View Full Version : 750 border patrol rules tourney lizzies

27-07-2005, 16:21
Right theres a doubles tourney im going to, I already know im with slayers.

limitations. One block of 10+ core troops, Each character type is 0-1, so i could have 2 heroes but only 1 of each, 1 special AND 1 Rare. Dont have to take either but im only allowed one of each.

Scar vet
Spawning of Sotek
Venom of the firefly frog.

Skink Preist
Dispel Scroll

12 Saurus

13 Skinks

4 Terradons

2 Salamanders

Total 749

28-07-2005, 01:27
Mobility is the key to Border patrol, you have alot of space on the board and the army who takes the most advantage of this will usually come out of top. Out of the last 5 mini border patrol tournies our club has held 3 of them were won by L.M.

Honestly, drop the saurus, don't even bother with them, 12 saurus won't stand up against most things when charged and they'll most likely get shot to hell, drop the priest and rely on your skinks and flyers to go mage hunting, he's just not worth it in such a small setting, if you buy ALOT more skinks you'll have the model count to take the damages anyway + L.d. and cold bloodied means you won't panic easily.

Skinks are the best unit in B.partol, hands down, the only other unit that comes close are beast herds. Skinks are mobile and can course huge amount of damage against rank and file units. you can spend the whole game out of trouble and on the flanks of your opponants units, hammering them with poison attacks.

Charm of the Jaguar makes the S.veteran a monster in B.patrol, with B.sotec and (if you have the points B.o.t.Old Ones) means he can pretty much take on a small unit by himself and win, I've had my S.Veteran walk through whole lists by himself.

28-07-2005, 04:58
I would agree with this. i'd also suggest you get another salamander with the saved points from the saurus, they are worth their weight in gold, IMO.

The scar vet would be a demon with a GW and the charm of the jaguar warrior. spawnings of sotek and quetzl, i'd say, or if you think there will be a lot of fear causing units, maybe tlazcotl. personally i dont think the blessing of the old ones is worth it... then he's a proper killing machine, with 5S7 attacks on the charge.