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Angry Lawyer
24-03-2007, 23:01
So, my local GW is running some 250pts Warband games. I thought that this would be a really good idea for me to finally break my Fimir to the world, as it'll give me an incentive to get some finished and tarted up. Admitted, due to having to try to stick to Fimir fluff, I'm not going to be able to make it the most tactically powerful army ever, but I'd like to give it the best shot I can with the miniatures I have.

So, the current plan is:

Wargor (leading the warband) - Great weapon, heavy armour, and a generally bad attitude. Represented by a classic plastic Fimm warrior with chain-mail sculpted onto him, and a really big maul. 68pts.

5 Gors/5 Ungors (one of which a foe-render) - Extra hand weapons for the Gors. Represented by some generic plastic Fimms, and some kit-bash/scratchbuilt Shearl. 75pts

5gors/5 Ungoes - Extra hand weapons. 55pts

A single Minotaur - two hand weapons, and light armour - represented by one of the big metal Fimir sculpted by Nick Bibby. 47pts

That gives me 245pts in total. This being my first real experience with Warbands, it's likely crap. Suggestions as to improvements, or tactics using them? Based on the board size, I'd probably be deploying the un-championed herd with the general and the minotaur, and have the other unit deploy through ambush.

Should I take smaller units? Try to squeeze in command groups? I'm quite new to Beast of Chaos, so I've probably made some rookie mistakes.

-Angry Lawyer

24-03-2007, 23:27
With five points spare, why not chuck an extra Ungor into the Foe-render unit?

Actually, before answering that, what warband rules exactly are you using?

Angry Lawyer
24-03-2007, 23:30
Good point :D

-Angry Lawyer