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26-03-2007, 08:03
Well, im back from my ban and i hope to catalog my battles in the upcoming weeks and during a tournament in march. entries will be added as soon as i can add them.

Game One: March 25, 2007
His Most Holy, The Great Pharoah Domhotep did lead his noble warriors against the barbaric lizard fiends of Dan the Slann. the saurus warriors broke against the skeletal shield wall and the general himself was holed up in a copse of trees surrounded by the restless dead. In the end, Domhotep was struck down buy a saurus scar veteran and his bodygaurd of chariots was trampled into the earth. all that remained of the once noble army was two priests and the Tomb Gaurd Legion who stood their ground long after their liege had fallen.

A minor setback! the lizards may have won the battle, but the war will be won by the sons of the shifting sands this wendsday.

26-03-2007, 10:06
Whats was in both those armies?

27-03-2007, 23:26
Hello again all of you in Internet Land. It is I, dominic_carrillo. yesterday marked the rematch between Domhotep's Tomb Kings and the Lizardmen of Dan the Slann.
again, victory was snatched away by the reeking jungle denizens. however, vicotry will soon be mine as i enlist more of the restless dead to my already cadaverous ranks. Perhaps the fragile but deadly chariots are not the best choice to assault saurus regiments containing three Scar veterans wielding great weapons.
despite the kings chariots being catapaulted from combat with extreme prejudice, a great deal of reptilian soldiers were slain.
a moral victory.

18 days until the great tournament!
i will post the list soon.