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Baron of Heldaine
17-03-2007, 21:49
Hey all! For the majority of my Warhammer "career", I have played Bretonnians. However, while I was waiting for their 6th Edition update, I collected Empire. Some of the models have fell into disrepair, but I was wondering if you all had any advice as to what I can do to revive my old army. Here's what I was able to salvage:

24 Empire Knights (some converted to pistoliers, but all revertable to Knightly Orders)
15 Greatswords
Steam Tank
General on Griffon

That's about 1300+ points right there. I know that's an obscene amount of knights. Most lists around here seem to only use units of 5 or 6. I hope there's a way I can use most of them; I hope to get my money's worth! ;)

I am just looking for any comments regarding how I would expand this force into a full-fledged army (I'm sure state troops will be recommended). I don't have any preferences other than I would like to add shooting and magic wherever it would be sensible, since I play Bretonnians already. Thanks in advance!

Von Wibble
18-03-2007, 10:41
Stick with pistoliers - I always use 1 unit and often 2. 10 pistoliers and 12 knights in 2000pts is not that rare. I wouldn't take a steam tank as well as that though.

State troops pretty much describes it. Quite a lot of them too. Some extra characters (count on griffonn I don't rate) plus state troops gives you all you need.

Once the plastic wizards and flagellants are out they can also be added.

18-03-2007, 15:34
I agree with pistoliers and their utility. Several small (5-6) units of knights is fine.

Further agree with adding state-troops including your desired missile troops (detachments of handgunners/archer).

Depending on the size you're shooting for 15 greatswords is pretty small. With the new packaging (of old minis) you can pick up 5 to bulk this unit up to 20 (they make a command box and a trooper box, so if you don't have the command you can pick it up in one felled swoop).

The griffon-character is a huge point sink and probably better used as a novelty or in a big (>3k) game.

Since you already have brets you could likely use damsel models for mages (certainly if you took life lore). Also your bret infantry could be used as archers and other state troops.

18-03-2007, 16:55
I agree with the above suggestions, see if anyone you know still has the empire spearmen, gunners and artilllery from 6th ed. that could help you bulk up your state troops cheaply.

Baron of Heldaine
19-03-2007, 22:48
Thanks for the suggestions!

What is a good way to incorporate handgunners into this list? You mentioned using them as detachments; does that usually occur as detachments of 10 for defensive units such as spearmen? Does it make sense to have a large unit of handgunners? Being a bretonnian player, I don't have much experience with decent infantry haha.