View Full Version : dreadclaw assaultpod

the hivemind
15-03-2007, 19:39
anybody use them. i found something rather odd, is says in the profile that the type is flyer, orbital lander, and droppod. isnt that an error since the dreadclaw cant make attack runs. and the orbital lander seems unecesary to.
and droppods are imobiliced on landing.

Son of Makuta
15-03-2007, 19:58
The Dreadclaw can take off again, and pick troops up later on if necessary. This is useful as it doesn't yield automatic immobilisation victory points to your opponent, and you can save units before they die. It doesn't count as a SM drop pod in any way as far as I'm aware.

the hivemind
15-03-2007, 20:02
well it states under special rules under deploymen that it uses droppod rules

Mr Zephy
15-03-2007, 21:18
That might just mean in terms of deployment.

15-03-2007, 21:19
isnt this already in the rules forum?


Under the exact same name no less.