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29-03-2007, 20:55
working on a Empire list that is sort of TVI-style so it has a WIDE infantry line...:) no complete list yet but I'm balling some ideas with you guys to get some constructive critiscism:

-War Altar
-Dawn Armour

Warrior Priest
-Barded Steed
-Doomfire Ring
-Sigil of Sigmar
(Goes with Knights)

(Goes with Swordsmen)

-Rod of Power
-Ring of Volans
(Goes with Swordsmen)

--6 Archers (screen)
--9 Halberdiers

--6 Archers (screen)
--9 Halberdiers


'nilla Knights(5)
2x Cannon(might be changed for Mortars...)


--9 Swordsmen
--5 Handgunners

haven't started trimming the points yet but I think the list looks ok.
the basics is having a wide line with the archlector in the middle, the swordsmen on either side of him with the archers infront so they protect the swordsmen from shooting, cannons in the gaps, then flaggelants and Greatswords takes the role of Flankguards, and roll in on the flanks, when your blocks has started taken a beating, with their highstrength.
The outriders takes the role of handgunners that doesn't make a weakspot in your line and makes one flank quite overloaded as the knights can either be used to support in a gap in your line(as a defensive hammer) or make a flank team with the outriders.

thats the basics of it... Looks good?

Commodus Leitdorf
29-03-2007, 21:04
Well, I cant see anything I would change really, very solid list. Might want to consider Militia detachments instead of Halberdiers but whatever floats your boat.

Good luck with your army :)

29-03-2007, 21:34
Actually its just that I dont like the Militia models... the Halberdiers looks more, well, tidy:)

for some statistics:

Models: 140+
Dispeldice: 7+RoP
Powerdice: 4+RoP+2 Bound Spells+ 3 Prayers per turn+ Altar of Light

the point is that I will probably NOT get any meaningful spells of in the early game so I wait untill the turn before melee range, load up the RoP with dice, then when my turn comes, charge with priests unleash items and basically try to overload him, it usually works, the mage alost always go for Light so If a get the Second Sign or something I try to cast it on 2 dice and hope for a IF(happens frightingly often), it's hard to explain how I use the magicphase but if I hold back I can often surprise and overload him on the turn it matters most, and break holes in his line^^, or something...

btw, could someone roundup the points, never-ever have my book with me so it'
s a bitch...