View Full Version : 1000 pt. daemonic legions list

19-03-2007, 02:11
I'm testing out a portion of my daemonic legion in a tournament this week. It's really tough to balance my list at 1000 points, so I'm thinking of using this:

- Exalted daemon with: mark of chaos undivided, lvl. 2 wizard, eternal hatred, spellbreaker 360 pts.
- 10 bloodletters with musician 167 pts.
- 3 juggernauts 240 pts.
- 7 flesh hounds 112 pts.
- 8 chaos furies 120 pts.

Total: 999 pts.

I would have preferred to go all khorne, but the "true core" rule makes things really tough to balance a pure khorne at 1000 pts. because without the furies, I would need to have a minimum of two units of bloodletters. They're pretty pricey (360 pts. at a minimum) and too slow. If you have any suggestions, I'd be really grateful. I have enough khorne and tzeentch daemons to accomodate most any list for 1000 pts. Thanks for any help you can offer.