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sin of damnation
24-03-2007, 11:54
Okay, well this has been one of those projects that's always getting put off because something shinier, slimier or spikier comes along and distracts me. I'm hoping that by starting up a log I'll manage to maintain the focus on getting his army done.

I've set myself a deadline too, which should also help to keep me motivated. I've got until mid-July to get 1500 points painted.

I'll just start off by posting his pic of a prototype that I did, and then ramble on for a while as to why I've chosen this project.


Over the years, I've collected quite few guard models, probably about 3000pts worth. But due to the fact that I'm easily distracted, these are from quite a few different regiments and styles. So they never really had that "cohesive force" look that I was after. Now this doesn't bother some people, but for me I wanted my army to have a unified look, even though it was made up from a number of different styles of models.

So I came up with the idea of converting them all to traitors, and giving them a strong theme by doing minor conversions and using a restricted palette. I reasoned that the different styles of armour and uniform might represent various levels of disrepair amongst the troopers, as well as the odd piece of scavenged kit that they've picked up along the way.

I wanted them to be traitors because I believed that the different styles of models would look more chaotic when grouped together, and I chose nurgle because I have a Death Guard army and liked the Idea of combining the two in a LATD (or future Codex equivalent) army in the future. Also I thought that a few well placed zombie parts was a fairly simple way of unifying them furher.

For a palette I chose something that would go well with my Death Guard, while still having it's own individual scheme.

Eventually I settled on the beige fatigues, with dark red armour and trim, and green skin with lots of inks. As you can see, my style is fairly messy, and I've tried to choose a theme that works with that rather than try to change my style. Nurgle is great for somewhat messy painters like me.

The pics of my first infantry platoon are below.
Firstly, here's the platoon command squad. I've used some older models here, the old first edition lieutennant in his rusty carapace armour, along with a first edition rough rider head on one of the plasma gunners. The medic is a plastic cadian, with a zombie arm, some guitar string and greenstuff. I've given him a big syringe to inject the zombies with to keep them functioning, and a flamer backpack containing more of the liquid he injects. With 4 plasma weapons in the squad, and the fact that I roll 1's like nobody's business, i figured the medic would be getting plenty of use!

1st squad, armed with a plasma gun. These guys, along with the rest of the platoon form the bulk of the mobile advance part of the army. Like the bulk of my army, they're made up of plastic and metal first edition guardsmen, as well as plastic and metal catachans. I try to make the sergeants stand out by making them pointing, yelling orders or holding their gun up in the air. I equip the sergeants with lasguns, but still like them to stand out. I think that's important in a ten man squad.

I'll add in the rest of the platoon in the next post.

24-03-2007, 11:59
Nice to see the old Rogue Trader guard miniatures again. You have an original looking force here, I like the colour scheme, suitably scabby. Looking forward to seeing some character models from you.

sin of damnation
24-03-2007, 12:07

2nd and third squads are very similar to first squad, with third squad having a grenade launcher rather than a plasma gun. I wanted at least one special weapon in the platoon that wasn't going to kill the guy shooting it, and I like the grenade launcher, with it's long range while moving it's quite handy in the first couple of turns, when you can snipe at something after moving.

I originally had this fire support squad broken up into the infantry squads, but I found that they didn't really do anything. I'd either try to advance the infantry squad, and not use the heavy bolter, or hold back and shoot the heavy bolter, which would often do very little on it's own. In squads of three they do a fair bit of damage, but tend to get shot at a lot so don't last too long sometimes. I'm still thinking about these guys, and how to field them.

Finally I've got the hellhound. This is actually a chimera model, and I've just added a couple of tanks to the back from the plastic battlefield accessory sprue. These just have three holes drilled into them, so I can take them off and use it as a chimera whenever I like. I've modelled a lot of battle damage onto it to show that it isn't as well maintained as it's non-traitor counterparts, and is probably on it's last legs. The heavy stubber is an old first edition plastic heavy bolter, with a barrel made from plastic tubing.

Coming up I have a couple more tanks, as well as a conscript platoon made up of zombies, and some other restricted troops such as rough riders and grenadiers.

Hopefully I'll have something new to post soon.

24-03-2007, 12:39
I like the Hellhound too, you have added some lovely details especially the scorch marks. Bring on the rest of your tanks!

24-03-2007, 12:42
This is pure gold, buddy- I would love it if you posted a small painting tutorial on the skin as well as pictures of your deathguard.

Damn, it's refreshing to see somebody starting a log and actualy have a lot of sweet stuff to present. You've made the different models look like a unified force, something I didn't think likely when I read the first paragraph of your first post.

All in all, awesome stuff! I love it. The scheme, the conversions, the log itself.



Rabid Bunny 666
24-03-2007, 13:14
Don't make me convert back to Nurgle again :(

Seriously, theses are awesome, especially the RT stuff, got some lying around somewhere, and despite the different models, they look connected.

24-03-2007, 13:29
Rabid Bunny, I love the RT imperial guard, I am going to have a go at converting a modern cadian into something more old school. This thread is making me want to get my nurgle forces back on track... I think that one of the benefits of a nurgle army is that the models CAN be disconnected, a walking jungle of mis-matched monstrosities!

24-03-2007, 14:58
These are some truly disgusting guardsmen! Awesome!

sin of damnation
24-03-2007, 23:17
Thanks for the positive comments guys, it really does help me stay motivated. This is pretty much all that I've got painted at the moment, but I'll do up some WIP shots of some of the other models in the army.

As for the skin painting, it's fairly simple.

Paint it camo green. I use a black undercoat, and it doesn't matter too much if the coverage is a bit patchy, as the whole effect is patchy anyway. So 1 coat is usally fine.

I then highlight with rotting flesh, making sure that camo green isn't painted over in the deeper parts, like in between the muscles and fingers. Again, I'm not too worried if it needs a second coat, as I get to that later.

Next is a watered down camo green wash. This helps to blend in the sharp boundary between the camo green and rotting flesh. I try not to apply this too heavily, and leave some of the more raised areas without any on it at all.

Once that is dry I do a final rotting flesh highlight. I limit this to the raised parts of the model, like shoulders, biceps, raised parts of the face like noses and cheeks etc. If I feel it's needed, I might do another one with a bit of white in it, to get even more of a contrast.

Once that is dry I add some watered down patches of red gore, blood red, brown ink and dark angels green. I really need to stress the watered down part here. If there isn't enough water then you just end up with a stark blob of red or green which doesn't look quite right. I try to make sure that there is a nice dark contrasting ink on the face, so it floods into the recessed areas and brings out the detail. Otherwise there isn't really enough contrast on the face to make it stand out. I also try not to go too overboard on the inks, as too much red and green makes them look too bright.

That's pretty much it. I might do a final pass with the rotting flesh to pick out any details that might have been obscured as part of the inking process, but usually the ink or wash settles down into the lower areas and takes care of itself.

I'll see what photo's I've got of my death guard, and post a couple in here as well. For atmosphere :)

25-03-2007, 06:15
Ask a mod to move this to the science fiction section!

I love what you've done with these models and I look forward to seeing what else you do.

-peace out

25-03-2007, 12:06
These are real disgusting looking! I really like them and they would look great alongside a few plague marines. Looking forward to seeing MORE!

25-03-2007, 12:10
Do I spy Catachans? Good God, someone's bought some! :p

Great work; the conversions an paint scheme suit the theme brilliantly.

In creepy voice: I'll be watching! Muhahahahahaha!!!! :evilgrin:

25-03-2007, 12:13
Those look amazing.

I even dislike almost all Nurgle, but those look GREAT.

25-03-2007, 12:29
Cool, but... in the first groupshot... is the guardman on the right pissing? :wtf:

25-03-2007, 14:29
Cool, but... in the first groupshot... is the guardman on the right pissing? :wtf:

Very in keeping with looking disgusting!!!LOL

25-03-2007, 14:31
Fantastic conversions and painting! I especialy like the hellhound.

sin of damnation
26-03-2007, 00:30
Cool, but... in the first groupshot... is the guardman on the right pissing?

Ha! Well, what can I say when you've got to go you've got to go. Perhaps he's desperately trying to cool down his plasma gun and stop it from overheating!

Okay, I've done a little bit more work now.

In this shot you can see the old Lascannons that came with the first plastic boxed set of guardsmen. The lascannons that have been emerging for the decade or two since have had fairly distinct styling elements, like the angled muzzle, support bar under the barrel and some sort of fatter bit where it joins onto the body of the gun (that's about as technical as I can get sorry). I wanted to use the older guns, but thought they were in need of a face lift, as they aren't much bigger than some basic weapons that are being released. I also wanted them to look like they require two people to lug them around inline with the current guard range. But at the same time I didn't want them to be the huge lascannons that are currently being released for infantry.

