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Gyulkus Chaos Saurus
15-03-2007, 15:31
This is my 2150 pt list for a vampire counts army

The March of the Dead
The Countess Alexia (Vampire Count) @ 346 Pts
Von Carstein; General; Magic Level 2; Necromancy; Great Weapon
The Carstein Ring

1 Vandershmoot (Vampire Thrall) @ 134 Pts
Von Carstein; Great Weapon
Wolf Form
Flayed Hauberk

1 Necromancer @ 115 Pts
Magic Level 2; Necromancy
Black Periapt

1 Necromancer @ 125 Pts
Magic Level 2; Necromancy
Book of Arkhan

35 Zombies @ 225 Pts
Standard; Musician

35 Zombies @ 225 Pts
Standard; Musician

30 Skeleton Warriors @ 265 Pts
Shield; Standard; Musician; captain

13 Ghouls @ 104 Pts

5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts

5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts

19 Grave Guard @ 316 Pts
Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; champion
Banner of the Barrows

6 Black Knights @ 190 Pts
Barding; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; champion

Casting Pool: 8

Dispel Pool: 5

Models in Army: 152

Total Army Cost: 2145

15-03-2007, 17:00
whew, for a second there i thought you were playing lahmian vampires.
ok anywho. the army list looks great. im a big fan of the big zombie horde armies (they're zombies anyway), and you really need alot of them to win because chances are, the front rank is going to get killed in most combats.
so try it out... let me know how it does.

i love your signature. its explains in part why i no longer play 40K