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23-03-2007, 07:37
So, squadrons. Escorts require big squadrons to really do damage; I've found this out in my 3 games. How about cruisers? Is the combined firepower worth the risk of eating ordnance from being too close to each other? Also, standard cruisers cannot squadron with light cruisers or battlecruisers, correct?

Finally, is there any reason to squadron up something like Dominators and Gothics? No weapon batteries to combine, can't combine nova cannons and torpedoes.

23-03-2007, 12:28
The main advantage of squadroning cruisers is that they all fire simultaneously, therefore the first to shoot won't mask the target with blast markers.

23-03-2007, 17:55
Simultaneous fire is a big advantage. Another is shared leadership. A leadership 6 cruiser can roll leadership tests against it's squadron-mates leadership 9. This is clearly a major advantage for target priority and special order rolls.

Any cruiser can squadron with any other cruiser. So lights, battlecruisers, grand cruisers, regular cruisers, heavy cruisers, etc can all be in a squadron together. It is generally a good idea to squadron with a ship with similar speed. That light cruiser could end up leaving his squadron behind if you're not careful.

Even when ships can combine weapons, special orders like lock-on or AAF will still effect all the ships with only a single ld test. Dominator-Gothic may not be the best combo, but is not wholly without benefit.


23-03-2007, 18:45
You cannot squadron grand cruisers with other types of cruisers. Grand cruisers can only squadron with fellow grand cruisers (pg. 105, rulebook).

I'd love to have a Vengeance or Retaliator heading up a squadron of Devastations, but for some cryptic reason GW decided not to let me. :(

But like others have pointed out, squadroning capital ships in general makes it easier to get them on special orders because of their higher leadership and smaller number of die rolls. In larger games, cutting down the number of leadership tests you take per turn can become important. It's unlikely even the best of admirals will be able to make more than a dozen tests every turn.

25-03-2007, 11:09
Ok, so better chance to get good Leadership is definite bonus, as is only having to use one Ld roll to go on special orders for the whole squadron.

Going from p. 37 (squadron stuff), I know that you roll one Ld test to go on special orders. I assume you can set different special orders for each ship?

So, say a Gothic, Dominator, and Dictator were squadroned. The Gothic and Dominator could lock-on while the Dictator reloaded ordnance, correct?

Also, p 105 states that cruisers, battlecruisers, and heavy cruisers can squadron. What about light cruisers? Can they join up with the bigger cruisers?

Vladimir Deathblade
25-03-2007, 13:03
It also gives you a really good way to protecty damaged ships. If a ship takes a bit too much of a pounding, move it to the back of the squadren. That way, the enemy cannot pick it out for further distruction, as they have to fire at the closest ship in the squadren. (ie, they cannot take a LD test to target it)

25-03-2007, 13:13
Ah, good point. *noted*

25-03-2007, 17:20
So, say a Gothic, Dominator, and Dictator were squadroned. The Gothic and Dominator could lock-on while the Dictator reloaded ordnance, correct?

No, they all have to go on the same Special Orders.