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19-03-2007, 03:37

Aspiring Champion of Chaos (http://www.coolminiornot.com/172191) (w/ Hand Weapon, Chaos Armour, and Shield) = 82 points
10 Maruaders (http://www.coolminiornot.com/170411) (w/ Great Weapons, Light Armour, and full Command Group) = 105 points
5 Marauders on Horse (w/ Spears, Shields, and full Command Group) = 110 points
5 Warhounds (http://www.coolminiornot.com/175634) = 30 points
5 Gargoyles (http://www.coolminiornot.com/174831) = 75 points
1 Chaos Ogre (http://www.coolminiornot.com/169847) (w/ Heavy Armour) = 38 points
1 Chaos Spawn (http://www.coolminiornot.com/170410) = 60 points

TOTAL = 500 points

Cork, Spackling Compound, Sand - paint Scorched Brown, Vermin Brown, Vomit Brown, Brown Static Grass, Woodland Scenics Snow Effect

Colours -
Skin (CP): Dark Flesh, 50:50, Tanned Flesh, 50:50, Dwarf Flesh, 50:50, Elf Flesh
Reds (RMS): Bloodstain Red, Clotted Red, Carnage Red, 50:50, Rust Brown
Blacks (CP): Black, Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Bone White, Skull White
Leather (RMS): Mahogany Brown, Chestnut Brown, Rust Brown, Brown Wash
Yellows (CP): Fiery Orange, Golden Yellow, Sunburst Yellow, Bad Moon Yellow
Armour (CP): Tin Bitz, Boltgun Metal, Chainmail, Mithril Silver, Black Wash, Brown Wash, Mithril Silver
Wood, Tunic, Fur (CP): Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Snakebite Leather, Desert Yellow


501 Point NIGHT GOBLIN ARMY (http://www.coolminiornot.com/166675)
Night Goblin Big Boss with Axe (http://www.coolminiornot.com/159122) (with Great Axe and Light Armour) - 36 Points
Night Goblin Shaman (http://www.coolminiornot.com/162664) (level 2) - 85 Points
Night Goblin Spearmen Regiment (http://www.coolminiornot.com/156778) (includes netters, 2 fanatics, and full command group) - 185 points.
Night Goblin Bow Regiment (http://www.coolminiornot.com/166611) (includes 1 fanatics and full command group) - 105 Points
Night Goblin Fanatics (http://www.coolminiornot.com/166610)
1 Snotling Swarm (http://www.coolminiornot.com/158941) - 20 Points
Night Goblin Squig Herd (http://www.coolminiornot.com/162663) (includes 2 Night Goblins and 3 Squigs) - 30 Points
Hill Troll (http://www.coolminiornot.com/160929) - 40 Points

19-03-2007, 13:50
Test subject is up for scrutiny.

Angel Robertson
19-03-2007, 14:00
Looks awsome! Tottaly different to your standard night gobline army as well which is nice!


19-03-2007, 16:42
Looks great, the woodgrain and skin especially. Did you miss the skull on his hood? Or purposefully plowing that under with paint, as it's a bit OTT when combined with the reserved, muted paint scheme?

Look forward to the whole little horde.

- Salvage

25-03-2007, 22:33
Ok, got the first five done. Only 35 more troopers to do...


Boss Salvage: I did forget about it, thanks mate.

Angel: I tried to keep them brown so they will tie in with the rest of my horde as it grows from 500 points to a great Waaaaaghh...

26-03-2007, 00:23
realy really nice paint-job.. i myslef have wondered where a night-goblin would get black dye from ;)

look forward to seeing more

Warwolt the skaven
26-03-2007, 00:29
You do know you have like 200-300 nightgoblins to paint? ^^
Really high standard, TT++ :)

26-03-2007, 02:53
Great highlighting. They look great

26-03-2007, 09:42
keep up the good work mousekiller :D looking forward to the next rank

26-03-2007, 10:43
it's alway good to see good painting on the greenskins!
i will keep an eye on this thread...

The boyz
26-03-2007, 12:09
Wow, great start to your Night Goblins, Mousekiller. The paint job on them looks very nice. I like the dark grey look to their robes. Looking forward to some more updates.

The Dark One
26-03-2007, 13:53
they are really cool, like the colour choice. i wil keep an eye on these

29-03-2007, 14:06
armos: Very good point...

Warwolt: Not that many ;).. this will only end up being 506 points. Only 47 total night gobbos to paint, two trolls, three squigs, and a snotling swarm. Also the reason I chose only 500 points of army, I could definitely not do 200-300, though I have seen some that could (matter of fact I think I have seen a swarm or two of yours - very nice), so my hats off to those that have the patience. This 47 is going to be hard enough, but knowing people are watching definitely helps.

Spaced: Thanks mate, now all I need to do is keep that standard going...:angel:

cyphertheory: Thanks mate. Next rank will be pretty much the same, but after that I am working on a 40x40 group of 4, and I am currently in the process of making one of them look like he has thrown down his weapons to chug a keg of mushroom ale... that one should make these a bit more interesting.

tancrede: Thanks. But I still bow down to those brets...

The boyz: Thanks fellas ;) . Now, to just get time to paint again... so far this week the most I have gotten done is to primer the next five and throw the first two layers of green on there skin. In another week I will have some more time though, right now those 16 to 17 hour work days are whooping me, so I have only spent about 10 to 15 minutes in the mornings at 0300 working on 'em.

The Dark One: Thanks. I think I will try and bring the skin up a bit though... but I will probably wait to get the whole unit done and do the final highlights all at once.

31-03-2007, 03:38
Nicely done MK, man if you can carry it on and get a whole army of these guys done in the same style and quality it will be a breattaking sight to behold. Even if it is only 500 points. ;)

Can't wait to see more.

04-04-2007, 13:56
wow... those look great...

BTW, how does the wood look before the final highlight? Seems a bit too bright (for me at least)...

04-04-2007, 15:57
Wow those are really nice! I like that the skintone still stands out against the grass on the base (I was always worried about too much green).

05-04-2007, 04:16
Well, I am on duty right now (as in I won't be done working until 7AM tomorrow), but once I get home all I have left to complete the next five is the metallics and finish the basing. Hopefully I will get those pics posted tomorrow night. Also, I will post a pic of the next group that I have been prepping (actually just one of them), as I did a bit of modification on one of them to make it look like a fanatic about ready to let loose.

spikedog: Thanks mate. My eventual plan is to paint a 500 point army for each of the armies available to warhammer. Then, I will go back and start painting 1000 point armies by adding to the ones I have already. The next time I do Orcs and Goblins I will probably do either a 500 point normal goblin army (get those wolf riders in there), or a 500 point orc army (get some boar riders in). So, 10 or 20 years from now...

Merceus: Looks OK, can achieve a pretty good table top standard with it. At that point you have three stages (the scorched brown, the bestial brown, and the snakebite leather). Another option, if you think it is too bright and want to try it, is to limit the desert yellow to only the extreme highlights. Best bet is to play around with it and see what you like IRL, as photos can often distort the actual brightness. For me, I don't like it, I would normally, and may still, take them up another level to Kommando Khaki.

Peril: Yeah, I worry about that also. I try to limit the grass, but I think it definitely needs it to break up the base a bit. Also, I will probably add some random mushrooms once I have the whole unit done.

