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26-07-2005, 19:43
been away from warhammer for about 3 years as mainly 40k tournament player (have errantry army though)
got new boxset and with addition of 50 set when available will have this army ready to rock and roll... but will it work????

highborn, great weapon, bow of loren, bodkin arrows,amaranthine brooch. used as defensive and to pick off enemy cavalry etc
noble shield, larmour, scout kindred, hunters talon, pageant of shrikes
used as a sniper wizard killer
spellsinger lvl2 2 dispels
spellsinger hail of doom
16 archers std musician
10 archers
10 archers
5 scouts
5 glade riders
10 dryads
10 dryads
8 dryads
6 wardancers and mus
6 wildriders std, musician

army has archers and skirmishers set up as refused flank with cavalry on far corner or opposite to annoy and cancel out ranks later on and let skirmishers do damage... scouts and noble will be march blockers and war machine killers
i think my 4 combat skirmishers could do some real damage.

not sure on 2 wizards but most of my club are magic heavy and elves seem to suffer from magic missiles

26-07-2005, 21:21
Looks like too many dryads to me (they're likely to get in each other's way), as well as too few wardancers (I'd reccomend at least 8 in a unit, so you can take some wounds and still deal out a good number of attacks).

Additionally, I'd try and fit in a couple more scouts, just so that they can distract fire from your general after taking a couple wounds. I would reccomend dropping down to 14 archers max in the big unit, and ditching the standard (mostly just free VP's for your opponant).

Overall it looks alright to me, but you don't really have anything that can take a charge. I'd consider a unit of eternal guard or treekin. If not, then maybe another unit of glade riders to help you control the game via march blocking, fleeing, and redirecting charges. In that light an eagle or two might also be a good choice.

But I can't really tell you how the army will fare, as I'm not terribly familiar with how the new WE play yet. It looks like a lot of points, and it may have trouble against the kinds of things opponants can bring at equal points values (dragons, mage lords, greater daemons, multiple heavy cav shock units, multiple resiliant block units, etc). I just don't know.

I hope that was some help. If you have time, would you take a look at my list here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7436