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29-03-2007, 20:37

Submitted for you abuse:


Lord of Tzeentch 481
Halberd, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Power Familiar, Disc of Tzeentch


Exalted Champion of Tzeentch 212
Mounted in Chariot, Shield, Berserker Sword

Exalted Champion of Tzeentch (positioned with a marauder unit) 226
Halberd, Shield, Great Fang


20 x Marauders 145
Flails, Full Command

20 x Marauders 145
Flails, Full Command

5 x Marauder Horsemen 81
Flails, Musician

5 x Chosen Knights of Tzeentch 295
Full Command


1 x Beast Herd (7 x Ungors w/shields, 7 x Gors) 109
Musician, Foe-Render

1 x Beast Herd (7 x Ungors w/shields, 7 x Gors) 109
Musician, Foe-Render

Chariot of Tzeentch 140

Point cost: 1943

Now, I'm playing against Dwarfs. My tactis will be for the beast herds to screen and inflict what damage they can until my marauders arrive. The Knights and Horsemen will of course be for flanking as well as the Chariot with my Exalted w/ Berserker Sword.

I have 17 points available but can't figure how to soak them up. Is there anything anyone would change or add?

Thanks in advance.

29-03-2007, 21:47
drop the halberd on this guy he has a magic weapon

Exalted Champion of Tzeentch (positioned with a marauder unit) 226
Halberd, Shield, Great Fang

i wiould also drop the Berserker sword on the chariot guy and put him on foot and just have two chariots maybe give him some power stones and spell famliar
only other thing i would try squezze in screamers or fury's to back up the guy on a disc

30-03-2007, 02:57
481 pts for anything is ridiculous. That is 20%+ for one thing. It better have uses in many different phases.

Consider what a tzanbull or beast lord of tzeetch can accomplish for much less.

30-03-2007, 15:21
The thing is, if the Dwarf player knows what you are playing, then you are most definetly screwed. A couple of tooled-up Runesmiths will do an extrememly good job of dening you your Magic Phase. A cannon to take out the Chariot. And if he plays a refused flank or maountain, I doubt you would have anything that could break his units, with him having a couple units of Longbeards and Hammerers.

Remember that you most likely be losing at least one rank bonus point from his shooting and that if he survives your charge, its an automatic loss from there. You either have to tailor your army to close fast with him and deliver a quick death blow. For this you will need more chariots and cavalry. You could even keep the Beasts, just make sure that you charge at the same, which can be hard to achieve.

Or, get rid of the cavalry and chariot (the things that will be the first to die from his shooting) and put in more infantry. Maybe foot Chosen, mybe more Marauders. Just hope that he does not what he is doing as a Dwarf player and that he rolls bad for his shooting.

sphincter man
30-03-2007, 17:50
if you think that 481 is bad, dont look at the daemonic side of chaos: LoC is 665, be'lakor is 650 etc.

30-03-2007, 18:19

I have played against this guy several times, and yes he does know what he's doing, he makes good use of his warmachines and gun lines. He's probably one of the hardest fights I've ever had and most people lose to this guy no matter what war game they are playing.

I'm not saying your advice is going unheard or unconcidered please don't think that, but, screens seem to pick up the gun lines enough for me to get the flanks most of the time. His organ guns usually take out my blocks of chosen warriors if not in 1 shot then by the next so I'm better off not taking them and losing all those points. Not to mention his orange haired lawn mowers he sends out. I do have to stay on my toes I usually hit his slayers with spells and pray they aren't dispelled, if/after they are dealt with I'll concentrate on his gun lines with spells. I can usually tie up his warmachines with furies long enough to keep their fire to a minimum. With him and any dwarfs I've played I have to pick my battles and time my spells.


I have been concerned about the Lord since I made him, especially the point cost. I would love to try out a Tzaanbull, do you have any suggestions on his gear he should be using? I have concidered using Screamers to inflict a few wounds before my main force hits, landing on his flanks each time and hopefully doing it again. BUT I don't have those models yet, so. I was also worried once I lokoed it over that my ground troops were severely lacking.

I'm thinking of adding 10 more marauders 5 on each side, maybe another Horsemen unit?