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26-07-2005, 16:19
This army is based on the short story "Against the Dark Host" at the back of the High Elf Army Book. I'm not a big fan of special characters, so used a normal Prince instead of Tyrion. I tooled him up quite similarly, he's got a nifty sword and is near impossible to kill. My Prince leads the Silver Helms supported by some other cavalry, while the Bolt Throwers take care of those nasty Dragons, Giants, etc. I tossed in a couple more chars, just to make my army a bit more adaptable and capable of taking on most types of armies.

Elf Prince on IB Steed
-Blade of Sea Gold
-Vambraces of Defense
-Pure of Heart
-Heavy Armor, Shield

Commander on Great Eagle
-Reaver Bow
-Enchanted Shield
-Heavy Armor, Lance

Mage lvl1
-Dispel Scroll x2

9 Silver Helms
-Full Kit
-Full Command

10 Silver Helms
-Full Kit
-Full Command
-War Banner

5 Silver Helms
-Full Kit

10 Dragon Princes
-Full Command
-Lion Standard

5 Ellyrion Reavers

5 Ellyrion Reavers

4 Repeater Bolt Throwers

In about a month this list has gone (6-1). Curse that Staff of Darkoth :D

26-07-2005, 16:27
Very mobile, except the four bolt throwers, and probably a bit weak on magic. Is this a GT list?

26-07-2005, 17:10
No, this isn't a GT list. It's just a list for friendly/competitive play at my Gaming Club. Most people here play little magic. The only exception is this awesome BoC list my friend plays, I'll post it later, it's got 13 Power Dice. Besides that, the most I've seen people play is 2 lvl 2's,