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16-03-2007, 18:15
Okay, a bit dramatic title perhaps :p

But reading through the last run of "GW vs. other wargames" threads, made me think of analyzing the situation at hand - many people state playing GW, or not playing other systems due to the easyness of finding opponents, respectively the lack of opponents in the letter case.

Now I'll say - it only takes two. Two people who decide to try out or play another system, and an opponent is found. Then I'll say - finding someone or persuading a buddy to try out and then play another games system shouldn't be so hard, especially when one can try or actually play for a minimal cost.

When two are finally playing, two who have the chance to incite others, or make the effort to find other players with the same interest (there always are others).

But now I may be naive. Perhaps one opponent is not enough? Perhaps there are too many regions where players are so scarce that no second player can be found? Perhaps times have changed (outing myself as an old fart here) and people these days are accustomed to playing to a near endless supply (at east 15) different opponents regularly? Perhaps other?

16-03-2007, 19:38
Well I find it hard playing Epic & Bloodbowl against anyone outside my gaming group letalone games like starship troopers, Infinity & Warmchine!

16-03-2007, 20:02
It is not too hard.

Do a web search (not the Gaming Club Network!) and you will find lots of wargaming clubs are out there.
There is something to suit everyone, you just have to have a look

16-03-2007, 21:22
Its not that easy, it took me over a year to find a club which plays FoW and I havent even been to it yet due to transport issues (now solved though).

16-03-2007, 21:40
It is not too hard.
If you are in a city, sure.

17-03-2007, 08:45
Welcome to the pre-GW world!

I remember (many, many years ago) before GW came along that pretty much the only way to get a game was with a gaming group i.e. my friends, or at a show as other clubs were almost impossible to find. And as a small group of working class lads, there wasn't the money or support to track down a huge variety of stuff to do!:(

This is why wargames has always been very underground until GW came along and pushed it onto the high street as a brand name (Warhammmer)

I think we have all become a little bit lazy in an information free world. Sometimes these things just take a lot of time and effort. Saying that in the UK you have a variety of shows and websites you can go to to find people to play against. It isn't always foolproof as I discovered a club in my towm 2 years after moving there - and that was by chance!

Good Luck :)

17-03-2007, 09:02
I usually end up making opponents if I'm really into a games system - just by collecting 2 basic forces, painting them up really well, getting the rules memorised, figuring out the simplest way to explain the rules to everyone so that they don't take more than 5 minutes to get the jist of.

My old club had a great "bring and play" attitude. Everyone would just bring along a game they wanted to play with everything required (including 2 painted forces, rules playsheets etc), and just invite whoever's around into a game. It was like the wargaming equivilent of a swinger's club and worked really well.

I've often convinced people to start playing a particular system, something which is especially easy to do if they can use models they already have for it. And even more often than that, I've been convinced to start a particular games system just because it seems alright and I've got a friend that's started collecting it.

So, put simply, it's not always about finding opponents, it's sometimes easier to just make opponents out of your existing social circle rather than scouring the nation trying to find people :)

That said, if anyone's into urban war and around Norfolk, let me know - this one is proving very difficult to find opponents for.

17-03-2007, 09:30
Aurelien and I managed to convert most of the club over the age of 18 to Warmachine in the space of a year. There is a rising FoW group (about a third). Mostly it's the young'uns playing GW games all the time, and then it's mostly LotR. I've got a league at the major meeting point in the city for Warmachine, and I've got no lack of opponents for historicals if I ever wanted to pick it up.

I can honestly say I've had no issue whatsoever :D

But then, I gotta admit, I'm in New Zealand. The sales manager (iirc) for Battlefront is a regular at the club, and half the city seems to play Warmachine or FoW simply because we're so damn curious by nature.

19-03-2007, 11:54
Even living in a small village in the "back of beyond" I didn't find it too hard to locate 3 like-minded souls to play wargames with. I stuck up a notice in my window and in local meeting places - such as the pub and the Post Office. I met another guy via a wargames message board who also turns up occasionally.

Having reached a sizeable enough group I stopped advertising as I have no desires to start a massive club - we all just wanted regular games of stuff we were interested in.

Frankly I was amazed how easy it was, although having a large enough room to store gaming tables and terrain and owning my own house were major plus factors! It might have been a little harder if I had had to organise premises at a local community centre or whatever.

To be frank, there are plenty of indie clubs dotted around the country. Scour the internet for a wargames show within a few dozen miles of your home (there are lots all over the place), and check the classifieds in Wargames Illustrated etc.

Unless you live on a farm in the middle of the Pennines or something, you are pretty guaranteed to find someone you can share your hobby with!

The game is afoot
20-03-2007, 19:54
I live in London, a massive metropolis.
There are many gaming clubs here.
I play a LOT of Armies of Arcana.
In the last 12 months I have gone from having no opponents to play AoA with, to having 16 propective opponents of AoA within a 20 minute travelling circle.
If you want to play something different from the norm' you have to be prepared to reach out and find like minded individuals.
They're out there.

20-03-2007, 20:01
They're out there.

Hidden, waiting to strike. They wait, and watch, until the time is ready, when they will...

Ermm, sorry, sort of lost that one a bit. :)

20-03-2007, 20:36
I started my own as well. What irks me about situations like this is that you'd think by now someone would have figured out a way for all of us "indie clubs" to make ourselves known.

There's just too many forums to have a presence on all of them, and GW's attempt at a club network (though a good idea) is badly maintained, and needs a massive update.

We play more than warhammer as well, but we have to teach people to play other games when we want to try something else out. So it kind of kills the fun when you don't have someone really motivated in a new game system. And finding decent players down in the city is like looking for a needle in......a city.


20-03-2007, 23:39
At the club I sometimes attend they are incredibly cliquey about what games they play, the old reply of "i'd love to get into it, but i'll have no-one to play" when watching two of us playing Warmachine for example :wtf:

A few of the gamers there have been converted to other systems, (hell all of the staff at my local GW play Heroclix, Star Wars minis and Warmachine.) but it is the "Warhammer Clique" that holds the true power at said club, only WHFB is the thing to play, not even any "kiddie-kay" as they call it.

Diversity is the way forward, but not here. I've run demo games of Void (now Urban War Metropolis) at at least 3 open days here, but I still get the same responses.

I think this may be on a club by club basis, but i''m under the impression that they want this to be a pure GW club, thinking that if someone from the studio comes down and finds them playing non-GW games they will get their GCN support pulled.... :eyebrows:

Just my two penneth there.