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The SkaerKrow
18-03-2007, 02:28
The group of Warhammer players that I'm involved with are probably some of the 'ardest, most tournament minded players in the city. We recently had a team of our guys play against a team from another store, and our group ended up whipping them by a ridiculous margin of 33-9.

Being that I'm usually a fluff-list guy, I get pounded into the ground alot. This was fun for a while, but recently I've been getting routed off of the board in less time than it takes to finish deployment. Part of this is due to my spotty tactics, but an even bigger part of this comes from the fact that most of my lists are Theme Lists, or armies made up of units that I enjoy, but don't compliment each other all that well.

Well, after one too many opponents found themselves apologizing profusely to me after a one of my crushing defeats, I've decided to throw fluff and themes out of the window, and come up with an 'ard list of my own (that still includes at least some of the units that I enjoy). Here it is...

1 Noble w/ Lance, Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armor and Sea Dragon Cloak on Cold One Chariot w/ Spears (General)
1 Noble w/ Lance, Shield, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak and Seal of Ghrond on Cold One Chariot w/ Spears (General)
1 High Sorceress w/ Heartstone of Darkness and Dispel Scroll on Manticore (Level Four)
1 Sorceress w/ Dispel Scroll (Level Two)

20 Dark Elf Warriors w/ Shields, Standard and Musician
20 Dark Elf Warriors w/ Shields, Standard and Musician
5 Dark Riders w/ Musician
5 Dark Riders w/ Musician

10 Executioners w/ Musician
10 Executioners w/ Musician

4 Reaper Bolt Throwers

It's a tiny army, with lots of shooting and five units capable of generating Strength 5 attacks. I hope to soften up anything that comes at me early on by using my Bolt Throwers, while using the Manticore to crossfire units or break my opponent's ranks with a well-timed rear/flank charge. The Dark Riders are there for redirection, and the Executioners are largely sacrifice units, they just happen to have the added bonus of being able to Killing Blow things.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged.

18-03-2007, 19:11
i would put the soceress on a dark pegersus it will be cheaper and you don't want her in combat anyway

nobles i haven't really try this myself charaters on chariots but personal i put the nobles in the warriors and have the chariots seperatly the noble would look a bit funny on his on his own after the chariots dead but that my opinion

The SkaerKrow
19-03-2007, 06:17
The Dark Pegasus doesn't give me Terror, US5 or a "threat," no matter how non-threatening a High Sorceress is in close combat. It probably seems like a foolish move, but I've actually had luck with similar configurations in other armies.

The Nobles are in Chariots for a similar reason, for Unit Strength 5. The ability to break ranks makes a big difference, and with the additional attacks the Chariots actually become pretty potent in their own right. It is funny when the Noble gets her chariot shot out from under her, but I usually keep my Chariots near my Warriors, so in a turn or two she should be able to run back into the safety of a unit.