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24-03-2007, 19:15
This is the army list I've been using recently with some moderate success:

Sacred Host of Quetzl 1500pts


Saurus Scar-Veteran 148pts
light armor, shield, great weapon, charm of the jag warrior, spawning of tepok and quetzl

Skink priest 140pts
lvl 2, diadem of power, spawning of quetzl


Saurus warriors x15 240pts
Full command, spawning of quetzl

Saurus warriors x15 240pts
Full command, spawning of quetzl

Skinks x12 77pts
javelins, spawning of quetzl

Skinks x12 77pts
javelins, spawning of quetzl


Saurus cavalry x6 240pts
standard, musician

Terradons x3 105pts


Stegadon 235pts

Total: 1502pts

I have trouble against my friends dwarfs as he takes a lot of shooting and either its extremely effective and my army is reduced to nothingness or i reach his lines with the cavalry and stegadon and start to mince his squads one by one. His bolt throwers and organ gun are my main problem. I try to take them out early with my terradons but he always focuses at least the organ gun on them and that's usually enough to kill them. The other armies I regularly play are chaos mortals and wood elves but those are close games that don't just depend on how effective a couple of units are over the first couple of turns.

Any comments/suggestions on the army itself?

30-03-2007, 20:13
Gunline is hard on the scaly guys.
I use a multi threat technique.
Cav with a hero in the unit. Jaguar Hero. Terradons. Scouting Skinks.
These guys help to hold up the shooting until my main units can get in.
I also screen excessively with skinks. there job is to die. they are useless when lines meet anyway.

Try running more terradons. I know it is expensive. However, it will keep them on the board longer. Once they are in precious turns start to drain away from your opponent. Each turn brings your lines closer.

You can also field something which will deliberatly draw the fire. A carnosaur works great in a bigger game. He will waste all his shots on this thing and then the terradons will come in. Plus if it lives it just messes everything up when it gets stuck in.

Good luck

30-03-2007, 20:15
Also salamanders.
If you can soften his units before you hit with your softenned units you will be in good shape.

I have often had trouble with dwarf players.
keep trying different things. Their game is always predictable.
Lizzie's versatility is their greatest strenght. (Also leadership)