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14-03-2007, 18:31
I don't have the BRB, because my friend that I regularly game with already owns it, but when going through it, in the part about challenges, I believe it states that 1 challenge can be issued per combat.

This leaves me to believe that, if 2 units enter a combat, and 2 heroes challenge, once that challenge is over, NO MORE CHALLENGES CAN BE MADE in that combat, no matter how many more units enter combat.

The rules say nothing about "1 challenge per combat per turn", so, that means once a challenge has been fought and won in a particular combat, no more challenges should be allowed in that combat, correct?

I am just wondering because myself, and my friend (who particularly LIKES challenges, while I despise them) agree with this interpretation, that once a challenge has been fought, there are no more that can take place in that combat, only normal close combat.

But I have played games against opponents at Games Workshop where they will challenge me, and once my character or champion is dead, issue more challenges to remaining characters in the unit until the combat is over or all of my characters are dead. I have gone along with it just so as not to get into any major arguements, but I don't agree with (nor like) this interpretation of the rule. I don't think you can (or should be allowed to) make consecutive challenges non-stop in a combat.

But unfortunatley, those are just my feelings, and except for "house rules" games with my friends, my feelings do not the rules make, so that's why I ask, is my interpretation correct? Or am I mistaken?[dice0]

Chicago Slim
14-03-2007, 18:42
The text from the BRB, on page 76, reads, "One challenge can be issued in each combat that is being fought."
Page 77 further refers to no secondary challenges "until one character is slain or flees". That strongly implies that, once the challenge is over, a new challenge may be issued.

So, I'd say that the folks at the local store have it right.

14-03-2007, 18:44
The exact wording is "One challenge can be issued in each combat that is being fought."

And that's the end of it. In a given combat that is occuring, only a single challenge can be issued. No repeated challenges. No multiple challenges at one time. Just one challenge.

edit: Just read the part Slim mentioned. Looks like once your enemy is slain, you can issue a new one by that wording.