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21-03-2007, 08:30
Hey all,

Not an ambitious project, at the least, and doubtfully an original one either. But, hey, I want to give it a shot. I'd be following the LatD list, maybe with CSM allies. My basic idea was having the following:

The Chaos Seer - Eldar ringleader, using the Tzeentch Lord (Fantasy) body, with some slight modifications (no disc). Not sure how I'm gonna get a good looking Farseerish head on there. (Arch Heretic or Lord)

The Daemon Seer - Chaos Seer, but Daemon Prince. Modified Nightbringer model more than likely (I saw a neat one when someone didn't like how the Avatar looked, so they made the Nightbringer into an Eldar model - replaced the scythe with the Wailing Doom and the head with Eldrad's, I think).

Ork Waboss - "Leader" of the aliens (or, so he would think...). Very easy, just paint a warboss in a Khornate sceme and maybe use some greenstuff to give him a bit more of a daemonic look.

The Council - Warlocks as

Hrud Soldiers - The predecessors of a long line of corrupted Hrud. I'm thinking clan pestilens plague monks with Handgunner rifles, or something of the like. They make up my traitors with ranged weapons (Snipers, Lascannons and Heavy Bolters from Jezzail(sp?) sniper dude, warp flame thrower and rattling gun, respectivly).

The Krilina - Lizardmen type race. Maybe... They'd be melee-traitors.

Orks - Mutants and Big Mutants. Using slightly modified Ork models.The Big Mutants (Chaos Nobz) are gonna be more modified than the regular Orks.

The Vermin Machine - Replacement for the Defiler. Not sure how I'm going to make it, but I'm thinking of putting a Warp Lightning Cannon on it to represent the demolisher cannon, and make it look crewed by some Hrud. It'll be gruesome, it might also get changed into a scorpion. But I really need better ideas on what this should look like and how to make it.

I've got some other ideas, but they'll come later... I'll probably start collecting this army... Not too soon, maybe a month from now? Slowly too, but any and all pictures will go here.

I've got a bunch of fluff behind it, but this isn't the time (3:30 Am) nor the place. Night all.

03-04-2007, 19:50
O.O grool! go for it!

Wolf Scout Ewan
03-04-2007, 20:09
Yeah! Do it!

The Keeper of Secrets
03-04-2007, 20:11
Less talking...more doing!!!

Great idea!!

03-04-2007, 22:52
Sounds insanse, but cool. I want to see pictures of the stuff.

04-04-2007, 03:07
I have some ork boyz in the ranks of my world eaters, imo it would be awsome to see a full chaos ork army.

For conversion ideas I'll tell you what I did for a CSM ASP biker champ.

I chopped the "batwings" off of kharne the betrayer's head, shaved down an ork head to look like it had a banged up helmet, glued the wings onto the side of the helmet and mounted him with WH fantasy legs onto a CSM bike. I gave him a RT plastic PK on a ork arm cut 2/3 to the hand.