You can see what I've come up with above and how it compares with the older one. The barrel is a bit longer, but I've tried to counter the overbalanced look by attaching the power cord onto the back. Also once it's painted up it should be instantly recognisable as a lascannon, not like the older one which (always) required me to say what they were two or three times every game (and cause arguments when someone parks their landraider in front of nine of them, and getting upset when it blows up, claiming they thought they were autocannons/heavy stubbers/mortars or whatever).

More shots are below.
They only have blu-tak holding them together at the moment, but you can see the general idea. I've put them on the larger base, mainly to show that they are not easily man-portable shoulder mounted weapons, and require a weapons team.

The power cord is just some sculpting wire that we had lying around. It's fairly easy to bend(unlike guitar strings which can be a bit stiff when they are nice and thick) and I'll probably paint yellow and black stripes on it to make up for the lack of texture that it has.

The power packs are from the current lascannon range. I think they are going to cause a problem, as I have about 15 of these lascannons to do (eventually, not in the 1500pt list!) so will have to try and scratch build some(which looks painful) or buy a heap (which will be expensive). I guess that I'll worry about that later.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome. I tend to miss things after concentrating hard on something for a while, so don't be shy about making comments.

26-03-2007, 02:49
Wow, these guys look awesome, keep it up!

Must be scary butchering such old models...one slip and that's it, no calling up GW mail order to fix that one.

-peace out

26-03-2007, 02:59
I definitely like the lascannons, and the effects on the hellhound are excellent. How exactly do you do your scorch marks and burned effects (sorry if I overlooked this)? Can't wait to see some character models.

26-03-2007, 05:24
absolutely love it! it almost makes the cathachans seem so different in my eyes. Great work! i'll also be following this thread.

26-03-2007, 07:23
very very nice
good work
i like the guy holding the lascannon

any updates?

Easy E
26-03-2007, 07:34
Wow, those metal Catachan's didn't even need converting to make them look like zombies. Just a nice paint job.

I look forward to seeing more.

26-03-2007, 14:01
Hats off to you, its great to see so much work going into this project!

Imp of High Noon
26-03-2007, 15:33
Very nice, well not nice, you know.... still, makes me wonder the zark anyone worships nurgle?

26-03-2007, 16:05
Ahhhh great stuff! Nice unified force of zombie catachans, solid painting, converting, everything. Looking forward to more, and your Death Guard too when the pics surface :D

- Salvage

26-03-2007, 16:06
Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to see the Deathguard leaders of this force, I love the plague-ridden guardsmen.

sin of damnation
27-03-2007, 05:48
Again, thanks for the comments.
I haven't really done much on the zombies since I last logged on. I've undercoated the anti tank squad, but won't bother with a photo (I'm sure you can all imagine them black).

With the scorchmarks on the vehicle, I simply drybrushed black over the area. I think the key here though is to make sure it is true drybrushing, and not just wiping your brush over the raised areas, as drybrushing out the edges gives a smoky sort of boundary. Then once the black was dry I just painted some codex grey on any raised areas within the black. Easy as that.

Cutting up older models can cause some angst, that is true. My command HQ is going to be made up of the Rogue Trader IG officers and staff (like the officer in the infantry platoon above, and although they are covered in Imperial iconography, I just can't bring myself to get rid of it. I'll just have to justify it by saying that when imperial troops see the Aquilla amongst the enemy it makes the trechary all the more unnerving, knowing that they were once servants of the emperor. Or something like that.

Anyway, one thing I have done is post some pics of my Death Guard models. I put them in another thread in here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1418528&posted=1#post1418528).

One thing I would like to say though is that the photos haven't really turned out too well. They aren't as clear as the ones in this thread. I think it might be something to do with the background colour combined with my total and utter lack of photographic skills.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have some paint on the Lascannons for an update tomorrow.

sin of damnation
29-03-2007, 05:16
Okay, I've managed to get some paint on the lascannon squad.

I learned a few things doing this squad:
I need to be more tidy with the pva & sand mix near the power cords. I ended up with a heap of sand stuck to the cord, which resulted in a bit of a mess while I was trying to neatly paint the yellow and black stripes.
I probably should stick to the restricted palette that I've chosen, as I'm not sure that the yellow works. I'll leave it in there for now, but might change it later. I think part of the reason that I'm not sure about it is to do with the third reason..
I need to take my own advice, and paint to my strengths and avoid my weaknesses. I'm not a neat painter, and the yellow and black striping looks a bit untidy. I have a new found respect for anyone who plays Iron Warriors...

Anyway, all up these guys took me about 7 hours, which is a while, but I wanted to do a reasonable job on the lascannons, as they are a bit of a feature of the army. The dude with the vox-link I'm not too sure about either. He looks a bit like he's ordering a pizza ("Deep pan with extra brains please" :D ), and I'm not sure that he really suits the feel of a zombie army. I put him in there to give the impression that he's receiving orders about where the squad should be shooting. I haven't given him the vox backpack, so hopefully it shouldn't confuse anyone (especially since I haven't got a vox in the army).

As always constructive criticism and comments welcome.

Next up will be either Grenadiers, or perhaps the command HQ.

Dark Apostle197
29-03-2007, 05:19
I like them, they are looking really nice. Do grenadiers next! :) I am working on a mechanized grenadier army right now, so I would like to see how you make the traitorish :)

BTW this made me laugh

I'm not a neat painter, and the yellow and black striping looks a bit untidy. I have a new found respect for anyone who plays Iron Warriors...

Most iron warrior armies I see are rarely painted, and if they are, they definitely don't have the actual stripes :)

it doesn't look to bad to me. You might just have that whole "I painted it so I know where I messed up so I hate it" thing I go through sometimes :)

29-03-2007, 05:47
Those look excellent. If anything, I'd say try and brighten up the yellow just a bit more to fit the chevron nature. Other than that, it's awesome!

29-03-2007, 10:11
Great work, its exactly what I'd envisage as traitor guard

29-03-2007, 15:05
They look great, and I think the hazard-stripe cords are a nice touch, actually. I dig the guy with the handvox myself, and that's totally fine if he is in fact ordering some 'zza - he's a meatshield hanging with the big guns, after all, needs something to do!

So in all, job's a good 'un, looking for more now :D

- Salvage

sin of damnation
29-03-2007, 23:23
Do grenadiers next!
Thy will be done...

I made up a prototype last night. But the light is a bit bad here, so the photo's are a bit blurry.


I wanted to achieve a few different things here. Firstly, I have a few plastic cadians lying around, some half painted in one of my older schemes like this guy, who haven't made it into the regular infantry squads. I thought that I'd use these as a base for my Grenadiers, rather than fork out cash for the metal ones. Given that catachans and the old RT miniatures are not really modelled with a lot of armour, I figured that the Grenadiers would look "carapace armoury" enough with their shoulder guards and helmets on, plus perhaps a couple of greenstuff plates on their arms or legs.

I liked the power cable idea that the hellguns have, so I wanted to use this. I figured that I'd paint them in my nemesis scheme of black and yellow hazard striping to confront my fear. Also it would provide a link to the lascannon squad above, helping to unify the force a bit. But I didn't want the hellguns to look like lasguns with wire sticking out of them. I imagined these guys being in the thick of the action, and figured that they would look more suited to this role if they had some sort of assaulty looking weapon rather than a rifle. So I hacked off the stock and the muzzle, and drilled a little hole in the end of the barrell. So now they look like lasguns with wire sticking out of them with bits cut off. Perfect.

For the helmets I didn't want to have to put zombie heads inside them, but wanted something nurglish. I've experimented here with making a gas mask from a little bit of tube and a few blobs of greenstuff. I've tried to draw on some of the plague marines as inspiration for this. I was thinking about making them the same as my medic, from the vox helmet, but decided not to in the end. I wanted them to look different to the medic, and there is a pretty good chance that I'll be making a few squads of these eventually, and didn't want to be scrounging for bits.

Which links nicely to the backpacks. Made from the plastic catachan vox caster I'll be running out of these fairly soon. But I figure that I should be able to come up with some suitably technological looking backpacks from my bits box and green stuff, so am not really to worried about it.

Overall there isn't really much that is traitor nurgle about them at the moment. I guess that the styling of the gas mask is the only thing, and that could easily be Steel Legion or Death Korps. I will probably do the sergeant with his helmet off and give him a zombie head to at least have some diseased looking body parts in the squad. But I think that with a suitable paint job they should still look like a part of the main zombie force, while looking a bit more elite than the regular troopers.

