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Cloud Strife
15-03-2007, 16:55
Well here's the deal, I'll soon be bidding farewell to my once beloved Dark Elf army as I've just lost all inspiration to paint them, and I'm not getting that much enjoyment out of playing them (probably got something to do with them either winning or losing big) so eBay calls for them at some point this weekend.

As a result I'll be hoping to have some money in my pocket to put towards my Bretonnian army which is currently sitting at only a Battallion, a box of Outriders, a BSB and a Paladin/Lord.

So I'm trying to not spend too much money on the army, while trying to get it up to 2000 points quickly so that I have another army to use as 50% of the time I'm down to one army at GW as Dwarfs v Dwarfs matches only tend to be appealing if the other Dwarfs don't exist;)

This means that I think I'll be delaying the purchase of the Trebuchet for a bit and am considering purchasing a second battallion as I can use most of the models there (and chop up lots of Men-at-arms.) However, to really get the full benefit I'd have to try and use as many of my 6 Budgie Knights as possible.

What I'm wondering is what's people's experience with these guys as the only non-battle report game I've seen them in was when my mate was using the new army for the first time and they didn't really do much, oh and before that when they bounced off of a unit of White Wolf Knights in the Cult of Ulric list that I used at a Conflict. As I'm wondering what size of unit would be worthwhile and what command if any to give to them, or should I take a Lord on a Budgie and use a pair of 3 man units.

Oh, and what is a good build for a Lord on Budgie as the only thing that comes to mind is using the Virtue of Knightly Temper so that even if I can't support him then he has a good chance of doing well on the charge versus most standard troops, and if he does get support from a Lance it should be hopefully enough to rout an infantry block. But other than that I'm stuck on what else to give him apart from Grail Vow, Lance and Shield (if not magic) as if I was going to use him on horseback I was going to take the Cuirass of Fortune and Tress of Isoulde but I'm just wondering if he will need more protection (although I've seen the thread on the Grail Shield and think given that didn't turn up anything conclusive that maybe I should avoid that item for the time being.)

ending rambling now....

English 2000
20-03-2007, 04:01
I take a unit of 3 in my army.

I use them as a support unit rather than one of my main combat units....that's what KotR and KE are for

Don't just run them accross the board at the nearest thing, terrain is your friend. Remember that they come in small numbers and are vulnerable to magic and shooting. Mine often do not see action until turn 3.

They are used for a few things:

1) War machine killing
2) Skirmisher killing
3) Fast cavalry killing
4) Chasing fleeing units/setting up crossfire
5) Flank charges to support a frontal lance charge (+1 for flank + some good damage potential)

I have never taken a lord on a monster with my brets and I have never taken more than 1 unit (due to the no lord on a monster thing....if you can even call a winged horse a monster, lol)