View Full Version : using a Shaggoth as the general in a BOC/HOC army

30-03-2007, 09:19
would this work? im thinking the list would be primerily hth with a little magic defence, but i just want to know if anyone has tired it.

30-03-2007, 10:02
I guess it depends how you feel about a silly amount of bolt thrower or cannon ball shots being thrown at you. If it dies its a lot of points plus and extra 100 for being the boss. Eggs + basket + frictionless surface = bad day. I perfer generals that can be in a unit with relative safety and stay with the army to give LD if needed.

30-03-2007, 10:11
Yes, it can and has done in the past, though it does remove the wonderful 'Ambush' ability which is half the fun of beastmen.

30-03-2007, 10:16
yeah i was just wondering, i dont really want to have a big terror causing model, that makes my chaos far to close to my WE's, i love the model so ill just get it and paint it up at the end =P

30-03-2007, 14:18
Against armies without war machines it's plausible. At toughness 5, even a few bolt throwers can kill him in one turn.