As always, feedback appreciated.

29-03-2007, 23:43
i like the look of the grenadier but as you said it doesn't look as nurgle as the other things. i think the paintjob would most likely clear this up.

29-03-2007, 23:58
Overall there isn't really much that is traitor nurgle about them at the moment. I guess that the styling of the gas mask is the only thing, and that could easily be Steel Legion or Death Korps.

How about adding a spike to the helmet? Gas masks + spiked helmets = Nurgle. ;)

Very nice blog so far ..... and I'm impressed by how you "updated" those horrid old Lascannons, who are a prime example of why it can be a Good Thing to chop up and convert ancient models to improve them.

Dark Apostle197
30-03-2007, 00:01
Those look pretty cool.

sin of damnation
03-04-2007, 01:56
How about adding a spike to the helmet? Gas masks + spiked helmets = Nurgle.

Yep, nice idea Squiggoth. I like it. I'll add in some spikes from somewhere in my bits box. Good one.

Unfortunately I won't be able to update this blog for a while. I'm about to fly off to work in the desert for a few weeks, so it's all going to go on hold for a while. Hopefully next time I log in I'll have the Grenadiers finished, and perhaps a wip shot of the Demolisher. :evilgrin:

03-04-2007, 03:15
Those grenadiers look excellent. The spike idea is definitely a good one too.

sin of damnation
17-05-2007, 04:41
Hooray an update!
Well I finally have something to show. Basically, I'm preparing this army for a tournament, and I found out I was rostered on at work on that weekend, so kind of lost interest for a little while there. But now I found out that they have changed my roster, so I can go. Also the tournament has upped from 1500 to 1750 points, so I've got another 250 points to paint on top of what I had to do before. 76 models in about 55 days...

Anyway enough of that. Here's my first squad of grenadiers.
As you can see I took squiggoths good advice, and added helmet spikes to them, and I think they turned out ok. The spikes are just made from a bit of wire stuck into the top of the helmet, and a little cone of greenstuff shoved on top. I'm still not sure if they are really nurgly enough, so if I have time at the end I might model fat guts onto them (possibly representing the fact that they are a bit harder to kill with their a 4+ save).

One thing that I also added was a smear of greenstuff on the faces, obscuring any detail. I wanted the gas masks to look like canvas bags with bits attached, and as I had just glued the mouthpiece and eyes onto the helmeted heads, there were little gaps in between where you could see the face. Although it's a bit hard to see from the images I think they do look a bit better wih these little gaps filled in.

Here's a pic of a couple of them in with some other models from my army, so you can see how they look together.


I think that they have enough armour on them to show that they are grenadiers when compared to the regular models. Hopefully they won't be too confusing for any of my opponents, especially if I walk through the armylist with them before the game.
Also note that I've done the hazard striping on the power cable into the hellguns that
1) highlights the fact that it isn't a standard lasgun a little more
2) creates a visual link to the lascannon squad, who up until now were the only squad in the army with that pattern. I'll probably end up putting it on some other units and vehicles here and there to help unify the force visually, and make it that little bit more cohesive.

As always, conscructive criticism most welcome.

Dark Apostle197
17-05-2007, 05:12
Very nice. Good like in the tournement!

17-05-2007, 05:12
Awesome. In my opinion they look different enough from normal troops to be stormtroopers, with the gas masks and such. I also agree with adding guts to make them look more nurglish, and if you were doing so you could add carapace kneepads as well (quite easy to do) to give them just a bit more armor in the leg area. I wished I could have gave the suggestions before they were painted, cus they look great.

17-05-2007, 07:51
What an amazing army! :cool: I love Traitor Guard conversions almost as much as I love Nurgle conversions, which I love almost as much as Zombie conversions, so your conversions are simply *awesome!* :D

Well done, I look forward to seeing how your army grows. :)

17-05-2007, 10:03
Yay! They look great. If I ever get the urge to add traitors to my Death Guard I'll be stealing this idea. :evilgrin:

I'm still not sure if they are really nurgly enough, so if I have time at the end I might model fat guts onto them (possibly representing the fact that they are a bit harder to kill with their a 4+ save).

I'd consider adding armour knee caps. Fat guts are cool, but I like the ... erm ... (what that word? Emaciated or something? Like they're starving?) look they have now.
Off course, there's nothing wrong with having fat-bellied traitors. It definitely shows whose side they're on. ;)

sin of damnation
21-05-2007, 03:07
Kneepads should be fairly quick to add on, so I might do that later. I think I will give that a go before trying to add big guts around all the cables weapons and other kit.

But unfortunately due to time constraints I'm going to have to go to "Special Plan B."

I just can't get 1750pts finished in time for the tourney, so I've had to make a tough decision and compromise a bit. I think that the best way for me to do this is to simply include some of my Death Guard in the army and re-shuffle what I have done into a LatD army. That'll mean that I can continue to get at least some of the Imperial Guard models in my collection finished in my new trairor scheme, and can also have an army of bad guys ready for the tournament (Led by my Typhus model who I've been looking for an excuse to paint for months).

Unfortunately that means that some models, like the medic, lieutennant, and possibly the grenadiers will be left on the shelf at home while the rest are off getting massacred one weekend in July, but that's just going to have to be the way it is. However I might be able to slot them in there somewhere as some sort of "count as" squad leaders, and possibly the grenadiers as mutants with the 4+ save. Anyway, I'll sort the details out later.

I haven't used a LatD army before so will probably post something up in the army lists section to see what people think. To some extent it is going to be constrained by the models that I have in my Imperial Guard and Death Guard armies, but hopefully I'll come up with something in character with what I'm trying to do here.

Next model I plan to get done is the Leman Russ Demolisher. :evilgrin: Should have an update in a week and a half.

sin of damnation
31-05-2007, 04:49
Okay, an update of sorts. I've decided to use my grenadiers models as a big squad of bloated mutants with firearms. 4+ save and generally better than guardsmen stats should do the job.

But to do this I can't use the plasma and melta gunner, and I wanted the sergeant to have a power fist, so the dude with the chainsword was out.

I also decided to use a squad of 14, so needed to make a few more, including two with flamers.

So here they are so far:

I've included a model who was originally going to be a HSO as the squad leader with a power fist. He's been evolving over the years, and at the moment is made up from metal catachan veteran sergeant legs, an old RT commander torso, some plastic catachan bits, a zombie head and a space marine veteran assault sergeant power fist. He's also got a blanchesque fur cloak made from greenstuff. I've also made a standard bearer who will have the icon for summoning plaguebearers. Oh and I've added kneepads too. Thanks for the advice guys, I think they will look better when painted.

I got thinking about the rules for the firearms, and how they were stronger but more dangerous than the hellguns grenadiers would have had. I was trying to justify this in my mind, and came up with the idea of a dark mechanicus in the army. He's been tinkering with the hellguns, overcharging them but making them more lethal (to firer as well as firee).
I had the perfect model too, an old rogue trader Adeptus Mechanicus with tatty looking robes.

I decided to use the rules for an aspiring champion for him, and added a power fist to him in the form of a mechanical tenticle thingy with a servitor claw on it. I also gave him a little nurgling helper to show his allegiance.

Praise and/or criticism most welcome. ;)

Dark Apostle197
31-05-2007, 05:57
Sounds cool :)

31-05-2007, 06:12
Ok, your stuff is nothing short of an inspiration. Those grenadiers-turned-mutants are awesome, as is their leader. The dark mechanicus is also excellent, especially the added details. However, I think the eagle on top of the blade needs to go in favor of something more chaotic (it just doesn't look enough like a raven to be nurgle-esque). This is no doubt going to be a most excellent, very original army.

31-05-2007, 14:19
Aye, digging the new squad and it's AC, the whole lot is looking fantastic. The helpful lil' nurgling is good stuff, and the crusher mechadendrite is money.


- Salvage

31-05-2007, 17:27
These guys look fantastic, looking forward to seeing the rest of the grenadiers painted

31-05-2007, 19:37
Suscribed... those are the best Grenadiers I have ever seen!!

sin of damnation
01-06-2007, 01:08
Thanks again for the positive comments. I am really enjoying making this army, and that is in no small part thanks to the support that I'm getting from you guys.

However, I think the eagle on top of the blade needs to go in favor of something more chaotic (it just doesn't look enough like a raven to be nurgle-esque).

You are completely, 100% correct Strelok, and it's something that I'm pondering hard. Quite a few of my old models have some Imperial Iconography on them, and I'm not sure if I should get rid of it, or keep it so I'm not hacking up irreplacable, old friends (well perhaps that's taking it a bit far but you get what I mean). I think what I'll do for now is just paint him as he is with the eagle on there and see how it looks. If it's still clearly not right then I may consider something more drastic. I was okay doing it with the lascannons because they were so different to standard lascannons that they were almost unrecognisable.

