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28-07-2005, 22:18
Right, I reckon that a playable force of High Elves can be made out of two battle boxes, one more regiment box and a single elite unit. The exceptions being the chariot which I plan to scratch build (helped by the fact I have some unbarded elven steeds lying around) and the eagle, which I already own. I might even forget the extra regiment box and build the extra spearmen from the spare archers which I don't need.

Any, ramblings aside how does this list look? bear in mind I'm not keen on a lord choice in an elf army (points cost just makes me shudder) and that a reasonable model must be able to be made from the plastic regiments.

Commander 110pts
heavy armour
great weapon
ring of fury
rides in Chariot 85pts

Commander 109pts
armour of the gods
pure of heart

Level 2 Mage 150pts
dispel scroll

Level 2 Mage 165pts
Jewel of the Dusk
Silver Wand

20 Spearelves 250pts
full command

20 Spearelves 250pts
full command

8 Silverhelms 191pts
all upgrades

5 Silverhelms 115pts
all upgrades

10 Archers 120pts

10 Swordmasters 130pts

5 Shadow warriors 75pts

Repeater bolt thrower 100pts

Repeater bolt thrower 100pts

Eagle 50pts

TOTAL 2000pts

29-07-2005, 05:34
get rid of the Banner of Sorcery and Full Command on Swordmasters your list isnt magic heavy enough to really need it and the standard on the Swordmasters are just easy VP for your opponenent

Muffin Man
29-07-2005, 07:49
You'll have 16 silverhelms with the two battalions no? I wonder if having one big unit and one small unit would work out? Just a thought.

As is, I like your list, it's fairly light on the magic and characters and gives you lots of units for a what looks like a pretty flexible army. Although where are you stashing the 3 foot characters?

Lord Anathir
29-07-2005, 20:57
maybe instead of buying the SMasters buy a box of DP and give the banner of sorcery to them.

If you are going to stick with those units, maybe put the aotg commander with the SM unit (which is giong to ackt as flanker). Therefore, that commander will be able to charge and not get charged (aka die). However, I think it would be better to just drop him completely and add an eagle and magical items to the mages.

Suggested mage items. Seer, channeller, silverwand (casting mage) and jewel of dusk + ring of corin OR ring of fury + scrol (support mage). Other changes are minor, you may as well stock up on discounted magic items....its one of the few things we have better then other races.

30-07-2005, 07:27
Er, I'd just drop the banner of sorcery and standard from the Swordmasters as they are too small to warrent the 100 extra VP's their defeat will bring (you can't expect them to make it to the enemy at full strength), drop the halberd from the Armor of the Gods character and replace it with a Great weapon for strength 7 killyness, and throw him in either the swordmasters to protect him so he can attack, or a spearmen unit, depending on the opponent. For the extra points, maybe another eagle? They're 1-2 for a rare choice aren't they?

30-07-2005, 19:54
OK so I have tweaked the list a bit.

A mage has gained chaneller, allowing for a four dice cast, with the silver wand I will have three out of six spells from the list I choose (most likely high, for drain magic). this will give the a option of three spell attempts or two. Seer is a bit expensive for what I want to use my mages for

The halberd stays because I don't want to waste his high initiative, the strength bonus from his armour helps this desicion, he'll be with the Swordmasters or a spearelf unit (both are now 20 big).

The Swormasters have been dropped to 10, for a real flanking unit, hitting after the spears have taken the charge.

Increased a silver helm unit to 8 and added a musician, this means that they are just about viable in a combined charge with the other unit or chariot, giving them a more useful role on the battlefield.

still only one eagle, more due to with lack of spare points the other changes and the fact that I also have Shadow warriors for march blocking warmachine hunting too.

Oh yeah and the foot characters, commander in whichever unit is best, probably one mage in the archers and the other free floating :eek: