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25-03-2007, 22:44
Slan 5th Generation, BSB, Totam of Profacy, Plaque of Domination, D-Scroll 500

20 Temper Guard Shields Full comand 395
20 Saurus Warriors Full comand, ss of soteck 300
20 Saurus Warriors Full comand, Spears 310
20 Saurus Warriors Full comand 270
Stegadon 235

Total 2010

So will this army work as a tornement list Or will it get mashed in the first few turns. C & C Welcom


callum in hat
25-03-2007, 23:31
i would get rid of the stegadon, make the slann 4th gen and with all remaining points get as many skinks as possible
just my two cents

25-03-2007, 23:38
Definitely a 4th Gen Slann at least...Stegadon could be useful though..

25-03-2007, 23:38
Probaly a grate idea what do u thin of using the skinks as a screen

25-03-2007, 23:42
How About this

Slann as aboce but 4th gen
TG as above
3 x Sarus units as above

10 skinks brave 65
10 Skinks Brave 65
10 Skinks Brave Scouts 75

26-03-2007, 00:27
How About this

Slann as aboce but 4th gen
TG as above
3 x Sarus units as above

10 skinks brave 65
10 Skinks Brave 65
10 Skinks Brave Scouts 75

I don't think Lizardmen need that many points sunk into the Saurus - sixteen Temple Guard are all you really need given their points, and two more units of twenty should be plenty.

In two thousand I would probably take a scouting unit of ten with blowpipes and then two units of thirteen, one with blowpipes and one with javelins and shields.

The Totem of Prophecy is totally unnecessary - Fear simply isn't worth the extra 75 points unless you're deathly afraid of the Undead (and yes, pun intended.)

The Dispel Scroll is not really worth the points - with the Plaque of Dominion, you've got 5 Dispel Dice per turn with +1 to all Dispel attempts, which should be fine against most armies. However, the Diadem of Power is exceedingly helpful against armies which are not magic heavy - and you will run into them, let me tell you!

A lot of people swear by the Divine Plaque of Protection as anti-Cannon protection, but I personally feel it's unnecessary. Then again, it's certainly worth considering.

I would definitely take at least one unit of Kroxigor. They're very, very good as can-openers, which is something you're currently lacking. Similarly, a Jaguar Saurus of Doom (Scar-Veteran with Charm of the Jaguar Warrior, a Great Weapon, and various other items to power him up) will give you a lot of tactical flexibility, though he's more suited to the hit-and-run harassing armies than this type of grinding army. A lot of people swear by Salamanders as well, but I feel they're unnecessary.

Lastly, would you mind giving your posts just a quick proofread before posting? You've made at least two typos or spelling errors in every post, and frankly it does make your posts harder to read. Similarly, I recommend double-checking your points values - the Blessed Spawning of Sotek is 30 points for a unit, not 20, and you've got the Spear unit underpriced by 10 as well.

26-03-2007, 00:31
Thanks for the advice ill work on it:)

i not spell good:cries:

26-03-2007, 00:41
So Kill The weekest saurus unit
-4 temple guard =
322pts tp play with
what should i add

26-03-2007, 01:06
Another re-vamp

Slann, 4th Grneration, BSB, Totam Of prophecy
Diadem of Power, Plaque of domination 560

(I like the totam of prophecy combined with the temple guard .it means this unit will auto brake almost anything if it charges)

16 temple guard, Shields, Full command 323

20 Saurus warriors, ss of sotec, Full command 300
20 Saurus warriors, Spears, Full command 310

10 skinks, Blowpipes 60
10 skinks, Blowpipes Scouts, Brave 75
10 Skinks, Javelins 60

5 Kroxigors, ancient 310


So how dose this new list look

26-03-2007, 10:40
Firstly, don't be afraid to edit your posts! You've made twice as many posts in this thread as everyone else put together, and double- and triple-posting tends to be frowned upon in most forums.

The list is looking better, though I personally feel five Krox with an Ancient is a tad too many - try four without an Ancient, which frees up 78 points.

I would also not recommend the Spawning of Sotek - with a slow army like this one, you're really looking to grind the enemy down, not smash them in a single turn.

If you take that out as well, you're left with 110 points to play with. There're a lot of options open, but I would tend to lean towards a unit of three Terradons to hunt War Machines.

Another option open with that many points is to upgrade that Slann to 2nd Generation, which will basically own the magic phase on its own. You'd have 25 points remaining, which translates nicely into an additional four Skinks.

Out of interest, how much experience do you have with Lizardmen? Everything I'm telling you is based entirely on my own experience, and of course I recommend playing around with the army and getting a good feel for it, changing it as you see fit. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Chaos and Evil
26-03-2007, 11:17
Don't bother with the Kroxigor ancient, they're 20pts for a measily 1 attack, and they often give enemy characters the ability to hide in a challenge, away from the other kroxigor.

26-03-2007, 13:08
Not mutch experianc with Lizardmen Played A few battles with a friends army and i enjoyed using it and won most games

26-03-2007, 17:55
I like lizzie armies with variety. Big block of saurus can be easily flanked and thus the hw/sh +1AS goes out the window with when they get flanked.

Terradons, salamanders, and cold one knights are all important aspects of a balanced lizzie force.

Personally, if you are going to use Temple guard, use 20+ and take a 2nd gen slann. Sure it is all the eggs in one basket idea, but it is a durable basket. A safe place for all your eggs.

Otherwise, I say drop the Temple guard alltogether. This will make your slann more flexible as it can pop in an out of other saurus units at will.

Goq Gar
27-03-2007, 07:53
Saurus work very much on the "Spartan" tactic. Spartans all work together in a single undefeatable wall. Saurus should never be flanked because they have another unit RIGHT NEXT TO IT. I field armies with 4-5 units of 30, all in a wall, occasionally taking some spears. It stretches the entire battlefield, and if someone tries to flank it, they can't. If a unit retreats (Saurus!? retreating!? -insert maniacal laughter here- Dont be silly!) the other 4 units can reform to fill in the gaps and still prevent flanking. Besides, I take every single possible precaution to prevent them running. A scar vet with the army standard right behind em for instance.

30-03-2007, 20:00
Saurus can definetly work in the Mass Units strategy.
They are a rock solid 2 atk killer infantry unit.

I however never leave home without my cavalry and salamanders.
Call me old fashioned

The above comments are all valid. If you are going for the Spartan-esque wall of saurus you should go all the way and take nothing but.

This army will be masacred by war machines however. Leadership is less of a concern for lizzies, no question. It is still an issue though. A lucky misfire with a hellblaster. A couple of nice canon shots. A good bounce. You will break and your line will be in trouble.

War machines are the principal enemy of Lizardmen (especially Slann) because they are slow.

I always field screening units. Skinks are increadibly versatile cheap units. Admitedly squishy. But overall very useful.

Good luck no matter how you go.
The spartan wall would be fun. No question about that.

30-03-2007, 23:12
Quick advice from a vet lizardman player:

1) Put the Slann in a unit of Sauruses with the Sacred Spawnings of Tlazcotl and Quetzl. This gives them the same armor save as Temple Guard (4+) but makes them immune to psychology. Temple Guard can be auto broken by fear causing cavalry (like Black Knights and Cold One Knights). You don't want your Slann destroyed because he lost combat by 1 point to a fear causing unit. :( This will save you about 20 points which you can use to buy a war banner.

2) Terradons are sexy! They are outstanding at mage hunting and war machine hunting. I would drop something and get some.

Good advice from Marco Pollo and the others. Good luck!:)

31-03-2007, 04:42
i think sallies are way to much fun the cav though not so much. i have seen them get eaten to many times.