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22-03-2007, 19:26
Von Carstein Count: Sword of Battle, level 2, aura of dark majesty, walking death, barded steed.

Necro: level 2 uprgrade, black periapt, dispel scroll

necro: level 2 upgrade, book of arkhan, dispel scroll

wight lord: BSB, flayed hauberk

25 zombies: musician, standard

25 skeletons: spears, full command

25 skeletons: spears full command

5 fell bats: bat weapons

19 grave gaurd: shields, hw, full command, warbanner

5 black knights: barding, full command, banner of the barrows

5 black knights: barding, full command


this is my newest list. im open to all advice but im not changing the grave gaurd with the wight lord leading it, it has just performed too well and my opponents are scared sh*tless of it. dead chaos warriors with mad combat resolution. all other suggestions are welcome.

22-03-2007, 19:36
there really isn't anything wrong with your list. I'm surprised people would actually say get rid of the GG with WightLord.

maybe if anything ditch the zombies because you will be raising them.

22-03-2007, 19:45
well people do, and i used to play more zombies, around 50 or 60. i just need the staying power and the combat abilty of the GG.

23-03-2007, 18:33
I like this list its a little diferent from what you see all too offend form undead players

23-03-2007, 21:08
i just use what works. i dont like ghouls, black coaches and bat swarms. spirit hosts are too expensive and the day i give light armor to skeletons is the day youll find me dead in my bathtub.