In other news I've posted an army list. Feel free to click here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86769) to check it out. :)

Dark Apostle197
01-06-2007, 01:25
You could maybe cut off the eagle head and replace it with the WFB chaos warrior standard bearer thing

Shown on my dark apostle's mace:


BTW I replied to your list.

Colonel Stagler
01-06-2007, 01:53
Nice traitors, would be nice to play such an army sometime, all the traitors i ever play are cadians painted red and black.

sin of damnation
05-06-2007, 00:21
Colonel Stagler: Yeah I've tried to develop a bit of a theme here with a few zombie parts as well as the right paint job. It really doesn't take too much in the way of conversion either, and traitors are crying out for some minor conversions in my opinion. I've tried to steer away from too much of the mutant traitor and stick to the nurgle zombie traitor.

Well the only updates are a bit of undercoat, so that's hardly worth showing. I should have the grenadiers done in a week or so, depending on how exhausting work is.

I've been thinking about the Dark Mechanicus and his weapon, and found a suitably nurgly weapon in my bits box off an old champion. If the weapon he has looks too imperial when he's all finished then i'll VERY carefully lop the end off and nurgle it up a bit. It should look pretty cool.

Also I've been thinking about sniper rifles. I wanted to include at least one squad from every Imperial Guard codex entry in this army eventually, and have some pretty cool ideas for snipers. I thought I would do up three, and put one of them in each of the 5 man lascannon squads. That's going to depend on how quickly I can manage to get things done.

2 tanks and 10 roughriders to go after the grenadiers. The rough riders are going to be time consuming too as they will have a lot of converted parts on them.

Anyway should have an update in a week.

05-06-2007, 12:50
Those Grenadiers are looking excellent :D Very nice conversion work :)

sin of damnation
14-06-2007, 04:27
Okay I've managed to get the grenadiers/mutant squad finished at last. There are a couple of things still to do, but they're basically done.

You can see that it is a fairly large unit(15 models all up including the Ad-Mech dude) so it took me a little while. I've basically Just copied the other small grenadier squad that I did earlier when this was still going in the tournament as an Imperial Guard army.

I am yet to paint the banner for the Icon bearer. I'm thinking about giving it some sort of Nurglified Adeptus Mechanicus symbology, to show that these guys might be Skitarii bodyguard for the Dark Mechanicus. But that probably won't fit into the plans that I have when this is an Imperial Guard army, so I'm not too sure if I will end up doing that or just a regular Nurgle standard. Let me know what you think.

Here's a closer pic of the officer (or mutant boss as he is now). The picture was a bit dark so I tried to brighten it up a bit(fairly unsuccessfully)
I really didn't spend as much time on this guy as I had hoped, but that's the nature of things sometimes. You can see the old Rogue Trader torso that he has, and I don't think the Aquilla detracts from the model too much. When he's in the squad I don't really notice it, possibly due to the dulling down I've done with the brown inks. It is a bit different to the Lieutennant I did who had orange rusty armour. I thought the orange might clash with all the red in this squad a bit, so gave him the boltgun metal with brown washes treatment instead. Must have kept it a bit more oily hanging around the Ad-Mech :)

sin of damnation
14-06-2007, 04:49
And here are a couple of pictures of the ad-mech.
I decided to lop off the old power axe and add on the nurgle champ's one that I had in my bits box. I think that he did need nurglifying up a bit, and the eagle head on the axe just wasn't helping at all.

You can see that it has a couple of sphere things on the back, which I (rather hurredly) painted as green gems to give a visual link to the eyes of the grenadiers, helping to unify the unit that little bit more.

Here's a picture showing the servo arm that's counting as a power fist in this case. The little bubble or mushroom or whatever it is was made by gluing a little ball bearing onto the base, and adding a couple of drops of glue which ran down underneath making it look like it's coming up out of liquid.

As always comments most welcome.

Dark Apostle197
14-06-2007, 04:51
Wow, was wondering where you were. Very nice.

14-06-2007, 06:25
The painting on these is very nice. Well done! :) :cool:

14-06-2007, 06:39
Damn fine stuff you've done. They've got a very unique look which IMO is what everyone should be going for. As you're now using LatD list, what about using the rules for The Bloodpact for your grenadiers, they take a Troop slot of depending on upgrades an Elite. You get to give them the special weapons and the carapace armour you've done.

Food for thought.

14-06-2007, 07:02
simply amazing stuff hope you get to update this thread more often

sin of damnation
01-07-2007, 23:49
Damn fine stuff you've done. They've got a very unique look which IMO is what everyone should be going for. As you're now using LatD list, what about using the rules for The Bloodpact for your grenadiers, they take a Troop slot of depending on upgrades an Elite. You get to give them the special weapons and the carapace armour you've done.

Food for thought.

I haven't actually got the rules for Bloodpact Ross. Does anyone know where I can find them? Anyway, it's all hypothetical now, as I had to hand my army list in on the 30th. So it's locked in. 10 roughriders, 2 battletanks and 2 banners to go (in a bit under 2 weeks).

I have a few updates since last time I was in civilisation, so I'll get to the first one.
This is the first sniper that will eventually be part of a 3 sniper special weapon team when this is an Imperial Guard army. But for the moment he's going to be infiltrating with a mob of traitors in the LatD list. I'll start off describing how I made him, and then skip to the things I'll change for the next two.
He's made up from a crouching plastic catachan from the heavy weapons team kit. I put him on the bigger base for a few reasons.
Firstly it's a move and fire weapon, so I wanted it to look a bit more unwieldy than a dude with a long barreled lasgun.
Secondly it gave me an opportunity to put some of that striped power cable on another squad, helping to link his squad to the others (he's going in with a squad with a heavy bolter, while the others have lascannons or the overpowered hellguns), so it got an extra little bit of a unified look from it which is something I'm trying to be fairly conscious of given that most of my army is made up of vastly different models.
And finally it gave me to opportunity to model the base up as something a bit more interesting than just grey sand with a bit of grass (Grey sand, a bit of grass and a gravestone. Much more interesting :rolleyes:). I haven't got around to doing the sand on him yet, that's on the way.

The power pack is from a left over buttress from one of the cityfight buildings. I have heaps of these things lying around so thought it would be good to use them for something. I'll probablu put some plasticard ends on the next one, as I don't really like how the blue just ends on the edge of it. It should have a border of some sort.

The helmet just has a couple of bits of plastic tube stuck onto it, and it's probably the part that I'm most disappointed in. It looks to me like it has too much red, and not enough green lens, so I might put a bigger blob of greenstuff on it to see if that helps. I'll probably be doing the next ones different.

The rifle is made up of a short pattern lasgun (catachan) with a bit of brass rod for a barrel and some pieces of plastic tube for the scope and the muzzle. It was pretty easy to build, and looks enough like a sniper rifle to keep me happy.
I made it a bit different to the hellgun conversions by attaching the power cable into the handle rather than where the magazine is. I did this to represent the fact that the rifle fires a dart(or whatever they are) as well as the las bolt, so it needs ammo for both. The hellguns just need a power source, so the magazine was redundant on those.
I simply used my round file on the end of the scope to get it the right shape, and then shoved a blob of greenstuff in the end to represent the lens.

I used the short pattern lasgun as I wanted the rifle to look like it had a long barrel, without it being ridiculously long. To get the long barreled look on the cadian lasgun I thought that the whole thing would be too long overall, which wouldn't have mattered too much on this model, but might on the next two (whenever I get around to making them).

Next up is my veteran sergeant (or agitator in the LatD list).

Dark Apostle197
02-07-2007, 00:11
That's really cool. Keep it up.

sin of damnation
02-07-2007, 00:19
This next guy is one of those models that has a bit of sentimental value.

As a catachan veteran sergeant he was usually one of the last blokes left in his squad (and quite often the whole army) so he'd often be running around on his own doing suicidal things.

The power fist is based (fairly loosely) on an old picture of a catachan officer in the second edition (I think) IG codex. I liked the idea of a combat blade attached to it, so added a knife onto an old marine power fist.
I chopped the index finger off the fist, and re-attached it so it looks like he is pointing. I added my trusty power cable to the fist, and attached it to a ammo pack shoved on his back. Then I greenstuffed the join between the pouches on his arm (where I cut the original arm off) and the power fist, building it up to look like the rest of the model.
Then it was just a matter of painting him in the same scheme as the rest of the army. He'll be going in with a fairly big traitor squad, so hopefully he'll get a few turns out of his power fist.

