View Full Version : Da Krusher, ork dreadnought(or really big warboss).

17-03-2007, 17:52
Finally got this dude done. I now want to build more, but am also dreading the idea. :)

Comments, critique?


Here's a pic of me orks so far, to give a idea of the size of da krusha.


17-03-2007, 17:56
Haha really nice conversions.
Especially the grot with the mk6 helm is awesome ;)
The bot looks really nice too. Do you have some pre painted pics (under construction)? And/or wanna share which parts you used for him?

17-03-2007, 18:58
That monstrous creation is a work of art! What did you use for the upper torso? A hellhound fuel tank?

17-03-2007, 19:07
amazing bit of work there!

17-03-2007, 19:25
YES. One big dude. Looks genious. :D

18-03-2007, 20:31
It's the front armor of a Sherman tank, from the tamiya kit.

Yeah, I took a few pics during construction. 'ere ya go.



Rabid Bunny 666
18-03-2007, 20:54
That thing is so damn stompy its unbelievable...

18-03-2007, 20:58
I'm just going to HAVE to do one of these! Awsome old bean.

18-03-2007, 21:22
wow how cool is that very well done

18-03-2007, 21:27
Cool and really dead 'ard, tough I think the feet are a bit weedy...

Oh, and I really love the grots!

18-03-2007, 22:13
a bit clean for ork stuff, but all the same an ace creation!

18-03-2007, 23:38
Dead 'ard an' ready fur stompin'! Great work! :)

18-03-2007, 23:43
Genius Big Mek work I'd say.

Rikka Rakka
19-03-2007, 00:01
Looks like a Cybork Boss to me! He's superb! Any chance of a closer look at those Grots? The Skin tone and the conversions look really cool!

Easy E
19-03-2007, 07:30
It's the Iron Giant!

Great painting on this guy. The chipped paint really makes him stand out.

The WIP pics made me appreciate this beast that much more.

19-03-2007, 07:53
That is one of the better uses of shoulder pads I've seen. Brilliant. I always love your work.

19-03-2007, 16:03
Fantastic model, both conversion and painting. Really really solid stuff :D:D

And yep, Iron Giant was my first thought too!

- Salvage

19-03-2007, 17:29
I'd use that as a small stompa, to be honest! Fandabidozey work!

19-03-2007, 17:44
Very nice, based on this (http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=0d5e85c94f7e0a78e34df84d9ad717d2.1993261&cache=1) is it not?

19-03-2007, 17:51
Very nice, based on this (http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=0d5e85c94f7e0a78e34df84d9ad717d2.1993261&cache=1) is it not?

Haha nice find.

19-03-2007, 20:28
Absolutely stunning work; fresh take on an ork dread that one is.
my only criticism is that its too clean to look traditionally orky; maybe tie it in better with some grots hanging off it or something (as I see youve got a nice bunch of grots in the force already).
As a re-creation of the above robot posted by grimtuff its spot on though, so much kudos for that.

19-03-2007, 21:58
Yes it is. I couldn't help myself after seeing it. :D

I kinda like it as it is, I will add some markings to it, once I figure out the "system" for my army markings. It will also take care of the unbalancing whites that are occupying one side of the dread at the moment.

Thanks for the replies guys, really helps this short attention spanned mek keep his marbles in one place. ;)


25-03-2007, 16:11
ha ha that clip is great.

do you realise it the robot from the Crazy Frog vid "popcorn"


its so sad i know that, i'm a metal man myself but my 2 year old daughter loves the Frog.

25-03-2007, 16:57
First off just want to tell you how Awesome the piece is (and the accompanying army). I agree about the grot with the marine helmet. I don't know why, but that's the funniet thing I've seen in ages.

As for critiques, my main issue is that the front (toes) of the foot is way too small (even just compared to the heel). My other comments are more aesthetic in nature, but I would have moved the engine casing up so that it sat high between the shoulders, as right now that area seems a bit plain. I would have also used something different for the hands, so that they looked more like the typical ork claw. (maybe ghazkull's hands?)

That's just my opinion, but I hope it is helpful. Nice to see another army from you as I am a huge fan of your IW's. :)

Seer Drakon
25-03-2007, 20:26
Da Fam is looking great. I guess the Iron Warriors are done..or are they? What else do you have planned for the mob? Your painting just does not stop. How long have you been painting now?


26-03-2007, 12:02
I knew it was made by the same company that makes the crazy frogs, but I haven't seen that underwater clip before. :)

@cpt tiberius
Well, I liked the stubby fingers, and the feet are ok. Besides, it's a bit late to go back working on it IMO, so it'll stay as it is. If I do a orky dread or anything else, then it will look more orky. But doing this one and taking impressions from the robot in the clip, was a lotta fun. And I think it looks orky enough. :D

@Seer Drakon
Well, I'm waiting for the ork 'dex before I start on the orks propa, but I got a trukk squad which is sorta in the works(along with the trukk). I'll do a post about them when they are done, and I'll see about taking new pics of the grots etc at the same time. I've been painting GW stuff since '95. Quite a while so to speak. :D