Thanks guys... you are definitely keeping me motivated.

06-04-2007, 01:32
As promised...

Well, I got the next five done (you can see full pics at the top of the thread). Played around with some checkered designs and some dags on the Boss, so I hope you guys all like 'em. Now onto the next five...


06-04-2007, 01:59
Woah, very nice work, mousekiller. Good to see those miniatures again after a while. The sculpts may be a bit out of scale but the details and especially the faces are much more interesting and characterful than those of the new Night Gobbos. Kudos to you for painting all that woodgrain (Even on the back of the shields! That's dedication, gentlemen.). Your painting looks naturalistic, yet it's neat and clean. I'm looking forward for more of those.

By the way, what Troll miniatures are you planning to use in your army?

06-04-2007, 11:38
cool, cheers :) Is that a big/warboss or a fanatic? Or something completely different? Whatever it is its an excellent conversion

06-04-2007, 12:55
Mousekiller - one question, why are you so good, it's just not fair! :cries:

06-04-2007, 18:56
Amazing...these are incredible as always, mousekiller. Even for filthy Grobi, these look superb;)

09-04-2007, 13:45
Reminds me of the good old days of painting my NG. Wait, that was two years for an army. Haha, good luck.

The boyz
09-04-2007, 14:24
Great job on those Five other NG's, Mousekiller. I like the bosses big red hat, makes him stand out from the rest of the NG's and look more important. The checkered designs look very nice too. I also like the wood grain effect on the spear shafts.

Nice conversion work on the fanatic, looking forward to seeing him painted up.

12-04-2007, 17:52
Alright, not much longer now. I hope to have this bunch of five done in the next day or so, so when they are I will get pics up pronto. The last five are going to be pretty much standard, though four of them will get mounted on a 20x80mm base. Also, started basing one of the trolls (he is going to be a hill troll model made by Reaper Miniatures) and I will get a preview picture of him up when I get the other pics posted. I figure after I finish this set of 20 spearmen I will work on the troll and probably the Big Boss, and possibly the snotlings (I have a really great idea for them that I think you are all going to like). Anyway, enough chatter.

The boyz: Thanks. I will take some close ups of the boss when I do the next update so you can see the checkers up close.

Siromcyre: It is amazing when you look back on them and realize how much time has gone by... I think this unit is going into its fourth week...

Paulus: I actually wish that I had the patience to take them up another notch... but really it just comes down to practice and surfing these forums. I am probably the least talented artist that I know when it comes to actual art.

Merceus: It is going to be just a standard trooper in the formation, but getting ready to let loose with the whole fanatic thing...

Sigur: I am going to use trolls from Reaper more than likely, as they have some really characterful ones. I know they won't be game legal, but since I don't really frequent the tourneys it should be OK. Really just painting these for fun anyway. Eventually (after a bit of a break from Orcs and Goblins) I will turn this force into 1000 points, and I will probably incorporate the BFSP gobbos into it. I figure as long as I don't try and put them in the same unit they should look OK together on the battlefield.

Thanks all.

15-04-2007, 20:32
Ok, so I've got another five done.... whew. Only five more and this regiment will be done. Only 32 more nightgoblins (5 spear, 20 bow, 1 Big Boss, 1 Shaman, and 3 fanatics, and 2 Squig Herders), 1 Troll, 1 Snotling Base, and 2 Squigs to go. And it's only been a month... Maybe I should stop counting...
Added some updates at the top of the thread to include full pic of the 15 spear, a full 360 pic of the night goblin spear boss, a pic of the Troll after primering, and a pic of the snotling base being built (I have always wanted to do this since first seeing that Mushroom King)...

And here are pics of the five just completed.


15-04-2007, 23:23
Looking good Mousekiller.

What is the Goblin with the rope doing though (that isn't a criticism, I just can't tell)? :)

15-04-2007, 23:50
Paulus: Exactly what I wanted... I was a bit worried that it would be too obvious, but you have done me a great justice. The idea behind this 40mm base was of course as a filler, but I wanted to add some life to it too... so, enter the fanatic. I'll try to get some close ups of that base later, but basically the goblin with the rope has dropped his shield and spear, whipped out a bottle of fun juice, and rolled out his big flail. The idea behind Goblin Fanatics in the game is that, when an enemy unit gets within a certain distance of your unit, they hurl out of the formation whipping a great big ball around there heads and kill everything in there path. I will have separate models to represent these guys when they leave the unit, but I wanted to do something inside the unit to give the feeling of these guys. On the same note, I didn't want it to be so obvious that everyone could tell what was going on without a closer look, as (if I ever was to play a game) my opponent would then know that I had fanatics in the unit. Hope that makes sense...

15-04-2007, 23:58
It makes perfect sense.

This another example of why I think your work is so good (I've followed a few of your logs now), you actually put thought & effort into the basic rank & filers (something I attempt to do but as yet have never even finished a unit let alone an army).

This level of attention makes each model seem all the more important & characterful & will take the army up the extra notch. :)

16-04-2007, 19:08
Really looking forward to your non-GW models. And I don't think I said it yet, but the goblin boss is wonderful, love the checks.

- Salvage

16-04-2007, 19:43
Really really nice!!

Enough to make me shove my BFSP back to the closet - I'll never do mine that good.....



17-04-2007, 18:11
Paulus: Another reason that I am just now starting to paint something for myself. For some reason over the last 12 years or so of painting, everything I painted was never quite what I wanted - if that makes any sense. With these guys though, I really feel them coming together and can see how I want to expand them in the future etc. (i.e. expand to 1000 pt night goblin army, make a 500 pt normal goblin army, 500 point savage orc army - I really want to do this one since I have been doing so many conversions for my customer lately -, 500 point black orc army.... well, you get the point.) Eventually they will all add up to a massive horde, but you will still be able to pick out individual armies within the horde. Of course, all of this is years and years down the road...
That is a lot of words to say that I want each unit to be unique, no matter how expendable they are. On another note, and another reason I have never been able to paint an entire army before, I am way too easily distracted. That is the reason I chose 500 points vs something larger at this point. That may help if you want to get a blog going... that and the support from everyone telling you to keep at 'em.

Boss Salvage: Nurgling Skaven.... great idea. Anyway, thanks mate. I really enjoyed painting that boss up, and really like doing those designs (they are actually easier to paint then large flat surfaces...) I have always wanted to use that mushroom king model as a snotling swarm base... now I finally have a chance.

Fred: Never say never mate. Pull 'em out, trick is just not to rush or feel overwhelmed by the project. Start a blog, really helps keeping me going.

17-04-2007, 18:48
Most people I know paint gobbos green and shade with dark green ink! Those are a really high standard and even though your only doing 500 points its still great!

Keep up the good work

17-04-2007, 19:05
The boss is gorgeous, I particularly like the chequered pattern on the sword.. reminds me of how Eavy-Metal used to paint orcs back in the day only yours are better cos they don't look so clean, you've managed to 'dirty up' your gobbos but maintain a crisp paintjob... stunning!

The pre-funnyfizz Goblin is a lovely touch too, great stuff


John Galt
19-04-2007, 02:43
Im genrelly not a big fan of the end of a goblins nose being a diferent colore than the rest of it. your boss has just changed my opoinion of that. great minis man

22-04-2007, 18:12
Ok, not so much of an update as a blast from the past. Just to show that painting takes time to learn (and I am definitely still learning), I have included some pictures of miniatures that I painted a while back.

