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16-03-2007, 07:58
Well, I'm straying away from the Wood Elves and into Vampires for Conflict. I was way off with when the tourney was though - it's next Saturday and not three weeks off like I thought, which gives me a day of practise with my brand spanking new army (haven't played Undead since they were ... well, Undead, back in Fifth).

Blood Dragon
Barded Nightmare
Heavy Armour
Enchanted Shield
Sword of Might
Strength of Steel

My hunter. I'm not sure I need Strength of Steel, S6 on the charge should be enough but it might be handy against chariots. Will run with the Black Knights for the hammer, or the Dire Wolves if he needs shooty fodder to hit his target.


Von Carstein
Flayed Hauberk
Wolf Form
Additional Hand Weapon

The points saving with this option isn't enough to do anything with, but an extra 4" of charge, the extra attack just might be worth the 2 points of WS and the 1 or two points of S. Maybe.

Dispel Scroll
Book of Arkhan

Will go sit with the skeletons. Cast stuff, kill stuff, and the Book should be a fun surprise to get things moving.

Dispel Scroll
Black Periapt
Barded Warhorse

Will sit with the skeletons or Black Knights. Will be the general. Casts and kills stuff like the other guy, and the five dispel dice will help should I run up against another magic-heavy force.


Diverters, or I'll sit the vampire in here and use them as fodder to deliver him into enemy mages, etc.


As above.

19 SKELETONS [177]
Skeleton Captain

A nice skeleton bunker for the foot necromancer. The army's main anvil, and the most dominating looking unit on the tabletop, and the target for reinforcing by the necromancers.

Hell Knight
Barded Warhorses
Either: War Banner or Banner of the Dead Legion

The hammer unit. These guys will be joined by the Vampire for tough enemies, or operate independently for multiple soft targets.


Ethereal goodness. No armour saves on that scream means she'll hopefully do well targetting heavy cavalry blocks.

I'm limited by the models I have. The models that aren't included in this army are a small bunch of ghouls (5-6?), an extra necromancer on foot, a bunch of skeletons and 4 bat swarms.

Any comments on the army and strategies?
Any weaknesses that could be present? Armies that it will struggle with?
Any experience/comments on Death/Necromancy lores?
Any preference between the two vampires?

18-03-2007, 08:16
I would personally remove the mount from the one Necromancer, especially if he is your general. The first thing that happens when he hits combat will be the enemy will target all attacks against him and as he is as weak as a wet paper bag he will die and then your army will start to crumble. (Literally)

Also I would remove the command from the Black Knight unit, maybe keep the banner but to be honest if you get the charge and don't do enough kills to assure victory then next turn you will be screwed. The extra points can be used for another knight or some more Skeletons.

Banshee's are great, when they work. Against certain armies (Other undead or high LD like Elves) they will be almost useless but sometimes they can make their points back in one round. Trouble is they are slow and easily killed by magic. Personally I always take one because I like the model but it rarely does well.

As for the lores, I used to take both my Necromancers with Necromancy but recently I have tried Death and found it quite useful. It has more direct damage style spells which are useful for drawing out dispel dice/scrolls. Also if they go through that's cool too.