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30-03-2007, 00:58
So, I was thinking about how to make a themed yet original and fun Necron Combat Patrol. I had seen Molochs "The Terror from the Black Lagoon" and so the swamp-idea was out. I thought a minute about a desert force, but that's what regular Necrons are all about after all. So finally I decided on a Cityfight-themed Patrol. Looking for inspiration, I suddenly remembered the Transformers of my youth. My favorite Transformers were always the Constructicons. Thinking about it for a few seconds the idea suddenly struck me, and the ConstructiCrons were born.

(I'm terribly sorry for the horrible picture quality. I will borrow my friends camera to take better pictures when I get the chance, since my camera is really lousy. Also note, these are painted extremly fast and simple, since I mainly wanted a tabletop-worthy, yet fun, force finished quickly, and didn't want to spend to much time on it since I'm working on several armies at the time.)

(From left to right): Inculcator, Frenzy, Shredder, Devastator and Inferno


Scavenger, Bludgeon, Scrapper, Grappler and Slag

I still have 4 Wraiths (Blowout, Onslaught, Razorclaw and Rumble) as well as their commander, a Tomb Spyder (Omega Constructor) to complete, but hopefully it won't take to long.

Below I'll also post a short piece of background I've written for them:
It was in the blasted city of Antioga Prime that Imperial forces first encountered the deconstructing rearguard of the Necron forces, nicknamed ’Constructicrons’ by soldiers of the Imperial Guard. The Necron assault on Antioga Prime had driven the Imperial soldiers out of the city, but during the conflict the 14th squad of Antiogian Dragoons, under the command of sergeant Raynor, was trapped under a collapsing building. Raynor and his men spent six days digging their way out of the rubble, and when they emerged the found themselves surrounded by weaponless Necron constructs, metallic workers with the sole purpose of tearing down what was left of the city and turning it into raw resources for the Necron army. Without hesitation Raynor led the attack on the defenceless Necrons and easily defeated them. Surpringsingly, the loss of their resource gatherers affected the main Necron force more than anyone could ever have imagined. A first weakness had been discovered in the terrifying undead soldiers.
This discovery led to a series of Imperial victories against the Necrons, but as it turned out, joy was to be short-lived. On Tessara, Raynor, now promoted to major, led an all-out-attack on the Necron deconstructors behind enemy lines. To the attackers horrifying discovery, the Constructicrons suddenly fought back. Carrying short-barreled gauss rifles and wielding their very tools as cruel close-combat weapons, the Necrons cut down the human attackers as mere wheat. Raynor himself was torn limb from limb by a specially modified Tomb Spyder, seemingly the leader of the Necron work party. Only a few humans survived to tell the tale of the terrifying Constructicrons. Since then, that very same unit of weapon-wielding deconstructors have been encountered where the fighting is thickest, moving in behind the main Necron force, tearing down and processing buildings and straggling survivors alike.

30-03-2007, 02:07
I saw the title and immediately thought "Wow, awesome".

Seeing the models? I was not disappointed. Great stuff, love the conversions, you can tell a lot of effort has gone into it.

Can't wait to see the wraiths, or even the lord. How are you going to do them?

31-03-2007, 10:57
This idea is absolutely wonderful, and the pictures (although of low resolution) look very promising. Set up a good photo rig and remedy that, and we will worship your genius ;)

HF Moloch
31-03-2007, 12:56
Some awesome ideas in there.

And glad that you got something out of my idea to come up with some themed `Crons of yourn own.


31-03-2007, 13:01
Some good ideas here. Nice work

31-03-2007, 16:03
I like. I like very much.

Only thing is that the names remind me of transformers for some reason.

31-03-2007, 16:35
Transformers, Necrons in disguise!

31-03-2007, 19:09
I like. I like very much.

Only thing is that the names remind me of transformers for some reason.

If the names remind you of Transformers, MrManson is right on target. Read his first post again :chrome:

31-03-2007, 23:37
Heh, good point, I swear that wasn't there the first time I read it through though...

01-04-2007, 21:54
Thanks people, I'm really glad you like them!

Can't wait to see the wraiths, or even the lord. How are you going to do them?