These guys were completed between 7 and 10 years ago, back when my only reference material on how to paint was White Dwarf Magazines, and it seemed like every miniature I saw had a really cheesy green color sanded base and included really bright red and yellow colors. That is a far cry from my style today.


This next group of night goblins with bows was completed about 2 years ago, so I hope it shows a bit of improvement in the past 2 years, a lot of which I have spent learning new techniques and a lot more time painting. Anyway, these guys are going to get a makeover and will actually be my second set of 20 night goblins (with a few minor adjustments anyway...)


Hope you enjoyed that blast from the past. I should have that first unit of 20 spearmen finished soon (just have to do the reds, wood, and basing), and an update on the troll is coming soon (I'll need to know if the direction I am going with him is working). And, I have also been putting the Night Goblin hero together, and a bit more work has been done on the snotling/mushroom king base.

Ninners: Well, only 500 points for now. Eventually I will come back and add to it, but I am trying to keep from going insane. I don't know how some of these guys do it, having to paint 60-100 night goblins, that is crazy. I would have to be admitted.

armos: Thanks. The effect I am going for is to keep the regiment somewhat organized, but throw a little flavor into the middle of it, so hopefully when all is said and done the first impression will be, wow that is a great unit... then on closer inspection... what the heck is that in the middle?

John: Thanks. I actually regret at this point not using this boss as the boss of the army, but we'll see how the actuall big boss turns out.

23-04-2007, 04:19
every miniature I saw had a really cheesy green color sanded base

Aw... I like the Green sanded base. I use it till now! :p

BTW, I like the cloaks on your NG. Looks very natural! ;)

25-04-2007, 11:12
Ok, got that troll arm done, at least enough to get some opinion I hope. I like the putrid color of it. What I need advice on though is: I want the softer skin (belly, under the chin) to be a lighter color - what color should I go with? Also, I want the tougher skin (elbows, shoulder pads) to come out a bit darker, what color should I go with here?


Saulot: :evilgrin:

25-04-2007, 18:36
Mousekiller great work so far on the Troll! :)

I'd recommend either a cream/bleached bone colour or light grey for the belly & a darker shade of the existing skin colour for the areas of toughened skin.

25-04-2007, 23:53
For the belly, to keep the color scheme consistent, I would mix some Codex Grey/Bleached Bone/White with a green color. If you use White in your mix, go with Dark Angels Green.
Otherwise, I think maybe 2 Codex grey: 2 Goblin Green: 1 Bleached Bone mix might work.
Alternatively, to get a more yellow tone, I would go 3 Scorpion Green: 2 Codex Grey: 1 Bleached Bone: 1 Sunburst yellow

26-04-2007, 01:27
great work on the troll so far ...

for the Belly a very sickly yellow would be very striking, but could be in danger of looking a little comical which I'm not sure would fit in with the rest of your army.

I'd agree with pants and say go for a grey/bone mix ... if you mix 1 part graveyard earth with 1 part skull white it comes up with quite a nice 'greige' colour whci could look good... maybe with a little bubonic brown or bad moon yellow added just to tie it in with the rest of the model

as for the harder pad bits I'd actually be tempted to say add a little liche purple to your base colour.. it'll deepen the colour rather then just make it dark green and there's scope for reddening them up slightly if you want them to look a little sore or something

anyways all fantastic work so far and I'm sure this trend will continue

PS. nice to see another member of the 'keep hold of Heroquest figures in case they come in useful' gang ;)

28-04-2007, 20:31
Ok, finished the spear regiment (for a complete photo check out the top of the thread). Also, added some mushrooms to the regiment, hope you like them.

And, here are the last five (after taking pictures I realized that I forgot to do there noses, so I will have to go back and do that)...


And here is one more of the fanatic guy so you can see what is going on inside of there. It is really crowded, but basically he has a huge ball and chain (or rope in this case) and is about to start swinging it after consuming a jug of shroom juice...


Paulus: Thanks for the tip mate, definitely the direction I am leaning in.

Pants: That recipe might be perfect for the tranistion area, thanks mate.

armos: That idea with the purple might be just the trick. I am also a member of the never throw anything away club... which is why my office is such a wreck...

Thanks guys.

02-05-2007, 00:31
Ok, so a bit of work done on the snotling/mushroom king. Keep in mind, there will be three more snotlings that will be staged on the ground once I get far enough along to put them on there. Let me know if you guys think he is going in the right direction.



02-05-2007, 00:40
I like the through back to the older goblins, I like. They look really good I like the style.

Tsen Out

02-05-2007, 17:32
The Mushroom King is a little bizarre MouseKiller but fits with the Night Gobbo's nicely :)

02-05-2007, 18:41
I think I might not like the goblins swarming around on the MKing, as he seems completely oblivious to them. True, he is the MKing and they are just goblins, but seems kinda funky given the MK sculpt ...

Otherwise, more fabulous work as usual :D

- Salvage

04-05-2007, 03:14
hehehe, the Mushroom King has a pale behind... :p

Seriously, I love your work mousekiller! Those Night Goblins are soo fun to look at! Amazing quality of work.

(Btw, I'm painting a box of BfSP gobbos myself and I'm copying your brown robes idea. I mean, armos was right, where do they get black dye from anyway???)

13-05-2007, 09:07
More done on the snotlings.




Tsen: Yeah, I much prefer the older ones to the newer ones.

Paulus: Just think of him as a walking brewery for my fanatics ;)

Boss: Hope he looks a bit more together now. I wish I could have done more to make him interact with the snotlings, but he was mostly a solid sculpt, so not much could be changed.

Saulot: Thanks mate. They were a lot of fun. I keep wanting to start my Bow regiment, but I am trying to stay disciplined and focused on the projects I am working on now. Glad you like the brown robes, I just simply hate painting black, as mine always turns out looking grey.

13-05-2007, 09:08
And I started the Big Boss.



13-05-2007, 10:32
That mushroom king is weird, but it fits perfectly ! How about having a smaller mushroom as a familiar for a shaman?

13-05-2007, 10:48
oh how could I miss this thread? So subscribed! Keep up the good work Mousekiller.

13-05-2007, 10:58
wow, more of your fantastic work!

great greenskins there, i love the bases and the progress in the past 7-10 years or even the last 2 is simply amazing, i think i might have some hope:p

cant wait to see more all fantastic stuff thus far.

13-05-2007, 13:03
Ooh lovely Mousekiller, you've picked IMO the best of the new Goblin boss models. :)

20-05-2007, 10:35
Ok, got the Mushroom King done. You can check him out here, or at the picture at the top of the thread.

Snotling Swarm (http://"http://www.coolminiornot.com/158815")

Paulus: I thought he was the coolest looking one too. Thanks mate. Hopefully he will be done for the next update.

The Dark Raven: I am glad you like em. I can honestly say that the only reason I have improved at all in the last two years is because of these forums.

Eniac: Thanks mate, and you can renew your subscription at any time.

Spacejens: What a great idea. Maybe I can incorporate it into an adjacent swarm when I expand the army. Thanks mate.

