View Full Version : Please help just started warhammer battle for skull pass!

Eldar General Spartikus
25-03-2007, 16:45
I got everything in the Battle for skull pass and I like the orcs and goblins
1 goblin big boss
1 goblin shaman
20 goblin spearmen
20goblin spearmen
20 goblin archers
10 spider riders
1 troll
plus I got 10 orc arrer boys
I was wondering I got 25 dollars should I get some fanatics or the warbook first Please help!

25-03-2007, 17:15
It depends. If you are playing in an area where someone is willing to lend you the army book while playing (like in a friendly club environment) I'd say that you are better off starting to build up your army. Fanatics would be great, but also lots of more gobbos, if you are going for a gobbo army then adding a second BfSP (or splitting one with someone and just taking the gobbos) would not be a bad idea. If you are not going for only gobbos, then plain ol' Orc boyz would be a good addition, giving you a more solid core to your army.

25-03-2007, 18:55
Get the book!

With the book you can decide what to buy next as opposed to purchasing models and then realising said models aren't as cool rulewise as they look.

Eldar General Spartikus
25-03-2007, 20:46
thanks for the advice but I dont want a big army so I dont think I'm gonna get another BFSP set but fanatics and mabye some orc boyz and a spear chukka is what is next I think