For the wraiths I have a couple of ideas. Two are quite simple, Razorclaw is perched in a piece of ruins, with normal wraith-claws for both hands. Blowout have the other kind of wraith-hands, and is modelled to look like he's bursting through a floor (though it isn't really obvious.) For Rumble I will use Gorkamorka Buggy Battering Rams for arms, and try to model his base to look like he's destroying a floor or causing minor earthquakes. And for Onslaught I will replace his claws and tail with Ork Dreadnought Saw-thingies, though I lack any good ideas for how he should be modelled. Any ideas?

For Omega Constructor, I'm thinking of replacing his legs with tentacle claws from the Necromunda Spyre Patriarch, to get sort of a Matrix Sentinel-look. Will look into it when my bitz order from GW arrives.

Pictures of Razorclaw and Blowout soon to come. In the meantime I give you a few pics of one the ConstructiCrons who didn't quite make the cut (he became a tad bit too silly and is now the army mascot.)



02-04-2007, 13:30
Fantastic. I love what you did with them and they look incredable for supposedly bad pictures. These pics are better than half the ones that get posted here, they look good to me. :D

02-04-2007, 13:34
So you wasn't tempted to go with the bright green and purple colour scheme?

02-04-2007, 23:31
I like what you've done with the Necrons. For an almost-all plastic army, there are pitifully few conversions out there.

Looking forward to seeing your Killteam as you build it.

18-04-2007, 11:18
Thanks again guys!

So you wasn't tempted to go with the bright green and purple colour scheme?

Actually, I was. But I soon realised it would take me waaaay to long to finish my Combat Patrol were I to paint them like that, so I skipped it and went for the extremly quick metal-theme.

And so for the update, I finally recieved my bitz from GW, yay! The first three wraiths are completed:




Unfortunately, I'm still stumped on ideas for Onslaught. As mentioned earlier, I have three Ork Dreadnought Buzzsaws, but I'm unsure of how to model him with them. I'm thinking of just giving him buzzsaw arms and a buzzsaw tail, but then I still need a good pose or a cleverly modelled base to go with that. Any ideas at all?

18-04-2007, 11:43
Can you mount them in a row, kind of like a tractor carried plough?

18-04-2007, 21:05
One Buzzsaw for each hand, and the third (or a GS-cast of the blade) as a Mohawk?

18-04-2007, 21:10
These look really great, i saw the "army mascot" and just couldn't stop laughing. He looks like a giant bin with stubby arms :D

Can't wait to see more

Dead orc
18-04-2007, 21:18
Those wraiths are awesome, especially rumble. I'm also a big fan of the army mascot.

19-04-2007, 00:17
I don't remember there being 30 constructicons. But cool. And some of those I remember being Soundwave's minions. I liked Soundwave the most.

22-04-2007, 22:45
Thanks for the ideas! I tried making a plough-like thingie, but couldn't quite get the effect I was looking for. Not feeling confident enough to do a green stuff-cast I simply went for the arm/tail idea, since I was so eager to start working on the Tomb Spyder I just wanted the last wraith finished quickly. So without further ado, here's Onslaught:



Work has also begun on Omega Constructor, in fact, his base is finished, and he is almost done (just thinking of adding some scarabs to his back and some more arms made from guitar strings, though I haven't done anything with those previously so I'm not sure how it will turn out.) Tell me what you think!



22-04-2007, 23:04
Oh, wow... that tomb spyder's looking fantastic. Very "Matrix" :D

22-04-2007, 23:14
I'm loving it, all the ncron's are the same, changing them this was not only gives it your own personal touch, but really shows what people are capable of, keep up the fantastic work.

23-04-2007, 04:26
I was wondering where you got the names from?

All the different incarnations of the constructicons?

23-04-2007, 04:37
This model is quite interesting. The final WIP shown is awesome, very matrix-sentinel-esque. Add more arms! As for the wraith you were having trouble with (onslaught) the way he went together looks quite good.

23-04-2007, 10:02
Thanks again for the kind words! I'm quite pleased with Omega Constructor myself if I may say so, so I'm glad you like him as well. Time to head downtown in my hunt for guitar wires.

I was wondering where you got the names from?

All the different incarnations of the constructicons?

Uhm, no, not all of them are really Constructicons. I actually found a page listing all Transformers from all incarnations, and wrote down the ones that would be fitting for my construction theme. In the end that still wasn't enough names, so a few were made up completely from scratch (Omega Constructor, Inculcator), or inspired from somewhere else (Shredder). But as you guessed in your earlier post, some of them have names taken from Soundwaves minions, such as Frenzy, Razorclaw and Rumble (I think those are the ones).