20-05-2007, 18:04
You're welcome. For even more hilarous fun, have the Shaman taking a bite out of the smaller mushroom man. That would be a great way of visualizing Magic Mushrooms ;)

21-05-2007, 05:35
Ok guys, sorry about all those screw ups with the links. Anyway, I hope I have it under control now.





And at CMON: 1 Snotling Swarm (http://www.coolminiornot.com/158941)

Spacejens: What a great imagination... an army of mushroom men eating each other as they march to war...

22-05-2007, 22:56
Ok guys, got the Big Boss done. So what am I working on now... got the squigs and company undergoing some basing options, the troll is back on the table, and I have started the 20 bowmen, and also I have primered the Shaman.




And at CMON: Night Goblin Big Boss with Axe (http://www.coolminiornot.com/159122)

22-05-2007, 23:28
Lovely jubbly. :D

Typically great Mousekiller, I like that you've made the robe's different from the other Gobbo's so that he stands out but have at the same time have kept to the overall colour scheme.

23-05-2007, 00:20
That mushrooms **** is truly terrifiying. I love that boss his axe is excellent.

23-05-2007, 15:26
WOW that boss came a long way fast! I'm not so wild about the checks on his hood and sleeves, but they look grand on the axe. The model is wonderful all together though, really looking forward to your squigs.

- Salvage

30-05-2007, 18:09
Paulus: Thanks mate. That was the goal, but I was a bit afraid I might have overdone him in an effort to make him look better than the champion from the spear regiment.

death: Thanks. I really enjoyed painting his ****, that moment shall stay with me forever.

Boss: With the squigs I am thinking of bullfrogs for some reason, so I may try to keep them looking natural and slimy... maybe some reddish browns or some olive greens, with black spots or stripes... any thoughts?

30-05-2007, 22:58
With the squigs I am thinking of bullfrogs for some reason, so I may try to keep them looking natural and slimy... maybe some reddish browns or some olive greens, with black spots or stripes... any thoughts?

I'd say go with the reddish browns Mousekiller else they may blend in with the Gobbo's a little too much, but the final decision is your. :)

31-05-2007, 18:46
Nice painting in here!

A bit of critisism; the grey hair on the skull above the warboss looks a bit harsh in the high lights...

Also, the WIP pic of the troll (with just one painted arm) makes it look like some really weird OSL. :D

05-06-2007, 04:54
Ok, a little bit done since the last update. I have taken a picture of the finished army thus far (posted at the top of the thread with all the links and what not for easy access). But, to do that, I had to make a suitable shelf to display my new army. So, off to work I went. I used some 3" thick foam for all the cliff faces, and cut them into the shape I wanted using a hot coat hanger (utilizing all safety measures of course). Having created some terrain in the past, I really did not want to texture either the cliff tops or the shelf itself because I find that it makes it difficult to actually set your minis on it properly (rocks and sand and whatnot), so I simply painted this shelf up using 2 dimensional techniques. Anyway, for this project I used the cheap Apple Barrel paints that you can get at most hobby stores for about $.99, and they work pretty well. I plan to do a little more with it in the future, like add some greenery and things. I tend to keep a few basic colors in stock, so for these I used the following:

Cliff Face: Nutmeg Brown mixed with Black (50:50), White mixed with Black (25:75) then (75:25), white
Dirt Areas: Nutmeg Brown mixed with Black (50:50), Nutmeg Brown, Nutmeg Brown mixed with Yellow (50:50)


Also, got some more work done on the troll. The Humanoid Skin triad that I was using proved to be too clumpy for my tastes, so I ended up going with more of a bubonic brown and lots of washes. Still needs some work I think.


I began working on the base for the squig herd, as I think the should have there own. Since they are skirmishers, I wanted to make something that showed them in an unorthodox type formation.


And finally, I have just about gotten my first five bowmen done. Next few days I should be back with a post showing them.

Thanks all.

mrtn: Thanks mate. I think the overall figure I was way to harsh with the highlights, doesn't really seem realistic anymore (i,e, the robes, hair, all over).

Paulus: Yeah, I am leaning in that direction, but I also want variation... maybe I will tap into some lizardman army threads...

05-06-2007, 05:09
really cool i like the troll skin, i see what you mean with more work but dont over do it! looking nice thus far

sweet squigies cool base for em too, cant wait to see it painted and some bowmen soon too just perfect:)

05-06-2007, 15:32
That troll is really shaping up, dig the skin you've done with. The army's looking good, and actually coming together with decent speed!

On the squigs, I think the bullfrog idea sounds great and would look very different. Would go along nicely with the more subdued, earthier tones of the rest of the army. No bright red bouncy balls of teeth here!

- Salvage

05-06-2007, 16:42
Hey, these guys are looking really great so far. Can we see a whole army shot as the force currently stands?

I love that big mushroom thing, really full of character.

05-06-2007, 18:17
First page Luke, pic of all the painted stuff :D

- Salvage

05-06-2007, 23:16
Nice work, mousekiller!

This Mushroom fella is a great model and your painting does it justice. What company is it from? The goblin boss also looks great. Somehow he reminds me of the Hobgoblins who used to hang around with the Chaos Dwarves (I guess it's the vicious face).

I also like the scenic base for the Squig herd. This guy with the cymbals and the bandaged nose is an all-time favorite of many people.;)

06-06-2007, 09:41
First page Luke, pic of all the painted stuff :D

- Salvage

Oh I see, he is updating that page as he goes :D

Good stuff

06-06-2007, 14:30
Nice work on the troll man, and cheers on the small force you've finished.

08-06-2007, 21:52
As promised, here are the first five bow-gobbos. Looks like I forgot to do the noses... have to get that done. I have posted pics of the before and after for your scrutiny.

Here is a pic of the before:


And here is one of the after. For the command group, I completely discarded the old models (I can't have the same models for my bows as I have for my spears...), and re-made them.


And a small update on the troll. I tried for a pantene effect on the hair...


Dark Raven: I'll try not to mate. I am thinking another highlight of bubonic brown overall, then maybe mixed with Elf Flesh for the stomach and face.

Boss: Thanks mate. I have never really like the bright red squigs... just doesn't seem natural to me. Of course, nothing in the warhammer world is really natural is it?

Luke: Thanks mate, the mushroom king is probably my favorite part of the army and is actually the reason I decided to do a night goblin army.

Sigur: He comes from Reaper Miniatures (www.reapermini.com). For the scenic base, I have been informed and double checked on it that squig herds are not skirmishers as I thought (squig hoppers are), so that scenic base will have to be just that, a scenic base with no practical use in game. I can't wait to start painting them, I think they are going to be a lot of fun. Ahhh, Chaos Dwarfs.... maybe one day GW will again produce them... (sorry, started drifting)

Dino: Thanks mate. I haven't been updating at Works in Progress because for some reason my ability to edit and add new posts is not available...

08-06-2007, 23:32
I began working on the base for the squig herd, as I think the should have there own. Since they are skirmishers...

They're not, and I can't remember them ever having been skirmishers either. It's a cool display base though. ;)

The painting has so far been excellent. Nice to see how you went from simple basic painting to Mk. Mousekiller painting in just two years ... your current style is definitely recognizable. Can't wait to see your Squigs finished. :)

08-06-2007, 23:38
Your work is developing really nicely Mousekiller. Need to subscribe.

