View Full Version : 2000 Nurgle Mortals

Baron of Heldaine
17-03-2007, 21:31
Hey all, just trying to plan out a possibly Nurgle army. I have very little experience with chaos, so feel free to point out all evident oversights :).


Exalted Champion of Nurgle
-Berserker Sword
-Chariot of Nurgle

Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle
-level 2

Wargor BSB, undivided
-Heavy armor

Chaos Chariot with Exalted Champion

Chaos Chariot

14 Chosen Chaos Warriors with Sorcerer
- Hand weapon and shield
- Full command

7 Warhounds

19 Bestigors with Wargor
-Mark of Nurgle
-Full command

4 Minotaurs
-Mark of Nurgle
-Light armor
-Great Weapons
-Full command

Beast Herd (12 Gors with 2 Hand weapons, 8 Ungors with shields)
-Full command

4 Nurgling bases

1998 points

Thanks for any comments! :)