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16-03-2007, 20:47
This is an infantry heavy defensive army, with chariots for mobility. The 24 man spearman units are really so that I still get +3 rank bonus when a rank gets wiped out and also I do not panic when I lose 5 elves.

Seer, Jewel of the Dusk,
The mage is for fury of khaine and flames of the phoinex, which is why I took seer.If my opponent is also magic heavy I will swap fury of khaine for fortune is fickle.The mage is in the second spearman unit.

Swordmaster, Heavy Armour, Shield
The swordmaster commander will hopefuly win intrigue at court, allowing me to use his higher leadership. he will accompany the first spearman unit.

19 Spearmen[259]
Full command, War banner
The spearmen will hold back with the rest of the army, waiting for the enemy to come to them.

19 Spearmen[239]
Full command
The spearmen will hold back with the rest of the army, waiting for the enemy to come to them.

15 Swordmasters[195]
Full Command, Blessed Tome
The swordmasters will also hold back, but take a more aggresive stance, using their S5 and WS6 to their advantage.

8 Shadow Warriors[120]
These are mainly for flank defense, and restricting march moves, allowing me to whittle down the enemy attack with my mage and RBT. They are also included because I had some points left over.

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers[200]
What can I say? They're Repeater Bolt Throwers. They'll sit on top of a hill (Or two different hills if possible) and shoot at the enemy.

2 Tiranoc Chariots[170]
The chariots are included for flanking and mobility. And movement 9". And impact hits.

16-03-2007, 20:51
"May choose a combination of Honours and/or Magic Items from the common or high elf magic items lists, to a maximum total value of x pts." - Character unit entry equipment options.