09-06-2007, 01:54
It's cool man and ubderstandable, well this stuff does look rather cool. Can't wait to see this finished when you do get more done.:D

09-06-2007, 13:11
looking good, the troll hair is very nice, well done with the higlights on it.

looks like the squigs will be coming along soon, if i may ask any Black Orcs coming into this as i would like to see how you go about them

14-06-2007, 00:18
Ahhhh, one more down. Now only 15 Bow Gobbos, 2 Herders with 3 Squigs, 1 Shaman, and 3 Fanatics to go...





And at CMON: Hill Troll (http://www.coolminiornot.com/160929)

Squiggoth: Thanks mate, and thanks for the rules update also. I think I made the mistake because I just looked really quick and saw that the hoppers were, then just never went back to double check it... ahhh well, it will make a decent display base for now. For the squigs themselves I am thinking of a bullfrog approach, if that makes any sense.

BlazeXI: Subscription acquired, thanks for the vote of confidence.

Dino: The funny thing is that I thought I would get bogged down doing night goblins, but it has turned out to be really fun. Just hope I have as much fun on the next 500 point army.

Dark Raven: Sorry, no black orcs for this little army. I will eventually do a 500 point Black Orc army though, but I don't imagine that will be for at least another year or so (I am going to take a green skin break when these guys are all done).

14-06-2007, 07:23
Looking good Mousekiller, almost there! :)

14-06-2007, 14:01
Cool, its finished. Now on to the rest of the night goblins.

15-06-2007, 09:22
dude well done, looks very good.

you have done the skin and hair 100% perfect very well done.
the shield is well done keeping within the colour boundries you made for the model yet sticking out and showing off the model in more detail then before.

well done and good luck with the rest of the force:p

26-06-2007, 19:43
Ok, got the next five goblins done. For the standard bearer, the one the comes in the box is really tall, so I shortened it up a bit.



Also, here is a preview of what is in store for the squigs. Let me know what you guys think:


Paulus: Almost... 10 more night goblin bow, 3 fanatics, 2 herders, and 2 squigs... oh, and a shaman in a pear tree.

Dino: Onwards and upwards...

Dark Raven: Thanks mate. I actually would have liked to do the shield in more bold colors, but I was thinking that I should stick to the primary colors that I used for the bosses (gold and black).

26-06-2007, 20:19
I'll be honest Mousekiller, when you said about the colour scheme for the Squig's I really didn't think I would like them.

Now I've seen one I'm converted, it look's really good. The colour scheme has imo made the Squig look threatening rather than comical.

Nice work as usual mate. :D

26-06-2007, 20:55
More little night goblins for me to talk about. Like always they are really good. The squig looks pretty nice too. Must see more when you get them done. And maybe a army shot of all youre orc and goblin stuff you own.;)

26-06-2007, 23:45
One of the best Squig colour schemes ever! *pic saved to my hard disk for future drool sessions* :cool:
The only thing I'd chance is the colour of its eyes. Orange-red eyes disappear in an orange-yellow face ... on Squigs I normally pick an eye colour that contrasts starkly with its skin. Bright blue or pale green would probably look good on this fellow's eyes.

27-06-2007, 07:52
I am completely inspired by your repainted goblins and am going to do mine.
(And a bunch more I have just got recently having seen yours).

Can you talk me through exactly how you painted the browns of the cloaks and also the greens of the skin. (taking into consideration that they were aleady painted...I am in the same position).

If you don't mind me completely ripping off your colour scheme. :D

Thanks in advance.

bram kuijpers
27-06-2007, 08:27
that squig looks to furry not realy what you would expect from a big frog with giant teeth

27-06-2007, 09:09
man, once more 100% perfect...if this is the standard for the squigs i see a great unit about to hit the page.

Well done with the gobo's, i think the standard hieght is great the little things make a big difference overall.

please tell me your entering GD, because if you do i see a certain sword hanging somewhere in you house:D

27-06-2007, 14:32
THANK YOU for using something other than photobucket! IT here at work is blocking image hosts, so there's a lot of awesome I can't see anymore ...

... but these aren't included! I like the scheme on the squig, very different. Personally I think it's a bit too light or too yellow for me, I was invisioning a more brown 'toady' scheme. Several of them together would look rock solid though as is, so feel free to ignore me :P

- Salvage

27-06-2007, 16:35
Hm, *secretly plots to abduct Mousekiller and be sealed off in the cellar to paint my armies*.

It looks really nice. I love the squig.

27-06-2007, 20:03
Lovely stuff as ever Mousekiller, the squig in particular is really nice ... vicious looking little bugger innit ;)

03-07-2007, 20:43
Well, I finished the squig herd. I for the variation in color all that I did was invert the green and brown, but used the same colors.


At CMON: Night Goblin Squig Herd (http://www.coolminiornot.com/162664)

And, as a bonus, I finished the shaman. Did a little freehand on his hood, personally I think it could have come out better.


At CMON: Night Goblin Shaman (http://www.coolminiornot.com/162664)

Paulus: Thank you mate. I was trying for something more realistic vs fantastic if that makes any sense.

Dino: Well, there is an army shot of the night goblins at the top of the thread just for you mate. Other than these, pretty much all of my other ones have been sold (except the old goblin boar chariot that I still have hanging around).

Squiggoth: Very good point mate. I went with yellow with black pupils so that I could use the same on all three. And thank you for the compliment.

Harry: Well, with the bow regiment, all except the command group (which I remade from spare parts) were previously painted. I thought about stripping them, but figured what the heck and just painted over them. For the skin, I use Dark Angels Green, followed by a pretty decent coat of Snot Green, then start highlighting up with 1 to 1 ratio Snot Green and Goblin Green, then Goblin Green, the 1 to 1 ratio with Scorpion Green, then just Scorpion Green. The robes I use Reaper Master Series Paints for... Start with Reaper Pro Paint Walnut Brown, thend RMS Cinder Brown, 1 to 1 with Volcano Brown, 1 to 1 with Ash Brown, and final highlight of Ash brown. Hope that helps mate.

bram: Furry? *pause*, *comes back from looking at picture*, I guess it could look that way ;)

The Dark Raven: Thanks mate. Not this year... still need to improve a bit on my freehand.

Boss: At another forum (reaper), they let you load photos to your thread from you computer, so most of my wip shots are done that way. Although, I do use photobucket now (sorry) to post my final shots at CMON.

Calanduil: As long as you feed me.

armos: Thanks mate. I tried for cute and cuddly at first, but the rest of the night gobbos got mad at me...

04-07-2007, 10:38
ha ha... lovely job as always.. the middle squig reminds me of Slimer from ghostbusters, great stuff!
The base fot the squigs is particularly nice, I would have thought so many warm colours together would overwealm each other but it all works really well. The autumnal look is something I may have to pretend was my idea all along when I steal it for my next project :p

The Shaman is really nice too.. the free-hand on th hat works really well

I've been following your work for a while now and I've been hoping to be able to say something other then "that's great" and actually give you some positive critisism along the lines "that' really good but if you just tweaked this or added this it would be even better" ... but it just haven't found anything yet! your stuff is that good!


04-07-2007, 10:55
Stealth squigs. :D (They look almost camoflauged on that base).

Thanks for the answer and it does help (except I don't have any Reaper paints).

You think the freehand could have come out BETTER!!!!!
How??? If the flames had actually flickered and the stars really twinkled!!!
I think the freehand came out OK.

