View Full Version : Lizardmen Terradons worth the points

26-07-2005, 20:56
Working on my Lizardman list and wondering if Terradons were worth the points. It would be between the Terradons and Cold one riders. My list is something like this for 2500 points.

Prophet of Sotek

15 Red crestedk skinks
15 Red crestedk skinks
15 Red crestedk skinks

20 saurus warrirors
20 saurus warrirors
20 saurus warrirors

8 Saurus cold ones(or 8 terradons)

4 Kroxigors

3 salamander teams

3 salamander teams

Freak Ona Leash
26-07-2005, 21:07
This should probally be in Army List/Tactics section.

27-07-2005, 00:42
terradons are very good, can march block, rear charge, hunt war machines, and mages. I wouldnt leave home without 4 of them in my army case :)

27-07-2005, 01:11
Flyers are very useful in most ever army. Terradons are a very handy unit especially in a mobile armylist like L.M., their hit and run rules combined with unbreakable jungle swarms is a very nice combo.

I'm playing Red Crests in a campaign at the moment with two units of terradons and 3 units of jungle swarms, I pin down an opponants unit with a swarm unit and then charge it with terradons ... hit and run, retreat ... and then do the same next turn.

Also note that terradons have str4 javelins ... pretty handy.

Nice list by the way.

Nice post of nothing Freak.

27-07-2005, 17:16
8 is a very big unit, they need support. maybe 2 units of 4? even then it might be over kill. 8 wouldnt do a much better job than 4.

In a rod host though.... 2 units of 4 would be worth it is suppose, bettter than 8 cold ones.