This guy will be the icon bearer for a LatD traitor squad, and the company standard bearer for the IG army.
As you can see I'm still yet to do the standard itself.
This is one of the older models that I own. It's the third model that has the old Rogue trader carapace breastplate that I've painted in the current scheme (the other two were the Lieutennant in the plasma gun command squad, and the officer with the power fist), and I think that it's the best look. The red seems to blend in with the rest of the army nicely, so I think that I'll be painting the rest of my old rogue trader command squad models in red like this. If I get time I'll also try to re-paint the commander's and lieutennant's breasplates red as well.
I was fairly happy with how the skin on this guy worked out as well. It can be a bit hit and miss trying to get the amount of pigment right in the red and green washes that I use, and this seemed to work. I think the secret might be to only put it in sunken areas up against another colour (his goggles and helmet in this case) so it adds some deep colour to the right parts of the model, rather than just a green blob on a raised part of flesh. Hopefully you get what I'm saying.

Next up is what I'm working on at the moment.

sin of damnation
02-07-2007, 00:37
And finally we get to the Rough Riders.

Believe it or not these guys are one of the main reasons that I wanted to turn my Guard army into traitor guard. I wanted to do rough riders up on steeds other than horses, and looking around at the models that were readily available at the time, I chose chaos hounds.
I probably could have gone with cold ones or something like that, but I liked the idea of big hunting packs of dogs. Thus the Dogsoldiers of Togari were born. Hopefully one day there will be a return to the all rough rider armylist, but until then I have to settle for a maximum of thirty (given that I haven't even made 10 yet that should keep me content for a while!).

Like most of my army this guy is made up of a few different parts from different model ranges. He has a zombie head, arm, totems (on the lance), a beastman arm, a cadian laspistol and grenade (tipping the hunting lance), plastic catachan legs, an old Rogue Trader rough rider torso and the chaos hound. The lance is made of a piece of wire, and I'll be building up a saddle and a bit of kit on the dog.
One of the downsides of using the Chaos Hound models is that they are probably a tiny bit too small. To overcome this I'm going to try to bulk up the area where the rider is sitting to make them look a bit bigger.
This will either:
1) make them look bigger and fix the problem
2) make them look like the little dog has to carry even more stuff and make the problem worse.

One thing that I did think of was to use zombie legs instead of catachan ones, as they are a bit smaller. But I wanted to try and keep them in theme with the rest of the army so went with the catachans.

Well, that's it for now. The next post will be in a week or so, when I will hopefully have some paint on the Rough Riders. Then it is only 2 Leman Russ and 2 banners to go. Woo hoo!

02-07-2007, 00:44
Amazing work :D I love your skellies... they look funny and scary at the same time.

sin of damnation
16-07-2007, 01:32
Well, the tournament is over, the dust has settled and quite frankly I'm shocked at how well I scored. I haven't played a game of 40k for about 6 months and have never used LatD so I was hoping to finish in the middle somewhere. But I managed to come third overall, with best sportsmanship, and 3rd best in judges and players painting scores. So I was thrilled. Out of 5 matches I only lost one, so that was a great result.

Anyway, I thought I would post what I've painted in the last 2 weeks. It's been fairly frantic but I managed to get everything up to a reasonable standard.

Firstly, here's the rough riders.
These guys took quite a while to convert and assemble, so I won't be adding to them in the near future. The original plan was to have 2 squads of 10 in my Guard Army, but I'm a bit burnt out from getting them done, so will be putting off doing any more for a little while.
They received a few encouraging comments over the weekend and were probably one of the army focal points.

Next up are the standards that I ended up doing.
This guy is based on(i.e. ripped off from!) an earlier picture of Adrian Smith's of a great unclean one. I had to stretch him out a bit to make him fit onto the banner, but he kind of works. I ressted the temptation to paint a little speech bubble on there saying "I'm dead sexy..."

This one just flowed out the end of my pencil while I was just staring at my grenadiers looking for inspiration. It's pretty rushed, and I'm not the best freehand artist but it did the job.

I did both of these banners in about an hour the night before the tournament started, so they are pretty rushed. I think they would both benefit from some sort of border or box around the edge to frame the picture a bit more.

That's my 4 picture limit reached, so I'll post again soon with the battletanks.

16-07-2007, 01:48
I love your work, it looks really unique.

16-07-2007, 01:58
SoD, you are a god. These guys are amazing.

sin of damnation
16-07-2007, 02:06
I had two Leman Russ Battletanks to paint in 24 hours, and did them in about 6. One of the good things about a nurgle army is that you can get away with a slightly messy look here and there without it looking too out of character.

Here is the first tank I prepared.
It was originally going to be a demolisher, with cut down barrel, before I switched to LatD who can't have them.
The wolf pelt is the spare double head from one of the chaos hounds with a big lump of greenstuff given a fur texture. The antenna is a piece of guitar string. The sandbags are made from milliput, and the commander is a cadian torso with a sentinel pilot head and a zombie arm. Most of the other bits are a random selection from my bits box.
You can see that because I rushed it a bit I didn't get the black patches to look as smooth as on the Hellhound. I'll have to come back to these two one day and fix that up.

This tank gets my model of the tournament award. Although it did blow up a couple of times, it decimated all before it. In one memorable round of shooting it fired it's 3 heavy bolters at 4 deathwing terminators and a librarian on the off chance it would drop one or two before they power fisted it to death. My opponent rolled 5 ones and a two on six dice for the armour saves, wiping them out. So needless to say it's going to be getting some sort of Deathwing trophy added to it somewhere.

And here's the last model that I did for the army. A fairly stock battletank.
Apart from a searchlight(which caused it do die a horrible dark eldar lance death in the night fight mission) and some battle damage and assorted little bits it's a fairly standard leman russ. But I do like how a fairly basic tank looks, and will be adding more like it in the future I think.
The canvas on the side is a piece of paper towel, rolled up and soaked in a water/pva glue mix with a bit of string tied around either end before gluing it all on when it's dry.
Both of these tanks were first painted with the Khemri Brown foundation paint, before being drybrushed with desert yellow and kommando khaki. Using the foundation paint on that first step instead of graveyard earth really sped up the process.

So that's it for this little chapter. I'll be adding to the models again soon, but I've decided to go in a slightly different tangent. The success of my 3 tanks in the tournament as well as the upcoming apocalypse rules has resulted in me suffering slightly from tread head fever. I think I'll be doing up an armoured company, which can fight alongside the infantry during apocalypse games. I've got an old griffon sitting around collecting dust, and will probably be working on that next. Better get as much done now before I'm distracted by a baneblade.

As always feedback on these guys is most welcome.

And a big thanks to the regulars (like Dark Apostle) and the irregulars who helped me stay motivated and get the tournament army completed. I really do appreciate the comments.


Dark Apostle197
16-07-2007, 05:06
Looking good as usual. I like the tanks. Hey, on your rough riders, did you just use normal cadian legs?

16-07-2007, 06:05
Those are the most wonderfully believable traitor guard! <O.O> I love it! And its really cool to see Nurgle used too <^_^>m

Cheers for the dark gods!

16-07-2007, 06:52
Hot Damn that's cool, which bit you ask? Hell, all of it!! Hadn't seen these updates till now, and they're fantastic! Can't say a bad word about them :)

Well ..... don't get me wrong, I love the idea of your rough riders, and they do look very cool, but they kinda look unbalanced, a little too upright for a sleek attack animal. I may be wrong so don't stress :)

As for the Blood Pact, don't rightly know, the rules I've got are from a WD printed around the time ig the WH codex :)

Dark Apostle
16-07-2007, 09:02
This is top notch! I really like your banners, especially the first one with a GUO taking a bath in blood is fantastic!

Easy E
16-07-2007, 11:12
A note about your Bloated Mutants squad size. I think you said you were going to have 14 in the squad. The minimum squad size for mutants is 15, so you need one more guy. Perhaps your mutant boss is that 15th guy, I couldn't tell for sure reading your posts.

Also, for each Rough Rider squad and Leman Russ you need a squad of traitors in the list to make it available.

Lastly, if you only have one squad of mutants and are using Traitors to fill your other FoC Troops Choice, that troops choice must be maxed out at 15 traitors.

Just a few notes on the LaTD list from the Eye of Terror codex. Some of these things may have changed with the online version of thelist, I'm not sure. You may want to post your LaTD list in the Army List forum as the LaTD is a confusing list to put together legally.

I love your Grenadiers. The picklehauben (?) really link them to the death guard/Nurgle.

