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Runt Nosher
28-07-2005, 17:20
Hey guys, as the title suggests I'm having trouble fighting my friends Lone Slann lizardmen army. I generally take 6 Lvls of magic to combat the 2nd gen, I can get a few spells off, but he can cast 5 spells a turn with good chances of them being successful. After the 2nd Gen Slann comes a Scar vet with Jaguar Charm to smash up my chariots, Kroxigor and MSU Saurus units (2x6w/Champ) and 3 units of 13-20 skinks I generally get hosed. Sallies and Terradons generally make an entrance at 2250pts, and that's what I normally play with. I try to combat MSU with MSU. I use 4x10 spearmen to throw away at whatever, 12 executioners to combo charge with my chariots, warhydra or cold one knights. A small unit of shades, 12 Rxbmen w/ Shields, the obligatory 2 units of 5 Dark Riders with Rxb and 2 RBTs to really round out the army. I'm trying to come up with the best tactics to confront this list since it's my main opponent and there are a bunch of beardy lizzy players in Kelowna where there is a more competitive scene. I NEED HELP!!

28-07-2005, 17:54
Shoot the slann. You got enough shooting there to take it out. Remember its a large target and can be targetted separately even if in a unit of temple guard.

Skinks would be more difficult but as a rule crumble under any sort of pressure (dark riders?)

Thats my input as a lizardman player, i dont know too much about DE!

28-07-2005, 20:35
I am also having the same problem, and I think if you can break his slann unit in combat it will be run down and he will lose. The unit has a 600+ point slann in it plus the unit of temple guard, so that is like 800 or so points and if you can take that out it is almost auto win. So just focus your entire army at the one unit and it should fall.

28-07-2005, 20:50
The secret of using a succesful lone slann is proper support, so take the support away. Do not shoot at the slann (8 wounds t5 at least 4+ ward) unless there is nothing else to shoot at. Consentrate on the support units which hang around the slann protecting it, kill the terradons, salamander and skinks and leave the toad truely alone. Then use your speed, stop the slann from marching and bag ´im with your fast guys. Of course you still have to survive throught the magic phases...

28-07-2005, 20:55
i think you could take a bunch of magic users soley to dispell whatever that slann throws at you. and concentrate on taking out his supporting units as mentioned above

Runt Nosher
28-07-2005, 23:18
Well this lizzie player is really tricksy unlike Nicodemus' rival this Slann runs around all on his lonesome, sometimes with a unit of 3 Kroxigor at his side, sometimes just a couple of swarms to tie up would be chargers. The crap thing about this is that he can screen with whatever he wants and still retain his LoS due to being a large target. I can't shoot at him because when playing against my Dark Elves he always remembers the 2+ ward vs Shooting Plaque.

I was thinking along the same lines as everybody else tho, try and eliminate the support units, but that it obviously easier said than done. When you take skinks in units of 20 they are dead hard to remove from the tabletop thru any means (specially with T3 5+ save...). They are hard to charge and even if I do I could be looking at a potential of 40+ stand and shoot attacks from blowpipes, if I'm using MSU that renders the unit that's charging relatively useless and has a tendency to panic it as well.

The other really annoying thing he does tho is he sometimes takes a Scar Vet with Banehead+Piranha Blade. Then he makes sure to get steed of shadows and he flies this little bugger right into my general (normally a High Sorceress with no ward save...) and POP. I do have dispel scrolls for this and I do dispel it at all costs, but then that leaves another 4 attempts on his even more favorite spells, like Master of Wood/Stone, Unseen Lurker and anything from that stupid Heavens lore...

I'm basically totally at a loss, I can only field so many Rxb's before they become redundant, and like I said trying to panic a unit of 20 skinks (5 wounds...) when hitting on 6's! I can barely do it if I aim ALL my shooting at it, and what's the point on taking all that shooting if it's going to have to be aimed at ***** screening skink units the whole game? Anyway, any tips and tricks would be mighty useful, I was considering using the Lore of Shadows myself in my next game, I think Unseen Lurker would help my army out a lot... For those interested, here is my army list.

High Sorc – Lvl 4, Dispel, Darkstar Cloak, Dark Steed - 318
Sorceress – Lvl 2, Seal of Ghrond, Dispel - 180
4x10 Spears w/ Mus - 300
2x5 Dark Riders w/ Rxb, Mus - 254
12 Rxbmen – Shields - 144
6 Shades - 84
6 CoK w/ FC - 219
12 Executioners – DM - 144
2xCoC w/ Spears - 194
2 Rbts - 200
Warhydra - 220

Pretty typical MSU setup, plenty of 75 points warrior units to screen and throw away at things, also enough units to run plenty of bum charges and get the counters off with chariot/hydra/knights/executioners... I don't think the problems with the slann lie in my list comp since I do very well in competitive environments with this. I think the real problem is the beardiness of the Lizard setup, I mean he tries to mirror swedish GT winning lizzie lists (and we all kno how over the top those swedes can get...) ANYway... thanks for any and all help, this is a real uphill battle, but once I figure it out I'll be unstoppable :evilgrin: .

28-07-2005, 23:55
just ignore the slan, and concentrete on the rest of the army....thats all you can do!