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31-03-2007, 10:18
I order to save money and gain a fluffy army I'll combine DE plastics with WE pastics. Here's the first draft of Shadow Elves army, made by using Dark Elves rules. I'm hoping that the elements of the army can work together so C&C is welcomed.

Shadow Elves Army


Spymaster (Assassin) w. Additional Hand Weapon, Touch of Death 159p

The name was ripped from NWN, if there is a better out there please point it for me. The hero itself would have Sword of Might, but there's no points for it so I hope it works well with 2 hw's.

Noble w. Heavy Armor, Lance, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Dark Steed, Seal of Ghrond 121p

The leader of all, simple hero to bring LD for the charriots. Hope the warriors can do without him...

Sorceress w. lvl 2, 2xDispel Scroll 180p

Standard wizard w. caddy abilety... She will be equipt with either Dark or Shadow Lore.


20 Warriors w. Shields and Full Command 185p

Anvil for the charriots, I guess... I'm new to the DE army and I haven't had the chance to try these known DE tactics out...

10 Warriors w. Shields and Repeater Crossbows 120p

Standard firebase.

5 Dark Riders w. Musician 97p

5 Dark Riders w. Repeater Crossbows 120p

I would like to use 3 groups as I do have the models for them, but I think they can get the job done...


2x Cold One Charriot w. Spears 97p


8 Hunters (Shades) w. Light Armor 120p

Keeping the theme up...

6 Harpies 78p

Must have, but don't know what models to use as them. Not the orginal ones and maybe not those deamonettes w. wings.

5 Cold One Knights w. Standard w. War Banner 206p

Also hammering unit...


2x Reaper Bolt Thower 200p

Don't leave home without one...

Warhydra 220p

This is big question mark. As a vital unit of any DE army, it is also highly anoying model to put together and keep together. Another option is the DOW Giant. With less usefull as Warhydra it would make a cool unit when making it enslaved with Beastmaster riding it. Giving it that Quasimodo look, hump back and all...

Total: 2000p

Warriors and Shades will be made from DE Warriors and WE Glade Guard plastics. The Dark Riders will be made from DE Warriors and WE Glade Riders plastics. I didn't add Highborn to this list couse it would prevent me getting the all cool units I like to have, also I think they will be fine with only a Noble as a general...

Any toughts and ideas, I'm all ears..


31-03-2007, 18:42
No toughts...? Darn...

02-04-2007, 03:40
I need imput on the subject people...

02-04-2007, 14:29
people will say ditch the Assasin but I say keep him!

honestly for what warriors do I'd make them RXB shooters as well.