Dark Apostle197
16-07-2007, 11:19
I think he is using them as guard at first? or is it the other way around?

sin of damnation
16-07-2007, 23:20
Thanks again for the comments guys.

Easy E,
I had to do a bit of re-shuffling of my final list but ended up making it legal eventually. This army is primarity an Imperial Guard army, just that I had to temporarily re-organise it into a LatD list for a tournament (as I didn't have a chance of getting enough guardsmen models painted in time).

I did have to add in another grenadier, taking the squad up to 15.
I also ended up with a squad of 15 traitors as the other compulsory troop choice. The Ad Mech is an HQ choice so wasn't included in the count of 15 (though I forgot this initially, which is what stuffed me up).
The other 4 troop choices were min size, apart from an extra bloke in the sniper/heavy bolter squad (which did nothing in 5 games :rolleyes:).

So this gave me 5 traitor squads, which was enough to include all of the other goodies.

I agree that the rough riders do look a bit upright. I was hoping to try and get a "barely in control/just along for the ride" look but probably would have been better off making them crouched over their mounts a bit more, to add bulk lower down. The next squad of 10 will be more hunched over.

Dark Apostle,
The rough rider legs are plastic catachan legs rather than cadian ones (yep another use for plastic catachans yay!). I found that these legs were a bit further apart, and therefore easier to cut up and reposition as required.

Well I've been thinking a bit more about what to do next, and while checking out my Griffon the heavy mortar fell off. This allowed me to see it in a new light, and see some conversion potential in it. I've decided to convert it into a salamander recon vehicle for my armoured company, so will be working on that next I think. I've worked out what bits I should need, so hopefully I'll have an update picture in a week or so.


sin of damnation
17-03-2009, 11:05
hopefully I'll have an update picture in a week or so.

So I said that about a year and a half ago. Boy was I wrong! There are way too many distractions in my life it seems....
Anyway there is just something I wanted to say.
NEW GUARD CODEX!!!111!!11!!!!one!one!

I'm getting pretty excited about this, so have dusted off the Togari 88th. And as a tribute to their patron god, I've committed a bit of thread necromancy as well!
Anyway, I have done a bit of work since this was last posted in.
The army as it last appeared was a quasi LatD-Guard army. I've re-structured it now into a guard army, added some new units and generally changed a few things.
I'll post up what I've got at the moment, and then a few WIP pics of what is on the painting table.

So first cab off the rank, Company HQ
These guys are all old Rogue Trader era figures. Like a lot of the squads I currently have, these will probably have to change with the release of the NEW CODEX. But I'm not bothered by it, it'll be good fun. And NEW CODEX!!!! All problems associated with re=shuffling infantry pales into insignificance with the thought of an armoured squadron or 2.:evilgrin:

The commander has got a greenstuff cloak, but apart from that and the zombie arms these guys are pretty stock. But still look the part I think. Their battlefield role (with the last codex anyway) was to sit up the back and not get shot, oops I mean provide leadership;)

Next up are the company commissars.
These guys are based on some early cultist artwork by Adrian Smith. I Imagine them holding the line, shooting anyone who runs away. They might need a re-fit with the NEW CODEX:evilgrin: as I believe they can't take powerfists. Win some/lose some I guess. More points for zombies with guns anyway ;)
They are made from plastic Catachans with greenstuff hoods, and a guitar string hose thingy (sorry to bore you with technical terms)

sin of damnation
17-03-2009, 11:18
After the commissars we have the sentinels.
I made the armoured crew compartment out of some old bits and pieces, and took the roll cages off the other two to remind me that they're open topped (it occasionally works:rolleyes:)
I have got heavy flamers fitted in this pic, but I can swap weapons out as desired. I am planning to add some squadron numbers to these once I work all that stuff out.

Next up is the Heavy platoon.
These guys are made up of 9 of the lascannons shown earlier in the thread, and their loaders. Looks like I'll need to be buying some big bases for the new codex.
These guys are commanded by the platoon command squad below.
The squad is composed of an old metal catachan lascannon, crew from a griffon mortar, and a valhallan officer. This guy had a massive hat, which I shaved down to the size of an officers cap. I think the griffon rangefinder will make a nice master of the ordinance too (or at least offsider to the officer anyway). Will have a think about that after I get my hands on the NEW CODEX:evilgrin:

sin of damnation
17-03-2009, 11:29
Next up are the troops choices that I have at the moment.
First platoon has a fairly specific job. Shoot heavy infantry.
These guys appear earlier in the thread, so I won't dwell on them too much. They will probably need re-struucturing after the codex comes out.

Next up is second platoon, whose job is to shoot big things.
These guys will also probably get a facelift with the release of the new army list.

I also have a Flamer squad that I attach to this platoon.
I was originally going to make a flamer platoon, but didn't quite get there. I'll wait now until the NEW CODEX:evilgrin: comes out. I do like the idea of a zombie with a heavy flamer.....

Last of the troops is the conscript squad.
I had a few ideas for these guys, like sick looking cadians, but for a number of reasons decided to go with the zombies with guns look below.
I'm pretty happy with them, and they look good out the front providing cover for the lascannons. Some battles there are even a couple left on the table too!

sin of damnation
17-03-2009, 11:37
Next are some of the specialists that I have.
Firstly the Storm Troopers/Grenadiers

2 Squads of 8 will eventually get turned into 3 squads of 10. Plus a few valkyries when my wallet permits it! Can't wait to try those out.

Next are the cavalry, the Dogsoldiers of Togari.
Good anti Meq assault troops, but pretty fragile. I go for a squad of 10 when I take them to try and get a decent charge out of them.

And here we have a WIP of my ogryns.
I didn't bother re-painting these guys originally because I never used them, but looks like they may be getting some use soon. Still have to finish re-painting the skin, and re-base onto round bases. But hopefully you get the idea.

sin of damnation
17-03-2009, 11:43
Ah tanks.....


Looks like I'll be spoiled for choice in the new codex. I think these guys will still be getting some use though.

Also WIP of my artillery....
Crewed by an old catachan mortar loader. Shell looks about the right size....
I will end up with more of these eventually, but will wait for the new kit I think, to see what other juicy options are in there.

More WIP coming up...

sin of damnation
17-03-2009, 11:58
One more litle bit of artillery. A griffon, still very WIP. I haven't used this for ages, but will probably go with the same loader as the basilisk has.
This thing used to be a bargain so hopefully it still will be and I'll be able to squeeze it into my army from time to time. I think it will have a fair bit of competition though.

Currently on the painting table are the autocannon squad.
I only have one squad of these and don't really have the carriages to make any more. So this will be it for autocannns in the infantry for a while. Hopefully I'll get them finished off soon. They are plastic autocannons from the current range sitting on the old autocannon carriages. Gunners are plastic guardsmen and zombies, with one metal catachan top-half amongst them.

And my final pic is the rest of the fire support squads.
The heavy bolters may end up in infantry squads yet, I'm not sure at this stage how things will pan out. I've tried to make them look like they could fit into the infantry squads, rather than give them bulky carriages or ammo like the other infantry heavy weapons. I expect my infantry squads might be running onto objectives and things a bit.

Anyway that's it for now. Hopefully I'll have the autocannons finished soon.
Comments welcome.

17-03-2009, 12:07
Amazing work Sin, those rough riders are brilliant! So good to see the Rogue Trader Guard used again. I loved those models.

The lascannon Teams are really nice conversions also!

I totally agree with everyones comments you really have made a throughly characterful force thats still unified even though the minis themselves are so diverse!

17-03-2009, 12:10
Yeah, this is some stellar stuff in this log. A great combination of old bits, new bits, plasticard ingenuity and good slimly looking nurgle painting.

I especially love the sniper, the hellhound and the yellow and black striped cords for the weapons.

17-03-2009, 17:52
Great looking army you got there sin of damnation!
I always love to see a well painted traitor army, and nurgle ones is a huge plus!


17-03-2009, 18:14
Very nice and full of so much character.

Look forward to seeing your work on the griffon and basilisk.

17-03-2009, 18:28
This is a really cool army. Best of all, you're getting a huge amount done. So many guard armies seem to peter out after a while. Great use of the old school stuff.

sin of damnation
23-03-2009, 09:29
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've tried to restrict the palette to just a few colours because the models are diverse, and the limited colours are the only thing that unifies them. It looks like the new codex is going to encourage units from different regiments fighting together, which is something that I'm trying to avoid here, so any special characters that I get will just end up with the red and khaki scheme, and zombie skin.

A zombie Chenkov ordering in the next wave of zombies seems to fit the theme too.

Oh and GundamMecha, those rough riders took a while so thanks for the positive comments! I've got another 10 to go, which I'm kind of dreading. But hopefully I'll get to put some special weapons on them which will be good.

