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That Guy
15-03-2007, 17:30
The following is my attempt to make an effective Dwarf army that does more than sit back and wait to get charged. Let me know what you think!


Runelord: Anvil of Doom, Rune of Stone, Shield


Thane: Rune of +1 Attack, Rune of Stone, Shield, Oathstone, BSB


20 Warriors: Shields, Great Weapons, Full Command

20 Warriors: Shields, Great Weapons, Full Command

19 Longbeards: Shields, Full Command

15 Rangers: Full Command, Great Weapons


15 Miners, Great Weapons, the drill that gives me the re-roll to arrive

15 Slayers: Led by one Giant Slayer

2 Bolt Throwers: Engineers

1 Bolt Thrower: Engineer

Power Dice: Technically 2, plus the Anvil
Dispel Dice: 7
Models: 117

Obviously this is not a gunline. Definately don't want that. My most open flank is going to be covered by the Slayers. The other flank is covered by the Longbeards, with the Thane with Oathstone. I'd prefer to use terrain to handle the flank; the Oathstone is just insurance.

The plan is to use the Miners and rangers to distract my opponant while the rest of the line advances. The Anvil would be used mostly to aid movement but can also do a number on light flanking units. The Bolt Throwers are there because they're powerful and they're dirt cheap. The engineers make them more accurate, though I just realized that, having spent 45 points on Engineers in this list I could just get another whole bolt thrower. Would that be better? Should I spring for a cannon or Grudge Thrower?

Is my strategy in general hopelessly flawed? I've played one game with this list and I did quite well. But you can't judge a list by one game. Thanks.

15-03-2007, 17:41
my only concern is that a hero level character on an oathstone might get killed easier than say, a Dwarf Lord. im not a good judge of dwarfs besides the gunline army, which is pretty self explainatory.

16-03-2007, 00:05
Depending on how much movement you intend, changing your thane to a BSB with Strollaz rune can get you a bit of a jump at the start of the game, but can leave your battle line a bit ragged.

Overall a solidly build list. Your characters are not overly 'runed up' which is fine.

I'd be inclined to give the longbeards great weapons and drop them from one of your warrior units but that's just me (better WS and S is seldom a bad thing to then add +2 S onto).

As to the number of bolt throwers it's a tough call. 4 shots hitting on 5's (assume long range for first shot) vs. 3 hitting on 4s. My math skills are not the greatest but it seems that 0.8 is higher than 0.75, although the difference will take several games to prove itself a certainty.

You might go crazy and dump the GW from one unit of warriors to get points to put runes on the bolt throwers (well, some of them) to help with particularly pesky targets. The S7 chariot crusher is always a crowd pleaser as is the flaming Treeman skewer.

Then again, if you really want to take the fight to him, scrape up the points for a gyrocopter.

16-03-2007, 04:00
Three bolt throwers hitting on 4+ at long range (3 x 0.5) is 1.5 hits on average. Four hitting on 5+ (4 x 0.33) is 1.33 hits. Obviously you have a chance to hit up to four with four throwers, but that average is lower so it depends on how well you roll.

Gyrocopter would be a good choice for your theme though since you want to take the fight to your opponent.

Oathstone may not be the best idea for a thane that's also your BSB as mentioned above. He's public enemy number one.