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29-03-2007, 17:54
Hello all,

I have been playing fantasy for about 5 months, my first army was Dwarves (mainly due to buying the Battle for skull pass set) however i found they were not my style of play. I have recently aquired a Wood Elves army and my first game with it is Sunday evening at my local club.

Could you please have a look at my Wood elves 2000 pts army list and advise on it.... Thanks


1 Wood Elf Noble (Alter Kindred) additional hand weapon and light armor. Magic items/sprites : The helm of the hunt, a pagean of shrikes. 151 pts

1 Wood Elf Noble BSB 90 pts

1 Spellsinger lvl 2 wizard, dispel scroll, deepwood sphere ( Army General ) 175 pts

1 Branchwraith lvl 1 wizard a murder of sprites and a cluster of radiants 165 pts

Core Units:

6 glade guard scouts 102 pts.

10 glade guard 120 pts

10 glade guard 120 pts

7 Dryads + 1 branch nymph (champion) 108 pts

7 Dryads + 1 Branch Nymph (champion) 108 pts

Special Units:

5 Wild Riders of Kurnous - Full Command Magic Standard : Faoghir (The banner of dwindling) 216 pts

7 Wardancers + 1 Bladeslinger 158 pts

3 Tree Kin 195 pts

Rare Units:

1 Treeman 285 pts

Total Points = 1993

I also have an great eagle and more glade guard, but i left these out due to points.

Thanks in advance

Wizard Reaper

29-03-2007, 18:11
Give the alter a great weapon it is far more effective than an extra hand weap. drop the sprites

Drop the champion upgrades for all the units, its a waste of points for WEs

drop the levelon the spell singer as well as the sphere and give him another dispel scroll

drop the magic lvl on the branchwraith as well as the murder

drop the magic banner on the wild riders and get a warbanner insted.

cut the scouts down to 5

now with the points either/or/and get another unit of 8 wardancers another unit of 5 wildriders or 4 warhawk riders.

hope that helps.

30-03-2007, 04:06
I think your list is fairly solid but without a focus. The key thing you do not have that most WE lists rely on is speed. The only unit you have with real speed (ignoring the scouts) is the wild riders and you're going to want them near your other melee units.

I'm actually a proponent of using champions in all melee units. You will see both opinions voiced and both sides have their points. My thinking is that in skirmishing melee units you need the maximum killiness in your frontage. A champion gives you an extra attack in the same frontage. While having an extra model for about the same points is attractive, if that model is warming his thumb with his rectum because there's no room for him to fight, he's just a waste.

I agree with the great weapon on your alter kindred, S6 simply can't be passed up. Rather than pageant, I often give this guy the murder of spites. A spare d6 poisoned attacks is never a bad thing (although my '1 followed by 1' rate is startlingly high).

Your magic is kind of lackluster. You have 5 power dice and 5 dispel dice and one bound spell. If you intend to use magic to do more than Tree sing you need to rethink this whole thing. A wizard lord and a branchwraith can start to make a really powerful magic phase but will eat up more points.

I think your core and specials are generally okay, I'm not much of a fan of scouts but they have their role. I concur that the warbanner is probably a better use of your banner-slot of the wild riders since you actually have to WIN combat before your oppenent has a chance to flee with one less die.

I'm going to go out on a limb and risk being boo-ed out of the forum by other WE folk when I suggest this, but...
You could consider dropping your treeman. For his points you can take 2 other units of practically anything in the WE list. If you want speed, both warhawks and glade-riders are 120 pts for a base unit. If you want more shooting this is never bad. Another unit of treekin are 90 points cheaper.

My real recommendation to you is the following: Take the list you've posted exactly as posted. See what works and what doesn't work. You will learn by trial and error where your points can be better spent. You need to discover whether unit champions are worth it to you, whether the magic you're packing is enough for you and these other aspects to make an army that truly suits you. My play style would lead me to bring a different list, but you may well be unable to win with a list I'm very successful with.

30-03-2007, 08:34
Thanks both of you for your help and support, i will take this list like you say and see how it works. If it doesnt work well then i will take your advice and change the list to something that works better.

With regards to magic, i kinda had the feeling i wanted my army to be shooty and melee, not so much magic. The tree singing is great, mainly because i play alot of guys with cavalry and to move some woods in the way of their paths would be funny if not anything else :)

Thanks again

Wizard Reaper