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25-03-2007, 19:45
Hi folks, I've just started painting my army about a month ago and thought this would be a good place for feedback. I recently got a camera so i can actualy post pics.


This is a picture of an inprocess Warlock.


This is my attempt at making a harlequin. I'm trying to give it a trench coat... kinda...but I have arms in the mail. So its unfinished. Making them out of guardians.


Oh my! lots of stormies to paint!!


Another in process picture. This is of my recently finished jetbike conversion, and inprocess farseer. Does anyone have a sugestion on what the pointing hand can be doing? it almost looks out of place. btw the spear hand and head are stuck on with magnets so they are easly moveable.

I'm a noob painter and I try to take my time and do a decent job.

Looking forward to some C&C, good or bad its all useful.


25-03-2007, 19:46

A better look at my skyboard/jetbike.


25-03-2007, 20:02
Just a sugestion if its possible turn the farseer round so its fingers pointing roughly forward and then put arms and head faccing forward if they're magnetised. Also may i suggest putting some gemson the Jet/glider

PS: it looks kinda like the board from the spiderman 3 film :P

25-03-2007, 20:10

The problem with turning the farseer around is the robes are billowing backwards now... but it was a good thought :)

27-03-2007, 01:13
Ah yes, got some more work done today. Now I have 6 fully painted storm guardians and a warlock. Only 25 stormy's, 1 warlock, 1 farseer, 5 warpspiders to go, and 6 from scratch harlequins to go.

The army I'm painting looks like this on paper....

Doomseer, runes of warding, doom, jetbike, singing spear.

6 (4) Harlequins, (1) shadowseer, (1) Troup Master w/ power weapon, 2 fusion pistols, and 5 kisses.

5 Warpspiders

Falcon, Shuricannon, V-Engines, Holo-Field, S-Stones, Scatter Laser.

16 Storm Guardians, 1 Warlock w/ Enhance, 2 Fusion guns.
15 Storm Guardians, 1 Warlock w/ Enhance, 2 Fusion guns.

Anyway, update on pictures...oops, still need to dull coat he guardians and Warlock. EDIT: and highlight the bladed swords... Gotta love pictures so you can spot problems :p


27-03-2007, 03:02
Face the farseer so the spear is pointing out the the right, and the hand to the left. Would get a bit of the batman "swooping down with arms open" vibe going.

28-03-2007, 05:46
Got the shuriken cannon converted and painted for my Falcon, later tonight I'll get a picture of my farseer finished... as soon as its dry and I can dull coat it.


Angel Robertson
28-03-2007, 08:13
Thats a really nice colour scheme and for being a noob painter its very well done! Keep it up!


28-03-2007, 08:17
The farseer's spear is quite nice. I'd like to see the finished farseer.

28-03-2007, 08:18
Also, how's progress on the GS'd warlock?

28-03-2007, 09:28
I dont keep my pictures and descriptions formated the same. The GS is for my shadowseer, and its comming along well, it needs to be primed and painted. Let me take a pic.

EDIT: okey, here it is.


I'm debating on cutting the lower part of the belt buckle off. It looks out of place. We'll see.


28-03-2007, 09:56
Strelok, just browsed your gallery, the GS work is most impressive. Might you have any tips on how to better my GS work?


28-03-2007, 13:00
Well, one suggestion is to keep your sculpting tool wet. That way you'll get a smoother finish and the GS won't stick to it. Also, try and smooth out the finger prints on such on your GS work, or file it down once it's dry. The biggest hint is don't rush, and don't be afraid to wait a few drying cycles (i.e. do a small part, wait for it to dry, move on to the next). If you build it up in stages, you'll have less of a chance of accidentally putting your fingers in spots you just sculpted. I've messed up many a neat sculpt by getting impatient! Other than that, straight blades and needles are excellent for alternative sculpting tools to get different effects, and practice practice practice! I'm pretty novice, but there are some sculptors on here who are simply amazing (pox, kruzkal, rikard etc.) check out there stuff if you can!

28-03-2007, 20:15
tools... yes... maybe I should use tools other then my fingers :p. Good point with the multi part application of GS, I had to go back and fix problems due to wet green stuff a few times. Thanks info.


28-03-2007, 22:40
Haha, yeah, fingers are usually a no-go with GS once you're done mixing it, haha. The GW sculpting tool is actually quite nice, I use it most of all my tools, but I AM an amateur. A good sharp razor blade is also very good for making cuts and grooves in the GS.

29-03-2007, 06:13
I have a full 15 squad of guardians almost finished, few more inking and then basing them is all thats left. I decided to put a mask and hood on the shadowseer model.




29-03-2007, 06:54
Hmm, could use a better shot of the hood. It might look better if you either trimmed it down so it doesn't look so bulky, or have it folded back over his shoulders and on his back.

29-03-2007, 07:49
I ment to hide most of her face with the hood. I cut that out of a picture of everything left I had to paint this morning. I just primed the harlequins white so I cant get another pic of it just yet. Unfortunatly I have to be finished by friday evening :cries: . So I cant take too much time on each model. But after adepticon I can take the break fluid to them and change anything I feel wasnt good enough. I'm sure at some point I'll re-GS the models or buy the GW models.

EDIT: got a picture of it wet. I officialy hate krylon paint. It isnt solid white and there is too much paint. Part of the problem is its a friends paint can and I didnt realize it was almost empty.

I'm going to try a grey scale painting job on these, white/dark grey then ink with a thin black ink. Trying to get a more Mime feal because I'm more terrified of mimes them I am of clowns. Though both are scary as hell.



02-04-2007, 04:27
I ran out of time painting and had to finish sloppy and head to adepticon this weekend. This is my army on the table sudo finished. I plan on going back and redoing the mimes (harlequins) and Warpspiders. Plus I'll get some better pictured of squads to post. Then after I've redone the two squads I already mentioned I'll be adding to the army.



02-04-2007, 04:33
The converted mimes look neat. Any chance of a close-up?

02-04-2007, 18:06
sadly i forgot my sand for basing them so they didnt get based properly. But here is what they look like up close. They need more work but it was good enough at the time.


02-04-2007, 19:44
My only complaint with the squad would be to go back in and resculpt the hood and cloak on the shadowseer to thin it down a little, and to maybe add a small mask to the one with the barehead. If you're really ambitious, add a diamond-checker pattern to their pants :D

02-04-2007, 20:12
Yeah, they are far from done, but i'm taking a break after cramming all that painting into a short time. I plan on redoing all the paint on them anyhow. Not sure if the pants will be striped verdicaly and if B&W or B&Grey. Also the shirts need to be redone and made straight. Overall, they are kind of a mess, I painted the 6 of them from base coated to finished in 2 hours. The warpspiders got the same treatment, they need touch-ups also.

And honestly, I'm more comfortable with adding a pattern to their pants then working with greenstuff :D But I'll do both at some point.