dispel scroll

With this change both the wardancer unit and the dryad unit are increased to 10 total, one of the dryads is upgraded to a champion, and one of the the wardancers is upgraded to a musician.

27-07-2005, 09:34
The dryads just don't have what it takes to hold a serious charge, no ranks and banner and likely not the unit size means they'll start at a -5 disadvantage. they don't have their aspects anymore, which means that the charger is very likely to drop a few dryads, in total spelling the doom of the dryads.
The wood elves have a few stick units (eternal guard with character, treekin, treeman, possibly wild riders) but with what you have in this list, you really don't want to be on the defensive, it'll probably kill you...

27-07-2005, 13:02
I'm confused. Why will it probably kill me? Those stick units you mention are all in the army, the treeman and eternal guard stubborn Ld9 rerollable as long as the BSB is alive (and he has a 3+ ward against most attacks), and treekin with rerollable break tests as well. I have two units which should be able to take any charge, and one that should be able to take most.

Is it that my 10 dancers, 10 dryads, and 6 griders are insufficient for counter charges? That I have too little magic defence? I certainly don't intend to be passive and sit at the back of my deployment zone and wait for my opponant, I'll be marching forward each turn, Maneuvering through and around difficult terrain and such.

I'm not saying the list is great, or even good, or will even work at all. I just don't understand what you're saying is wrong with it yet. You agreed with me that dryads aren't even intended as a stick unit, list three good stick units available to wood elves, each of which is in the army, but then say playing defensive will kill me. Let alone that I'm going to be playing a fairly aggresive kind of defensive (charge me or I'll charge you) counterpunch.

I'm not trying to be arguementative. My experience in fantasy is limited; I only played chronicles wood elves for a couple months, and haven't played much of anything else in 6th edition, I just don't understand what you're saying I'm doing wrong.

29-07-2005, 00:50
Sorry, poorly worded...
It was intended as a general warning, not as a result of any fault in your army list (though after going over it again, you might want to consider dropping the treekin in favor of wild riders and try to squeeze in some more glade riders or scouts).
The problem with this kind of list (ie stick and countercharge) is that it's really easy to drop the initiative with. Luck is also a factor, but you've covered that pretty thoroughly. If this is a playing style that you are comfortable with, then by all means go ahead, my own experience is that wood elves fail at it more often than not. This is however largely based on the chronicles list (new list hasn't been out long enough to get enough games under my belt), but they had better stick units in there (IMO).
I hope this clears things up a bit...

29-07-2005, 04:00
Ah, thanks. I'll give it a try this way before deciding anything.