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Cry of the Wind
21-03-2007, 15:59
Ok, having decided to make a Good army after my Easterlings I've picked Gondor (I know not a big jump, but basically they are Easterlings the way I would really want them, full army list with lots of options). This army is based on my experinces in tournaments so far as well as friendly gaming.

1 Captain of Minas Tirith w/ Horse and Lance

8 Knights of Minas Tirith w/ Shields

13 Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ Shields

11 Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ Shields and Spears

15 Rangers of Gondor

Totals: 500pts, 1 Hero, 47 Warriors, 15 bows, 9 Models on Horseback w/ Lances


One idea I had was to replace the Rangers with Citadel Guard with Bows. Same cost but I lose 3 models and trade a defence for a shoot value but get a better bow. Worth it or should I scrap this and just go for Gwaihir and 4 buddies?

21-03-2007, 17:05
I dunno I love the Citadel Guard Archers, the models and the rules so I would be more in favour of them, as for the list, there's a lot of punch but not many might points for those crucial heroic moves you can get. Just a thought.

21-03-2007, 18:07
Go with the Citadel Guard. Longbows and the Bodygaurd rule easily make up for the reduce shoot value, and they're sweet models as well!

The rest of the army looks solid... I'd seriously consider dropping some of the CG and replacing the Captain with Farimire (or however his name is spelt...). You're very short on Might otherwise, and your opponent will easily outmaneuver you otherwise.

Other than that, I think you stand a good chance of shooting them to bits. Just don't allow you're knights to get seperated from the body of your army. Without a captain to lead them and guaruntee heroic moves they'll get bogged down after their first charge.

Cry of the Wind
22-03-2007, 03:32
Seems like the CG win then, I just went for the Rangers because of shoot 3 and being able to buy them in plastic. The CG fit the army better in terms of looks as well. I'll see what some more people think before buying anything yet. Faramir is something I'd be interested in, just couldn't use him with the Minas Tirith list from legions, replacing the Rangers with Citadel Guard fixes that problem though. Thanks for the input so far, hopefully more to come.

23-03-2007, 00:15
I would try to put in another hero or two, albeit lesser ones.

You only have one, which will lead you to two potential difficulties.

1: You don't have enough might to be effective at moving things around on heroic moves. And equally, not enough for prolonged combat.

2: When your army breaks, only figures within the character's stand fast will not run. If the character dies, then you have no stand fast chances. The result, your army will run away very fast.

These two things become even more apparent when you have a hero that is mounted, and presumably moving around with the knights. He's not going to be near the infantry block that you have planned.

BTW: I'd go with the rangers. The 3+ to hit is make or break. Quasi-elves, that is what they are!

Cry of the Wind
23-03-2007, 16:34
Here's a list using Citadel Guard:

1 Faramir w/ Horse, Heavy Armour and Lance


8 Knights of Minas Tirith w/ Shields

7 Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ Shields

13 Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ Shields and Spears

10 Citadel Guard

Totals: 500pts, 2 Heroes, 38 Warriors, 11 bows, 9 Models on Horseback w/ Lances

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
23-03-2007, 20:15
I'd never be able to make a Gondor list without including everything!

23-03-2007, 23:52
I'd keep the rangers. But I'd drop a few knights, in order to make place for Cirion. He'll help your line in place, and take down heavy hitters. 3 might... mmmmm....

Cry of the Wind
27-03-2007, 11:39
Well I did some number cruntching and found that the Rangers were better in every case (where the str 3 helped the greater volume of shots from str 2 more than made the difference), as Pertinax suggested (Thanks for that input). So for competitive play I'll use Rangers, although I was thinking Madril to lead not Ciron as he is a Ranger leader and still has 3 might. For my prefered themed list I'll use the Citadel Guard (one change to that list, kill a Knight, add 2 Citadel Guard and switch the numbers for spear and sword armed models).

27-03-2007, 12:09
Both Madril and Cirion are good choices. You can't really go wrong with them.