No update on the autocannons yet, but they shouldn't be too far off. Then I'm open to suggestions as to what to do next.:)

23-03-2009, 11:07
what makes me curious is how i've missed this thread....its 5 pages of awesome traitorness.i love what you've done, from the use of zombies and catachans to the corrupted lemans...

if there's more, can't wait to see it


23-03-2009, 13:08
Oh and GundamMecha, those rough riders took a while so thanks for the positive comments! I've got another 10 to go, which I'm kind of dreading. But hopefully I'll get to put some special weapons on them which will be good.

They may take time but the end result is spot on. Just take your time and enjoy making them. Sometimes I work on a project, get too concerned with finishing it, and end up resenting it. I always find that if you don't want to be doing something its good to give it a little break and do something else. :)

I'm jealous that you have such a large collection of Rogue era Guard bits! Where did you get them?

Ingold Toynbe
23-03-2009, 13:47
Disgusting work, it's a pity that your well painted guardsmen are serving the Chaos Gods... :( Keep up the good work!

sin of damnation
28-03-2009, 22:28
I'm jealous that you have such a large collection of Rogue era Guard bits! Where did you get them?
I bought most of them back in the early 90's when they were still reasonably common around some of the independant stockists. I try to pick up the odd batch here and there on ebay too, but I try not to get carried away, as they can be expensive, and it's not critical that I have only miniatures from one regiment.

what makes me curious is how i've missed this thread....
That's mainly because I hadn't updated it for a year or two while I was working on my Death Guard. If you had scrolled down to about page 400 in SciFi Project Logs you might have seen it! I'll be a bit more regular with my updates with the new codex coming out.

And speaking of updates.....
I've finished the autocannon squad. There is nothing like a zombie with a ridiculously sized gun :)
As I think I said previously, these blokes are the only three that I can make, as I don't have any more of these old metal heavy weapon carriages.
The autocannons themselves are from the latest range. I had to butcher them a bit to get them to fit in, but the overall look is what I was after. I was trying to show the weapon as something pretty big that is there to take out light vehicles.
For the crew I decided to make them carrying the spare ammunition that I had. Previously I have been a bit slack with the loader, and not really modelled them any differently from the rest of the army, except to try and make them look like they are pointing or similar. I think where possible I'll try to get them to look like they are carrying around gear. Oh and like all of my heavy weapons teams, I am going to have to add them to big bases.
Here's a close up of the metal catachan torso on the plastic cadian legs. Not completely compatible but it will do the job.

In other news I've decided to work on the griffon next. I need to add a bit of battle damage to it, and a crew, and I am also toying with the idea of keeping the mortar in it removable, so I can swap it out for other ordinance if I want it to be something more potent than a griffon. I have an idea.....:evilgrin:

28-03-2009, 23:07
very very nice army you have there, i may have to try and use some of your ideas :D

BTW where can i get that armoured torso thats on your standard bearer?

29-03-2009, 00:16
Very nice project you have happening here. I really like the way you have combined stuff from the different ranges, especially the old rouge trader era stuff.

sin of damnation
04-04-2009, 04:19
(voltarian);3417308']very very nice army you have there, i may have to try and use some of your ideas :D

BTW where can i get that armoured torso thats on your standard bearer?

Thanks again for the positive comments everyone. Feel free to use whatever you are interested in. The reason that I'm posting what I am doing is to hopefully put ideas into people's heads and they can go on to use what I've done to come up with other cooler ideas.

That standard bearer is an old metal model. Ebay would be the best bet unless you have a mate with a very big bits box!

Okay, I've got the griffon painted at last. I bought this model when it was brand new, and have hardly used it as it disappeared from the codex not too long after. Looks like it's back now which is good, so hopefully it will see some more use, possibly alongside a couple of newer ones one day.
Like all of my vehicles it still has some details like squadron numbers to go on it, but I'll hold off on doing that once I work out what sort of system I'll be using. The colours are slightly different to the battletanks and the chimera/hellhound that I did, as I think I painted them before I had the foundation paints and washes. I might give the older ones a bit of a spruce up one day.

On a whim at the last minute I decided to swap the hull heavy bolter with a hull heavy flamer. Might be a nasty suprise for anyone trying to sneak up on it. Probably won't get much use in a game, but I thought I would give it a try. If they aren't allowed on artillery in the new codex then I still have the old hull heavy bolter that I can put back on.

The crew are a couple of old models from the bits box. The commander is just a plastic rogue trader era guardsman, with cadian arms and a zombie head. The loader is a old penal legion trooper, who has plastic guardsmen arms and a catachan head.

I didn't model as much battle damage on this as on the battletanks (or on the basilisk) as I figured the bigger guns would draw most of the fire. I added a few more little details on like fuel cans and backpacks, as it was looking a little bit too bare. I like to try and keep the tanks looking like they have seen some use.

Comments and constructive criticism most welcome.

sin of damnation
12-04-2009, 06:49
I'll just put up a WIP picture of what I've been working on lately, and write some notes on what I am thinking.

Firstly, this is the concept that I have for converting the griffon into a (chaos) colossus....

I left the griffon mortar removable from the rest of the model, so that I could take it out and replace it with the biggest gun I could find. At the time that was the hellcannon, and I think that it is still pretty much the biggest gun around. I ordered the hellcannon from GW online when you could still order individual components, so got it (slightly) cheaper than buying the whole kit. If I end up building another 2 (which I believe that I will) then it will be a tad more expensive....
I bought it to fit to a baneblade to convert it to a plaguecannon. I never got around to buying a baneblade (which stalled that project considerably!), but when the plague tower datasheet came out I started to make a plague tower (out of the ad-mech building), and was going to use it as the main gun. I've still got the tower half finished on a shelf. I'm not completely happy with it so it's in go-slow mode, so I figured that I'd put the cannon to good use.

As you can see in the pics I have converted the cannon slightly. As well as greenstuffing up all of the gaps (of which there are quite a few) I added in a couple of hydraulic rams below the gun. These were just made out of plastic tubing; the same stuff that I made the lascannon barrels out of an eternity ago....
It is a bit hard to see, but there is also a little grey plastic stand below the main mortar that I made out of a couple of ruined building accessory pieces I had lying around. The whole mortar assembly is just sitting there so I can swap it out with the griffon mortar when I want to use it as a griffon.
I also had to cut a small notch out of the big cog underneath the cannon, to allow it to sit on the griffon chassis a bit more securely.

This picture highlights why I'm not completely happy with the model. To me it looks a bit too overbalanced, with not enough weight at the back of the gun. I think that I need to bulk it out a bit back there, by adding in something reasonably big and weighty looking. I think that the hydraulic rams at the front have helped out a little, but really they should be going down to the chassis to help correct the front heavy look. I didn't do this as there wasn't a great deal of room down there, and I wanted the assembly to be removable from the griffon chassis, so it had to remain unattached.
I think I will add in some nurgly looking pipes, barrels and greenstuff blobby bits to make the back of the gun a bit more solid. Should look in character with the army too.

Final shot is of a "targets eye view".

I'll post more pics when I've added some mass onto the back of the gun.

12-04-2009, 10:24
Very intelligent use of the Hellcannon! And I love the vintage Ogryns, I really would like to get some of that models for my own IG. This is a really good and personal army. Awesome job man!

Mega Nutz
12-04-2009, 14:49
Fantastic army...think we're almost ready for the group shot!!

sin of damnation
13-04-2009, 06:25
@Blatskull, yeah those ogryns are among my favourite figures. Hopefully they will be getting finished off soon. I'm not going to zombify them too much, as I don't really want to cut them up or anything. But they should look like they fit in with the rest once they have the same coloured skin.

@Mega Nutz I'll be getting the terrain and table out for a small game soon, so I might have to do a picture of the lot when it is all set up. Hopefully that'll be pretty soon.

I've done a bit of conversion work to the back of the hellcannon now, and it's starting to look a bit better.

In the pic above you can see the green of it on the back of the gun. What I was trying to do was add some ballast back there to help get rid of the front heavy look (which is not easy with a cannon of that calibre!). Also I was a bit constrained by the crew, whose pointing arms and binoculars were stopping me from making anything too grand. But I think it has helped a bit.

I put a barrel from the accessory sprue at the bottom, and just built up above it with guitar strings and putty.

I'll try to splash some paint onto it soon to see how it comes up.

13-04-2009, 09:12
Looks great, gets rid the front heavy problem/look well IMO :)

14-04-2009, 08:47
Yeah I agree, its a great solution to the front heavy look.

sin of damnation
24-04-2009, 22:27
Yeah thanks guys. It was pretty quick and easy to do, just a bit of putty, guitar string and a barrel.

