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the spook
31-03-2007, 00:13
Hi All,

Well, I've wanted to an Eldar Army since the first time I saw my first copy of Rogue Trader, and with the new codex and beautiful minis i finally decided I would wait no longer and finally put together an eldar army for myself.

Being one of those types who hate doing what everyone else is doing, i decided I wouldn't do one of the regular craftworlds. I also really wanted to do an army in red, so I let my fingers do the walking in the Codex, and i finally found:

Altansar Craftworld!

I just loved the fluff, and i've also wanted to make my own decals too - so this started out being a 'perfect storm' for my budding eldar forces.

After buying my first set of mini's, I scanned and vectorized the Altansar icon from the Eldar Codex. I wanted to play off of Altansars 'brush with Chaos' by incorporating a flame motif to the decal, (and i hated the colors shown in the codex, close - but no cigarello), so i played with a couple ideas...

these were my final choices...

31-03-2007, 01:40
Nice. I went with Altansar as well but made the red much darker than the codex cause I didn't want pink Eldar. I like the changes you have made and the flame works well.

the spook
01-04-2007, 00:41
Thanks Weregerbil!

I've got my first paint tests photographed too.

I'm planning on adding some more detail to the Falcon though...

I just picked up a desert weathering kit from Tamiya (i've built a desert themed sectional board for my Tau) and the model looks far too clean for me right now...

My paint sheme is chaos black undercoat, following by dry brushing Dark Flesh, then Red Gore, with highlights done in a lighter red, with a red ink over all to give a nice deep red.

The yellow is Golden Yellow, and I'm still not sure whether I can, or want to paint up the gemstones on the figs.

the spook
02-04-2007, 18:05
Heres some shots of the my completed Falcon.

I'm quite happy with it, especially with the starcannon, which was the first time I've use the "glows hot" blue on white technique.

Also, i did use the weathering kit to good effect, but was a bit dissapointed to see that the clear sealant i used really toned down the 'dirty' effect.

the spook
02-04-2007, 18:09
Here's a shot of my first Waveserpent with same color scheme (WIP).

02-04-2007, 18:30
Hey Spook, I like the scheme. Your painting is neat. and I'm looking forward to see more. What's your Force Org going to look like?

Perhaps I'd be inclined add a little more darkening in the panel lines on the wave and Falcon.

the spook
03-04-2007, 02:20
This is my first list for 1750 pts:

HQ (130 pts)
Farseer Lothandar: Ghosthelm, shuriken pistol, witchblade, rune armour, spirit stones, doom & fortune. (130 pts)

Elites (487 pts)
Striking Scorpians (5 Scorpians & Exarch): Exarch w. mandiblaster, scorpians chainsword, scorpians claw, plasma grenades & stalker, 5 Scorpians w. mandiblaster, shuriken pistol, scorpians chainsword & plasma grenades. (128 pts)

Wraithguard (5 Wraithguard, Spiritseer & Waveserpent): Spiritseer w. shuriken pistol, singing spear, rune armour & enhance, 5 Wraithguard w. wraithcannon. (224 pts)
Waveserpent w. spiritstones, twin-linked scatterlasers & shuriken cannon. (135)
(359 pts)

Potential changes i'd make would be to drop the guardian squad in favor of a pair of Vypers w. Brightlances.

Troops (563 pts)
Pathfinder Squad: 5 Pathfinders w. Ranger long rilfes & shuriken pistols. (120 pts)

Dire Avenger Squad (10 Avengers & Waveserpent): Exarch w. power weapon, shimmershield & bladestorm,.9 Avengers w. Avenger shuriken catapults. (162 pts)
Waveserpent w. spiritstones, twin-linked scatterlasers & shuriken cannon. (135)
(297 pts)

Guardian Defender Squad (11 Defenders & 1 Warlock): Warlock w. shuriken pistol, singing spear, rune armour & conceal, 9 Guardians w. shuriken catapults, 2 Guardian w. scatter laser weapon platform.(146 pts)

Heavy Support (567 pts)
Falcon w. holo-fields, spirit stones, twin-linked shuriken catapults, pulse laser & starcannon. (185 pts)

Falcon w. holo-fields, spirit stones, twin-linked shuriken catapults, pulse laser & starcannon. (185 pts)

Dark Reaper Squad (4 Reapers w. Exarch): Exarch w. elder missile launcher & fast shot, 4 Reapers w. reaper missile launchers. (197 pts)

I'm sure I'll get flack for the use of the wraithguard & the striking scorpians over the 'snakes in a plane' approach, but i don't have any fire dragons yet. The reapers are there to kill marines and be fluffy. The wraithguard, combined with the spiritseer and warseer, is one disgusting HQ & bodyguard as far as i'm concerned (and are very fluffy).

the spook
05-04-2007, 19:10
Made some more progress on my waveserpent. I have some more detail work to do, but i think i'm happy with the use of black on it...

13-07-2007, 18:56
Hmm since your army is Craftworld Altansar i kinda expected more Reapers in your list maybe not all of your HW choices but i thought it would take the majority at least. Oh well i like you colors scheme and painting. GL with your army

Dark Apostle
13-07-2007, 19:02
That's a striking colour-scheme indeed! I like it, warm and fiery with good contrasts.

the spook
14-07-2007, 06:38
That's a striking colour-scheme indeed! I like it, warm and fiery with good contrasts.

Thanks for the compliment, but i must say i find your timing ironic, as i was just looking at my first waveserpent and falcon yesterday and was wondering if i should scrap the whole paint scheme and go with something more normal like Saim-hain...

14-07-2007, 10:40
You're a very good painter.

Great job

14-07-2007, 10:54
How about some effects? I was thinking basing the red areas Gore Red and adding some Blood Red patterns to make the Serpent look more imposing.