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15-03-2007, 22:36
Hi all!
I'm fighting against Vampire Counts sunday, and I'm using Orcs and Goblins to rid the world of the vampiric curse. We'll play 1000 points, and I expect to find necromancers on the other side. So that's what I thought:

20 Orc boyz with two choppas, full command 170 p.
with attached orc big boss (general) on swine, with light armour and shield, sword of might. 100 p.

25 Night goblins with spears, full command 120 p.
with attached orc shaman lvl2, two dispel scrolls 150 p.

25 Night goblins with spears, full command 120 p.
with attached orc shaman lvl1, itty ring 85 p.

5 Forest goblin spider riders, with short bows and musician, 76 p.

1 Spearchucka
1 Spearchucka 70 p.

23 Night goblins with bows 69 p.

1 Troll 40 p.

Total: 1000 points!

What do you think? Should I downgrade the shaman and avoid the itty ring and goblin champions to have a second forest goblin unit or a wolf rider one?

Thanks in advance.

15-03-2007, 23:01
if you are fighting undead they the bound item that raises your your LD and drops you opponents this is not as useful but the first part can be if you get charged don't what to to drop that should be up to you it depents oon what you can aforward to lose

16-03-2007, 07:54
I leaved the horn because he doesnīt lose much if he loses 1 point leadership. And thatīs 50 points... I can afford to lose a couple of units before going HtH.

16-03-2007, 16:59
Drop the Night Goblins with bows and add another troll.

I often use some fannatics but against udead DONT take them all you enemy has to do is summon 5 zombies close to your unit and your end result is 5 dead zombies and fannatics in your line for 25 pts.

16-03-2007, 21:55
As you see I already thought about fanatics, they have no sense against vampire counts. As for the trolls, I don't know, I could use them to kill necromancers, indeed.

16-03-2007, 22:49
Why are you using orc shamans and not goblin shamans? I would think that you could totally ruin his day with the staff of sneaky stealing on one shaman and 2 dispel scrolls on the other. I would drop the goblins with bows, replace the 2 orc shamans with goblin shamans, with the remaining points, trade in the itty ring for the staff of sneaky stealing and another wiz level on the 2nd shaman. If I did my math that would leav you at 994 pts.

17-03-2007, 07:50
I donīt say I didnīt think about that, but I hate when a unit becomes unuseful. A goblin shaman with the staff would surely ruin his day. But their magic is weak, I would use them only to dispel... orc shamans could do some interesting damage instead. I will think another time about that.

The goblins with bows are a gamble. They could do some interesting damage to the weak zombies and skeletons while costing few points and giving me another unit to deploy. I will deploy them directly in front of his better units, ready to sacrifice themselves to the glory of the waagh.

19-03-2007, 00:45
Does he take just Skellies and Zombies? or does he take other units besides his necros?

I agree with the other poster that dispelling him is more important than trying to do something against him. Say you destroy 6 zombies on 1 spell, he'll just raise them back no problem. If you keep him from raising then you can kill a few of them and they don't come back.

Do his necros go into units? if so I am guessing that the spear chukkas will hit that unit as often as they can.

Have you tried the 1 troll before? I don't know how useful he'll be in that you don't have a high LD leader.

Let us know how it went.

19-03-2007, 11:14
I won (solid victory), although I did a few important mistakes. Turn 1 started with him coming with a unit of dire wolves near my big bow goblins, then succesfully raising 8 zombies in front of this unit. I had my general in it to waagh it in the first turn, so I charged and killed every zombie. My mistake was to overrun to charge the wolves: I got involved the next turn in a big combat with his elite infantry (grave guards), which eventually managed to break my units and kill general, goblins and the orcs, which had joined the fight. Nevertheless I killed all his characters, his zombies, hir wolves, his bats and half of the grave guards, achieving a solid victory. Trying to push on magic was a good idea: the fists of gork killed many many zombies and grave guards, and the fact of using orc shamans (it was MY idea) was a good idea to have a leadership of 7, avoiding to flee against terror. I only failed one panic test, losing a unit of spider riders. At the end I had two units of goblin spearmen, almost complete, which had no combat to do due to too many 6 on animosity rolls (no one in sight, had to advance straight on). I saved both my shamans. The itty ring did his job.