04-07-2007, 10:59
Those squigs are absolutely superb, and the freehand on the hood works really well, especially considering that it's orange on yellow.

I'm also scrutinising your work to find something to constructively criticise, but I came up blank. I guess you must just be perfect... :p

04-07-2007, 12:00
Love the squigs! I might use them as inspiration for my squigs if I ever buy some..

04-07-2007, 12:18
more sweet work coming along.

you need to improve your freehand, HA! anybetter and it would look like you got a machine to do it. I would seriously consider entering if i was you, you would get a 1st 2nd or 3rd place and if not that then at the least a WD mention.

up to you though, and of corse the next update will see my jaw drop again, this time further then before though:D

04-07-2007, 17:49
I don't think you need to worry about your free hand Mousekiller ;)

04-07-2007, 18:57
Yeah, worry about your free time instead of your free hand. ;)

These latest figures look very nice mate!

10-07-2007, 14:49
I'm guessing you switched your pic hosting over to photobucket? A pity, yours was one of the only logs whose pics weren't blocked here at work ...

Or perhaps the squigs have been blocked out of shear awesomeness!

- Salvage

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
10-07-2007, 16:28
Lovely mini's like always mousekiller, I really enjoy how this army is progressing.


24-07-2007, 21:49
Well guys, not a whole lot done in the last two weeks, at least nothing that is picture worthy. Lots of working lately... oh well.

Almost done with one of the fanatics and the next five bows, so hopefully I can finish them by the end of the week.

As far as the chaos army goes, I have been giving a little though to the make up of the army. I have always been fascinated by the maruaders, although they are the weaker part of the force. So, to start I think I am going to use a maruader based theme (though I will probably add chaos warriors when I make additions to the army down the road).

This is the list that I have put together, though it is up for speculation if you have any:

Aspiring Champion of Chaos
w/ hand weapon, chaos armour, shield 82 points

12 Marauders
w/ command group, great weapons, light armour 121 points

5 Marauders on horse
w/ command group, spears, throwing spears, shields 130 points

5 Warhounds 30 points

5 Chaos Furies 75 points

1 Chaos Troll 55 points

Armos: Thanks mate. And feel free to steal away...

Harry: I agree with the OK part, I just wish I had a bit more ability when it comes to two dimensional painting.

McMullet: Far from perfect mate, but I appreciate the compliment anyway.

Huckbuck: Feel free mate. I just never really liked the idea of bright red or blue squigs, somehow seems unnatural to me.

The Dark Raven: Thanks for the vote of confidence mate. I may enter one day, but I just don't have the time now (though it would be perfect, since Chicago is only an 8 hour drive away)... just can't get the time off of work to go. That would be such a blast though, just being able to meet other great hobbyists...

Paulus: Thanks mate. Just wish I could do more intricate portrait type stuff... just can't seem to get my paints to do that for me.

mrtn: Free time... ahhh, if only I had some. I would use it to paint more of course....

Boss: Sorry about that mate. For the final pics, I use photo bucket so that the pics won't be too large to post on CMON. But the WIP pics should still be good.

Ghazak: Thanks mate. Almost done now, only 13 more miniatures to finish painting. Then the reign of chaos can begin...

Thanks guys.

01-08-2007, 03:24
Well, first I want to apologize for not being around much lately... back to my 16 hour days at 7 days a week at work... probably won't have another proper day off until around christmas time... oh well.

Anyway, I finally managed to get the next five bows done:


And I also managed to finish one of the three fanatics:


And, of course, having a lot of time to sit around and twiddle my thumbs at work I have come up with the list for the chaos army that I will begin next. My intent with the army is to make it sort of reflect a marauder attitude, using more mythological aspects then chaotic ones. Goes something like this:

Aspiring Champion of Chaos (82 points) - using Dauron, Death Knight (Reaper Mini by Sylvan Quirion)
10 Marauders w/Great Weapons (105 points) - using classic marauders from GW (not sure who sculpted them)
5 Marauders on Horse with Spears (110 points) - using the ones from GW (not sure who sculpted them)
6 Warhounds (36 points) - using 4 classic hounds from GW (not sure who scultped), and Cerberus (Reaper Mini by unknown - will represent two hounds)
5 Chaos Furies (75 points) - using Gargoyles (Reaper Minis, two are by Bob Rudolfi and three are by Ben Siens)
1 Chaos Troll (55 points) - using Cave Troll Champion (Reaper Mini by Ben Siens)
1 Chaos Ogre (35 points) - GW one (by Aly Morrison)

Total points is 498, total troops 29 (but only 28 models)

Sneak Peak:


01-08-2007, 09:03
Your painting is a true inspiration. I am going to start a Night Goblin force of my own and will certainly take closer looks at these when I get around to painting them.
I will go back and take another look at your Dwarf Hero step-by-step tutorial. I am curious if I can take the steps for this one for the Night Goblins too if I manage to find the related green colours and such.
Really very good work! I really love it.

Can't wait to see your NG force finished and the WIP on the Chaos one.

01-08-2007, 09:41

it's been a while since we have seen some new pictures and i think i speak for everyone when i say " it was worth the wait". also loving the Chaos list, seriously leaning to them for my next Warhammer and 40k projects so this will be my guide, as looks like some nice models will hit the pages soon.

12-08-2007, 22:56
Ok, well, still got the last 7 night goblins in full swing, finishing the robes. After that they should finish up pretty quickly. In the meantime, I have been working up a few of the chaos guys. One note, it has come to my attention that Chaos Ogres and Chaos Trolls are a 3+ unit size choice... that being said, I don't think I will change the choices I have made. I will just use the Warband rules instead... which allows for single choices. Eventually I will add on to those units to make them fit within the normal rules though.

Anyway, the first is a Marauder. Not sure if I like the red on the axe head, so let me know what you guys think, as he will be the basis for all the warriors in the army.


The gargoyle was actually painted a long time ago, just never finished. He will need a bit of touching up, but I think the basic color scheme is about right.


And the Cerberus model from Reaper (I am having a lot of fun with this model). He of course is going to count as two Hounds. The snakes are painted like coral snakes... the questions I have are the following: Should I paint all of the snakes on his back to represent coral snakes, or should I do a few to look like other types (cobras, vipers, etc)... also, any advice for the muzzles of the wolves?


Thanks all.

The Dark Raven: thanks mate. Now if I could just finish those last seven models...

Bastiaan: Absolutely, especially for the skin. Same number of stages for both, and the same general mixes (I have posted the colors I used here in the first post of the thread, but the skin colors are Dark Angels Green, then Snot Green, then 50:50 Snot Green and Goblin Green, Goblin Green, 50:50 Goblin Green and Scorpion Green, then Scorpion Green).

13-08-2007, 00:42
Very nice stuff so far Mousekiller. I really like Cerbarus. Can't wait to see more.

13-08-2007, 07:14

dude the chaos stuff thus far is sweet, the snakes on the cerberus look so powerful with the rest of the model well done.

lol, those 7 models will get knocked off in due time. For now pick at them while your brush gets a taste of chaos!

15-08-2007, 20:57
Sweet as always MK, about the snakes on Cerberus, I think you can do it either way... Makning different types of snakes would probably add some cool colors and make the model a real piece of eyecandy, but if its done wrong it might get cluttered... But I do not doubt that you can do the model justice either way, so I would say go for different types of snakes!

