View Full Version : 2250 CoS

Runt Nosher
26-07-2005, 20:06
Hey, I'm kind of taking a stab in the dark with this list. I wanted an army with a solid magic phase that hits like a ton of bricks and figured the Cult of Slaanesh list took the ticket, I just recieved my Dark Elf army yesterday so I'm still kind of new to this...

Annointed Lvl 2, GW, Steed of Slaanesh, Chaos Armour, Quickening Blood, Pendant of Slaanesh - 406
Lvl 2 MoS, Dispel, Seal of Ghrond - 200
Lvl 2 MoS, Dispel, Darkstar Cloak - 195

2x12 Devoted w/ Mistress, Speed of Slaanesh - 332
20 Spearelves w/ Shields, FC - 185
12 Spearelves w/ Shields, Mus - 101

2x5 Dark Riders w/ Mus - 214
6 CoK w/ FC, Soul Shadows Standard - 264
5 CoK w/ FC, Warbanner - 215
2 Fiends of Slaanesh - 150

All shooting was left at home to make sure I was hindering my movement trying to keep firing lanes open, not only this but it made it so I could flesh the list out a bit with cheap warriors. I figure with all the magic I could make my core spearelves unbreakable/frenzied (would that make a defending unit of spears have 20 attacks? :eek: ) and guide the enemy around by his nose with (hopefully) frequent use of Tittilating Delusions. Most of the stuff is in this list to make sure I can get crippling charges off in a matter of a few turns. My main opponent is a 2nd Gen Slaan Lizzy army so I went a little over the top with magic than I normally do but I think it will help immensely. Any tips or tactics would help, I'm having trouble devising a deployment that should work according to this plan...