View Full Version : Highelves + Leadbelchers, Sick combo...

27-07-2005, 03:05
... Four words, Curse of arrow attraction. Do i have to say more? :P

Just get three or four of these guys and watch them kill almost anything in sight.

27-07-2005, 13:24
It's like just using Leadbelchers, except only a bit more effective and it will cost you a Mage and a spell (which you might not even get off).

Plus, I don't see High Elves as the kind of army who would stoop to hiring unclean Ogres to do their fighting..

Major Defense
27-07-2005, 15:47
Some DoW and RotR units are available to some armies that they clearly shouldn't. Skaven with cavalry!?

27-07-2005, 16:22
cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese ow and cheese

27-07-2005, 16:42
leeoaks, now that, is the perfect reply.

anyway, high elves are (generally) sick enough without using that combo.

'i cast teh vaul5 unmaking!!11!1!!!!!1!one!!1!'
'ir3sista8le froce!!1!11'
'LOL!!1!! archaon has no armour LOL!!1!!!!!eleven!!1!!'
'teh curse of arrows!!11'
'look, 40 hits w00t!!1! archie r teh ded!11!!1!'

thats the most (bad) 1337speak ive typed in a while...

28-07-2005, 19:26
:eek: and i thought the wood evles missle was bad

28-07-2005, 19:34
Bah, they're elves. Frail and lousy, easily stomped (or 570MPZ0R3D1111, according to preferece). Anyway, each of those leadbelchers units is a pair of repeater bolt throwers not fielded. I don't see the big gain, really.

On the other hand, it would be interesting to see the maneaters that result from those ogres picking up scraps of high elven culture (pointy hats, haughty attitudes, etc.)

As for wood elves, their small armes are some of the best, but the lack of heavier ranged weapons tends to dampen their potential in the SAD department. Maybe they should be considering leadbelchers, along with dogs of war cannons/galloper guns and the like. Hmm, maneaters who picked up bits of wood elf culture... ogres who hug trees before they eat them... that might be interesting.

28-07-2005, 19:39
I would presume that a bunch of Ogres would really stick out from an army of pansies - not exactly subtle and inconspicuous, are they?

As for malisteen's thoughts about maneaters, what about the ones that hire up to druchii and pick up influences from the witch elves?

28-07-2005, 19:42
[picturing ogre transvestites in witch elf outfits] **shudder**

28-07-2005, 20:24
Normal Ogre walking into a HE restaurant:


"We don't serve your kind here"

"Uh... mm... squishies"

"I said we don.."

¤ogre gobbling down elf¤ "pointy"

Ogre Maneater adapted to elven culture stepping into a restaurant:

"Urmm... I'll take some tea please"

"We don't serve ogres in this resturant"

"I WANT tea"

"I said we don't serve your dirty kind here"

"Well... could we perhaps negotiate this into a friendlier discusion without noone being hurt and perhaps making that drunken level 1 scroll caddy over there our general in the next battle?"

"Yes my dear sire, that would be an excelent way, just sit tight and I will get you some fine tea"

Freak Ona Leash
29-07-2005, 00:15
I thought ogres were supposed to EAT the pasy idiot Elvses, not win their battles for the pointy hat hedonists. Yes, I play Dwarfs. So hard to tell eh?