19-08-2007, 03:50
Well, finally finished with the night goblins.





And here are all of the links:


Night Goblin Big Boss with Axe (http://www.coolminiornot.com/159122) (with Great Axe and Light Armour) - 36 Points
Night Goblin Shaman (http://www.coolminiornot.com/162664) (level 2) - 85 Points
Night Goblin Spearmen Regiment (http://www.coolminiornot.com/156778) (includes netters, 2 fanatics, and full command group) - 185 points.
Night Goblin Bow Regiment (http://www.coolminiornot.com/166611) (includes 1 fanatics and full command group) - 105 Points
Night Goblin Fanatics (http://www.coolminiornot.com/166610)
1 Snotling Swarm (http://www.coolminiornot.com/158941) - 20 Points
Night Goblin Squig Herd (http://www.coolminiornot.com/162663) (includes 2 Night Goblins and 3 Squigs) - 30 Points
Hill Troll (http://www.coolminiornot.com/160929) - 40 Points

Total Points: 501

I will take some over all army shots tomorrow afternoon when the sun is out (nice even lighting for so many miniatures).

Dino: Thanks mate.

The Dark Raven: Picking is done. Army is done. Very happy.

Huckbuck: Thanks for the vote of confidence mate.

19-08-2007, 09:33
Ah what a wonderful army. Splendid work!

19-08-2007, 09:42
Beautiful Noght Gobbos.

And that Marauder is cool - very nice skin tone - care to share the recipe? :D

19-08-2007, 21:57
Ok, as promised, I have the final army shots.





And all of them at CMON:
501 Point NIGHT GOBLIN ARMY (http://www.coolminiornot.com/166675)
Night Goblin Big Boss with Axe (http://www.coolminiornot.com/159122) (with Great Axe and Light Armour) - 36 Points
Night Goblin Shaman (http://www.coolminiornot.com/162664) (level 2) - 85 Points
Night Goblin Spearmen Regiment (http://www.coolminiornot.com/156778) (includes netters, 2 fanatics, and full command group) - 185 points.
Night Goblin Bow Regiment (http://www.coolminiornot.com/166611) (includes 1 fanatics and full command group) - 105 Points
Night Goblin Fanatics (http://www.coolminiornot.com/166610)
1 Snotling Swarm (http://www.coolminiornot.com/158941) - 20 Points
Night Goblin Squig Herd (http://www.coolminiornot.com/162663) (includes 2 Night Goblins and 3 Squigs) - 30 Points
Hill Troll (http://www.coolminiornot.com/160929) - 40 Points

Anardakil: Thanks mate.

Crube: No problem: Dark Skin, 50:50 w/ Tanned Flesh, Tanned Flesh, 50:50 w/ Dwarf Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, 50:50 w/ Elf Flesh, Elf Flesh.

21-08-2007, 09:26
The goblins look great.

Can't wait to see the Chaos. (Except I imagine that will make me want to start painting those as well).:D

21-08-2007, 11:34
I love that goblin army. Very characterful with the various conversions, painting and the attention paid to the bases. Brilliant.

The marauder looks very promising as well, although like you, I'm not 100% convinced about the red on the axe, even though I like it on the other parts of the model.

02-09-2007, 03:08
Ok, feels like it has been forever since I have been able to get anything done. Work...work...work... ah well. I updated the top of the thread with the new list, and also a list of what I used for the bases and for the different colors.

Anyway, a little done here and there, so let me know what you guys think.

Overall, I think I am going to go with the coral snake theme for the army, I think that and the three headed dog will give plenty of idol worship for this undivided army. That being said, here is the current status of the Cerberus model. I decided to continue the stripes up his back, but I think in doing this I may need to add some color to his muzzle as well. He is still very WIP, so let me know what you guys think.


For the maruaders, these guys are just about done. A few nitpick things (highlights on the drum and some other small things).


And finally, I got rid of the GW chaos ogre in lieu of a model from Rackham, simply because I think it fits better with my maruader theme.


Harry: Thanks mate. I need to get over and check out how you guys are doing on your Tale...

Drakemaster: Still not quite convinced. Maybe after I get the unit fully done I will decide...

02-09-2007, 10:06
uhmm nice goblin army and better marauder one, good decision to use the rackham ogre

04-09-2007, 16:06
Superb goblin army MK, it doesn't get better than that IMO - just bigger! The troll is a lot bigger than I expected, really towers over the wee gobbos. You had a chance to game with it? Or do you intend to? Congrats all the same, wonderful work :D

The chaos army sounds fun too, pity about it 'just' being a warbands army. I dig all the models you're using, way to be dredging ranges and such. The one pic I can see - the marauder - looks aces, hurray for the old marauders.

I'll lurk on over sometime soon, see how all is shaping up ;)

- Salvage

09-09-2007, 22:59
Well, got a little bit done since last week. Actually had today off, after 10 weeks, a real day off. Ahhhh, back to work tomorrow...

The aspiring champion got some attention. Not sure what to do with his cloak, any suggestions?


The Ogre is about done, just a few little tidbits to go. Any last minute advice?


Did some work on the Marauder Champion. For the model, I bent his leg to make it look like he is stepping up on the rocks. He is also almost done, any last minute tips for him?


And Cerberus, what should be the centerpiece of the army. Got rid of the stripes, just didn't seem to be working. Still thinking about the snakes...


Boss: Man, I wish I had the time to game. It has been a few years since I last had a chance to game. I am going to move to another location in a few months, and hopefully I will be much closer to an actual hobby store that supports those things. Right now, with my work hours and the closest hobby shop being an hour and a half away games are just not happening. Though I found out that even my Gobbo army is illegal, as snotling bases are meant to be 2-20 choice, so to make it legal for a game I will have to add another snotling base (next 250 point upgrade in a few months or so). Thanks on the compliment to the chaos army... I love using various ranges for warhammer, though I hear a lot of people frown on it... oh well to them I suppose. Thanks again for popping in mate, I know how hard it is to find time to check in.

ekxw: Thanks mate. I really like the rakham range... I am thinking now to add some more in the future (way in the future probably)... but maybe some of the celtic centaurs that they have as bestigors...

10-09-2007, 06:21
happy to see you back with new stuff.
good work, man ! especially your gobbos, and the cerbere, of course !

21-09-2007, 17:58
Woah! how did I miss the updates for this!? ... (oh yeah I was in Spain)...

lovely work as ever Mousekiller, the natural tones on the marauders really works well and the colours are positivly glowing. The skin-tones really stand out but the way the browns and metals complimetn each other is very nice too. I also like the champion a lot, it's nice the way you've painted him in a similar fashion to the rank and file and simply allowed the stature and impressiveness (if that's a word) of the model itself to stand out... I'd like to see what he looks like stood amongst the marauders.

Not really a criticism but more of an observation of your work is that your shading in particular is very subtle and as a result there tends to be very little contrast the chaos models. with your night goblins there was an obvious contrast colour-wise between the robes, flesh and yellow/black patterns but with your marauders in particular the contrast is less defined between the flesh tones and mid-browns. Don't get me wrong the result is gorgeous but I wonder if some deeper shading between areas of different colour (for example where the Chieftan's leather glove grips the axe-handle) would just define things a little better... it's difficult to say though as your style is so distinctive and bright it could detract but perhaps something to think about.