Anyway I've managed to paint it at last. It turned out a bit different to how I imagined it, but I think it will do the job.
I decided to go with a glowing blue look to match the plasma weapons that I have in the army. I will probably have a few in most games that I play, so I figured that the colours would link in pretty well with everything else.

As you can see here (well sort of, the picture is a bit overexposed) the highlights are not quite as light as I was expecting. For this model I gave it a wash of asurman blue, and I don't think it was quite dry in some of the deeper bits when I put the highlight on. I think it will do for now though.

It probably looks a bit more hefty than a strength 6 gun, but I think it looks the part for ap3 ignores cover large blast.

Not sure what I will work on next, possibly a psychic choir of nurgle. That might be fun.

25-04-2009, 15:07
very good work

Shield And Key
25-04-2009, 19:08
hoo boy, this army is SERIOUS

excellent work with the RT minis...that head with the shades & cap from the old rough rider model is a hard one to track down!

sin of damnation
19-08-2009, 09:08
Okay so I haven't updated this for a while, but I've kept busy...

I competed in an 1850 point tournament not long ago, so decided to get the army up to speed. I ended up going with a vehicle heavy list, which was fun to use and not something I have done much before.

So without further ado, here is the 1850 point army I took.

First up is the company command squad. Most of these are newly painted, as the squad as it was, with a banner, no vox, a grenade launcher and a couple of basic veterans wasn't really what I was after. I toyed with the idea of a heavy flamer for a while, but in the end went with 3 flamers, a vox and a fleet officer.
I made the fleet officer from a valkyrie gunner, with the spare pilot head, and a couple of oldschool arms from my bits box. The commander is just my old commander model which hasn't changed in ages.

Next up is the first veteran squad and their ride. These guys are armed with a plasma pistol (which did very little in the 5 games), 3 plasma guns, and an auto cannon. These guys were pretty useful, especially if they got out of their chimera and received an order. That was a pretty rare event though, like most of my infantry they didn't really spend much time out of the transport.
There wasn't much modelling to be done here. I added a vox to one of my troopers, and made a big base for the autocannon and his loader to go on.

Second Vet Squad is pretty similar to first vet squad. The only real difference is the lack of a plasma pistol. The vox model is the old metal catachan autocannon loader. I qhute like the crouching down look that he has.
A couple of these chimera's were picked up on eBay, but were in pretty bad shape. I basically modelled them up with a bit of greenstuff battle damage or added armour plating where appropriate.

Third Vet Squad is the last of the chimera squads. I kept these guys pretty basic with 3 melta guns as the only option.
These guys did pretty well in most games that I played.

More to follow in a little while.

19-08-2009, 10:26
It pays to keep your old subscriptions, it seems! :D Great work as always, how I'd love playing against this army.

Rag D Mezzegis
19-08-2009, 10:50
wow.. looks really nice overall

sin of damnation
20-08-2009, 11:20
It pays to keep your old subscriptions, it seems! :D Great work as always, how I'd love playing against this army.

Cheers BTB, thanks for stopping by again! Most of the infantry haven't really changed that much lately. I've added a model here and there but really it is the tanks that I've been working on.

wow.. looks really nice overall

Thanks Rag D M, have put a bit of work in over the years.

So onto my final infantry squad now.
These guys are a melta squad with the demolitions doctrine. I added a couple of melta bombs onto the squad to represent this. Also I have used the old metal catachan mortar firer to represent the demo charge, and added a zombie to the squad carrying a big bomb to use as a demo marker, and give them a bit of character. Perhaps a bit distasteful, but it seemed in character.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v223/mat_clifford/Painting%20and%20Modelling/Togari88th/TasStates024.jpgThese guys are notoriously lacking a transport in this pic but I put them in the vendetta. They did quite well, showing up on the opposite side of the table and causing disruption and mayhem. Sometimes they even killed something before they died!
And speaking of the vendetta.....
I painted this before assembly, and touched it up (and added battle damage) once it was together. I tried to paint the damage in a fashion that made it look like it moved quickly. I achieved this by painting chips on the leading edge of armour plates, and trailed them off towards the back, like it takes damage on the exposed bits.
The lascannons are made from razorback lascannons. I just glued two of them together, and added little magnets to the top. I also added magnets to the mounts under the wing and can just swap them with whatever I like. My magnets are only little though, so I had to use two, but it is pretty sturdy.

One thing that I could have done better was the choice of glue for the canopy. The superglue fumed as it dried, resulting in white foggy glass. Must be smoke in there or something!

Last up for this post is the Hellhound. I finally got the old one painted in the new colour scheme (some of my old schemes are pretty random). I actually used this one as a banewolf, and although it didn't survive a single battle, it usually did what I wanted it to do.
I found the dozer blade to be useful in most missons. I tried to use it fairly aggressively, and co-ordinate it with the vendetta veteran strike. I hacked most of the sharp edges off the blade to try and show that it had done some work, and tried to paint it appropriately. Really I could have painted even more of it metal I think. I tried to make it (and most of my vehicles) nurgly by colour scheme only. I figured that since I'm using the Guard codex, they are still fairly structured, so probably haven't been long on the path of damnation. Hence the vehicles would be less ichy, and more mechanical still.

That's it for now. That's all of the army's HQ, Troops and Fast Attack. I didn't have any Elites, so that only leaves my Heavy Support to come.

sin of damnation
17-12-2009, 07:07
So it's 4 months later now, and I just realised I never got around to posting my heavy support pictures. I've added unit numbers and markings to most of my vehicles now, but haven't got the photo's. Here are some pics without the markings, but you get the idea....

Firstly the Main Battle Tank.

This is one of the tanks pictured earlier in the thread, but I've tidied up the paint work, as well as giving it plasma cannon sponsons from the old Demolisher model.


I didn't really change much else on it, so it looks pretty similar to the images shown previously.

sin of damnation
17-12-2009, 07:20
Next up is the Executioner.
Rather than buy (and more importantly paint) a whole new kit, I just bought a forgeworld turret and painted that up.

It doesn't look as shiny and new as the new kit, but I think for that particular tank (a rare one) in this style of army (all sorts of old nurgly models) that kind of suits the theme.
The old thing doesn't look too bad in my opinion anyway. The Chassis is one of the ones that was pictured earlier. I just refreshed the paint, neatened and highlighted the scratches and chips, and generally didn't change it too much.

And the last unit in my 1850 IG army was a pair of Medusas. These baby's threw out a heap of firepower, but tended to die pretty quickly when anyone so much as pointed a gun in their direction. But always a fun game with a pair of these glass hammers.

These are basilisk models (one of which appeared earlier in this thread undercoated black) without the gun shields, and with little pieces of chimney from the cities of death mechanicum building stuck on the end of the barrel.

Now that there is a new basilisk kit coming out, I imagine it will have "proper" medusa's in it, so these guys may get turned back into basilisks again.

sin of damnation
17-12-2009, 07:32
Last pic is just a close up of the medusas. I ended up using the old metal catachan mortar loaders for crew, and they seem to look the part.

Light wasn't great when I took these, so they are a bit blurry.

I've used this army in 2 tourneys, and in both I received plenty of positive comments which is good. I've also received some good constructive criticism that I'll be acting on. A couple of people have said that they didn't even realise they were traitor guard, mainly because my infantry tend not to get out of their transports, and the vehicles don't have any big obvious chaos markings on them (just little nurgle symbols here and there). In tournament painting scores I've also lost points for not having an appropriate standard equivalent, as well as a lack of unit & vehicle markings.
I've decided to add on vehicle numbers and regiment markings, as well as come up with some sort of flag for the command chimera. Hopefully that will help to make the army look better, as well as picking up a couple of additional points in the next tournament I go in. So that, and chaos markings, is what the next update will probably be showing.

17-12-2009, 09:34
Looks great! I love the medusas, though the barrel on one looks a bit wonky. On the executioner - wouldn't it be better (game-wise) to give it a chassis with 1x or 3x lascannons than 3x HB? Seeing as the HB are disastrous for wound allocation... Anyway, really looking forward to more pics! How many pts is this army by now?



17-12-2009, 10:03
Looking really good!

18-12-2009, 11:59
I love the character of this army - the colours and paint scheme works so well. Nice job sir! :)

I'm particularly impressed by your Griffon and Medusa conversions.

Mr Joshii
07-07-2010, 20:08
this army is just beautiful (: keep the work up :D

07-07-2010, 22:18
Woaaah, threadomancy much? And here I was expecting another update for this beautiful army!