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31-03-2007, 10:59
Well, for the "4 gamers Tale" I started a pre heresy Iron Warriors patrol. I'm still thinking about the army list, but while I decide, there are my two firsts models.

Brother 1:


31-03-2007, 11:02
Brother 2:


C&C are always welcome :D

P.D.: Yes, I stealed the idea from doghouse :P

Your Evil Twin
31-03-2007, 13:08
I like it, especialy the first pose...is he a vet sarg or somthing?

What colour sheme will you use? traditional iron warriors or a pre heresy varient??

My only crit would be that the fantasy legs need some 40kifying, mabey some cables or power armoured feet or somthing otherwise they look to fantasy!

Great work though, cant wait to see these painted!

Your Evil Twin

31-03-2007, 16:31
Actually I was thinking about the colour scheme and thinked into making them classic but with armour in NMM grey instead of bolter metal.

About the legs.... I'm still thinking about if it's better for the Knigthy style of the iron warriors to keep them with a fantasy look, or make them more 40K style..... suggestions?

31-03-2007, 18:09
IMO just change the boots to look a bit more 40k and you'll be right - iirc Doghouse had a guide for that up somewhere.