I would also be tempted to add a little more shading around the eyes of your bare-headed models... again because your style is so bright it's hard to say for certain this would compliment things but generally (and especially with human models) in my experience a little colour around the eyes can really bring a model to life. I've found that some thin red/purple shading beneath the eyes can really bring out the 'evil' in some models... although given your naturalistic style you might want to avoid such a cliche'd approach.

Oh and I'm loving the spawn by the way... lovely model and paint job but mostly I'm just loving the idea of a huge ****-off dog as a spawn... great work.

can't wait to see more...


26-09-2007, 15:19
Ok, almost another two weeks has gone by... and not much to show for it. Though I am now calling the Chaos Ogre done...

Went with a subdued blue for the loin cloth (also on the marauders)...

Anyone have any idea who sculpted this guy? Better yet, where I can find out who sculpted any Rakham models?





And at CMON: Chaos Ogre (http://www.coolminiornot.com/169847)

Armos: Great advice mate... I will try the deeper shade approach with the marauder champion. I hope by adding blue to the mix it will allow for a little more to break up the eye per say, but we will see. I have done the maruaders loin cloths in the same way as this ogre (they are almost done, just need to do the bases, wood, and some other small details). Hope the trip to spain was a good time mate.

tancrede: Thanks mate. I will always be envious of you though, as I can't imagine how long it would take to tackle a bretonnian army...

02-10-2007, 04:08
Alright, glad to say that I have finished the unit of marauders... hope you all like them.


At CMON: Marauder Regiment (http://www.coolminiornot.com/170411)

And I am also calling the Cerberus (spawn) model done. Let me know what you all think of the end result.



At CMON: Chaos Spawn (Cerberus) (http://www.coolminiornot.com/170410)

03-10-2007, 12:01
The warm, natural colours look fantastic. Very autumnal. Excellent muscle textures. Really good use of snow effects (I don't usually like snowy bases, but yours look great).

I guess the reason you didn't get any replies in the last 24 hours is that there's nothing bad to say about your minis! But I couldn't let them fall off the first page. Great work, keep it up!

03-10-2007, 12:30
I adore the Squig Herd. May I ask what you used for basing the unit?

03-10-2007, 22:16
Top notch.

Love the Marauders.

04-10-2007, 16:27
Very cool, good work there man, love the ogre. Nice bases too.

09-10-2007, 19:03
I really adore your paintingstyle, especially the way you paint different types of texture like skin and fur. I really hope you'll keep it up :D

21-10-2007, 17:41
Well, 20 days since my last update, and really not a whole lot to show for it. I think I have the theme for both the hounds and the gagoyles down pretty good, but let me know what you all think. I think these two are pretty much done save a bit more work on the bases...



Also, went with a pretty simple and basic design for the champions cloak, leaning more towards not wanting to clutter it too much...


And at CMON: Aspiring Champion of Chaos (http://www.coolminiornot.com/172191)

Still planning to finish that marauder tutorial... just need some more time to actually put it together... darned work...

McMullet: Thanks mate. I use Woodland Scenics Snow Effects mixed with elmers glue, but I think what makes it work is the brown static grass that I use... gives it (in my opinion) less of a frozen wasteland feel and more of a beginning of winter feel.

Eka: For the squig herd... used a standard GW movement tray, filled it with a piece of foam sheet (very easy to cut and place my bases into), then covered that with spackling compound and textured it with sand. The rock out crops were made from flower foam (the green stuff). The trees were from the dryad plastic sprue and just added foliage to it.

Harry: Thanks mate.

E-dog: Thanks mate.

Huckbuck: Keeping it up won't be a problem (unless I lose a hand or an eye or something)... just getting the time to do it seems to be the current issue. Thanks mate.

22-10-2007, 15:55
McMullet: Thanks mate. I use Woodland Scenics Snow Effects mixed with elmers glue, but I think what makes it work is the brown static grass that I use... gives it (in my opinion) less of a frozen wasteland feel and more of a beginning of winter feel.

Yes, I think that's just it! Patchy snow over dead/dying grass just looks right. :)

More great work by the way, the red-hot glowing bits look excellent!

22-10-2007, 19:38
I have to say, wow. A lot of this stuff is simply stunning. I'm especially fond of the hounds, as I love hounds, and they seem to get little love in the way of CMON-standard painting.

One question though, what is the fury-gargoyle holding in its hand?

22-10-2007, 20:06
Lovely stuff as ever Mouse, the simple but effective design on the Champ's cloak is especially eye-catching

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
23-10-2007, 21:00
Lovely looking stuff like always, keep up the awesome work.


02-11-2007, 02:15
Well, another 10 days or so have passed us by, and I have completed two more hounds... such distinct progress...

Anyway, looks like I never finished the teeth on the wolf headed hounds, so I will have to be sure to go back and do that.

Also, added a bit of green to the tail of the scorpion one, and also lightened up his fur a bit...

What do you all think?





Ghazak: Thanks mate. Great looking throng that you continue to build, hope you don't mind if I steal your wolf rider idea down the road...

armos: Thanks. Hopefully it will allow for the champ to be demoted if I ever want to replace him...

khabul: thanks. He is holding a fireball rock thing... I think.

McMullet: Thanks as always mate.

03-11-2007, 15:33
Wow! Really great! I've never liked thoose old hound models before, but you've changed my mind :p :D ;)

06-11-2007, 11:53
Awesome! The painting is brilliant.

06-11-2007, 13:29
Aye, fantastic work MK, really like the scorpion-tail hound particularly. The gargoyle I actually had pegged as a demon prince with such a great paint job and the glowing rock of doom :D

- Salvage

20-11-2007, 08:24
Ok, so I have been pretty busy, but what is new. The good news is that I have finished another unit...

The gargoyles... don't know why... but I really like these guys.

The base is home made using some foam and other small ingredients...



And, if you have a hankering, you can throw me a vote over at CMON: Gargoyles at CMON (http://www.coolminiornot.com/174831)

Huckbuck: Thanks mate. Hopefully the privateer press Argus two headed hound won't look too out of place amongst this motley crew...

Anardakil: Thanks mate.

Boss: What do you think of them all together...

20-11-2007, 14:23
Boss: What do you think of them all together...
Very nice! Always cool to see a solid scheme pulled across disparate sculpts, and you've done a great job. Where are all of these birdy boys from (Reaper, etc)?

- Salvage

20-11-2007, 15:26
All of them come from Reaper, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi and Bob Siens. Thanks mate.

28-11-2007, 23:03
Here are the finished Hounds... hope you like them. The one in the center is from PRIVATEER PRESS HORDES. The other four are the classic hounds from GW's Trish Morrison.


At CMON: Warhounds (http://www.coolminiornot.com/175634)

And a preview of the horsemen.



29-11-2007, 07:20
You know, I was never a big fan of the older chaos hounds.

But seeing your's I realise how much it often comes down to the ability of the painter and not necessarily the miniature itself.


29-11-2007, 09:18
very nice looking army, mouse 'k...
i especially like the skin tone and the bases of your models.

29-11-2007, 13:53
Really fantastic work. I'm so impressed with your chaos hounds and love your Aspiring Champion. Any chance of a full army shot?